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1 Samuel 12:16

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 80: The Final Hurrah!

Dearest Family,

Well my time is really short! It's kind of crazy! I honestly never
thought this day would come.

Well let me tell you some of my thoughts. I am so grateful for this
chance that I've had to be a missionary. I have learned more than I
could ever put into words.

I use to think it really mattered where you served. When that didn't
seem so important anymore I use to think it was for the people you
served that you got called somewhere. Then when that didn't really
seem to matter super much I have begun to think and realize that yes
all those things are important but the most influential people in who
you become is your mission president and wife and your companions.
President and Sister Taylor and all of my companions have changed my
life and shaped who I am today. The other missionaries and people I
have met and the place of Washington have also been impactful. I
honestly think that we knew and organized ourselves into missions
before the world began and that this was always where I was suppose to

I am so grateful for this time with Sister Morrill and to be a Sister
Training Leader. This last transfer has been especially impactful. I
am going home a different person and missionary because of these last
two transfers and all that they entail.

I have been so blessed.

I was reading a blessing I received a while before my mission and and
it promised me that on my mission my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, the temple, and the Restoration would grow. Well I have
definitely seen that happen! Particularly in those areas. I am
especially amazed for the way my testimony of the temple has grown. I
have been greatly blessed to be able to attend the temple frequently
as a missionary and have seen the unique fulfillment of that blessing.
I am so grateful for the opportunities and blessings that I have
received as a missionary.

I just want to thank you all for your support as I have been away. I
am so blessed to have such a supportive group of friends and family!
You have offered perfect support that has been such a bless into me.

I am way nervous but excited to come home.

I know the things I have been teaching for the last year and a half
are true. God does live and He loves us. He sent His son. Joseph Smith
is truly Gods prophet and the church and priesthood have been restored
in its fulness. The Book of Mormon is a witness of Christ and the
Restoration. And he Lord has called us to share His gospel with the
world! I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity I have had and
the countless little blessings that have added up to a miracle.

I love you all! See you tomorrow!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Week 79

Dearest family,

I am definitely so amazed and grateful to hear of the wonderful
support and that you have felt and experienced this week. I know the
Lord is ever mindful and that the ministry of angels is real. I am so
grateful for the faith of our fathers that has led to such a blessed
understanding and perspective.

Truly the Lord has a much larger vision and plan than we do. I don't
understand the Lords plan in its entirety but I do know that as Adam
and Eve learned that it is better for us to pass through sorrow that
we can find joy in redemption. There is pain because there must be. It
comes for many reasons and sometimes just because it does. But I know
that the Lord knows the pain we feel. He doesn't ever call us to pass
through pain or sorrow that he hasn't experienced himself. And he, the
master healer, will one day heal us.

One of my favorite scriptures is in Isaiah. "For my thoughts are not
your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as
the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your
ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

My dear family I hope you know how much I love you. I was able to
attend the temple this week and the peace that is in the temples of
the Lord I know comes from God and from the understanding that
although we do not know all things, He does. He knows us so perfectly.
He is the perfect leader and teacher and father.

I had my departing interview with President Taylor this week and among
other things he talked about trust in the Lord. He told me that I have
learned to trust in the Lord and that as I move on in life I don't
need to fear because I know the Lord has fulfilled his promises thus
far and so I can trust that he will fulfill all his promises in the
future. I think that is one of the most useful things I can learn and
the most important thing the Lord wants to teach us.

I have been very blessed this past week so don't worry about me. We
have kept very busy going on exchanges and helping the sisters. I am
learning so much and am so grateful for this opportunity. I know that
the Lord called me at the time he did for a reason and the release
from this calling was put at this time for a reason... Probably many
reasons. There is still a weeks worth of work to do and then I will
come home thankful for the time I have had to serve the Lord and
represent Jesus Christ. This had definitely been a life changing
experience for which I will be forever thankful.

I love you all.

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Week 78

Dearest family,

I honestly don't know what to say and so I hope you will forgive me. 

On Thursday I received a call from President Taylor asking is I could meet him at the mission office. Such a request always gets your heart beating really fast. When we arrived the solemn look seemed to confirm that this wasn't a trivial matter. President and Sister Taylor, Sister Morrill and I all walked in and sat around a table in his office where he proceeded to tell me that Uncle Jeff and cousin Cameron had been killed earlier that week. I can't really tell you how I feel or how I felt as I don't really know how that can be described. The Lord only knows what these things feel like. I was grateful for the tender moment when President Taylor laid his hands on my head and gave me a priesthood blessing that filled me with comfort and when I think of it now it brings back similar feelings.

In a talk I was reading this week I read this quote about the Savior "One of the attributes of the Savior we most appreciate is His infinite compassion." Struck by this sentence I decided to dictionary define the word compassion. The definition was trivial and had no connecting meaning to me, upon further searching I found that the word compassion comes from a root word 'compati' meaning 'to suffer with'. What great truth this sentence holds with such a definition. The Savior has infinite compassion because he suffered infinitely for all of us. And because of his suffering he has complete and total ability for compassion. After the death of Sister Parrish's family she had sent a gift to the mission from her aunt. A painting of the savior that was titled 'The Compassionate Christ'. In our times of deepest sorrow and suffering we can know that we have a compassionate Christ who in a very real yet not understandable way knows how we feel and how to succor us. 


We all know the plan we learn in church called The Plan of Salvation. It has many names. I think we all have cause to wonder how this plan really comes into play and why things happen the way they do. Many of the people we happen upon who do not believe in God or who will not commit to any religion do so because of deep pain caused by death or misfortune. I don't think any of us fully understand the plan of salvation. Life is very short and yet somehow its consequences are larger and higher than anything we can imagine. In the sequence of eternity this life is very short. Just think. Because of the choices we make in this life our entire eternity hangs in the balance. Also thinking from the other end. We prepared the entire eternal time before this life for this exact time. Some of us are here just a short couple of years, others stay many decades, yet none of us stay forever. I think in the Lords terms "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Isaiah 55:8-9). His plan is greater than we can understand and his perspective larger than we can see. 

We know the Lord values families. Sister Julie B. Beck taught: “In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have a theology of the family that is based on the Creation, the Fall, and the Atonement. The Creation of the earth provided a place where families could live. … The Fall provided a way for the family to grow. … The Atonement allows for the family to be sealed together eternally.” His plan for our families is not just for right now but for eternity where we can dwell as glorified and perfected beings with our families forever. Someday our trials will have perfected us and refined is in a way that will allow us to live with our Father again. As I've reflected on the trials I have faced in my life and in particular this last 18 months which has been a time of immense personal shaping, I have realized that the Lord doesn't care so much about who we meet, or where we go, or what we do. All those things are important but don't really matter. What the Lord really cares about is who we become. He and he alone knows who he wants us to be. He and he alone knows what the depth of sorrow that must happen to get us to that point. He and he alone has felt every part of that sorrow. And he and he alone will be with us every step of the way. He and he alone will be there when we stand alone before the throne with nothing but who we are: no trophies, no scholarships, no popularity, no worldly or selfish things. He will be the one walked with us. He will be the one who will grateful and joyfully welcome us back to the presence of God. The journey is long, and the end not in our sight. But it is in His. 

I greatly wish I could be with you in Colorado. And my prayers and fasting are with you. I love you all so much. 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Week: 77: I'm a Palangi:)

Dearest Family,

Apparently Palangi is Samoan for white person:) something like that.
It came from Sister Tauala:)

So we started off the week with a pretty good miracle hopefully I can
explain it well. So we have a calendar where the first week of the
transfer we pray and decide exchanges for the transfer with all the
sisters. Well when we did that no exchanges felt right for this
upcoming week so we just left it blank. That put three exchanges into
other weeks! But we followed the spirit. Well on Monday some other
Sister Training Leaders in Gresham called us and asked if we could
help take some sisters because they have a lot and are really
overwhelmed. So we took 5. And the exchanges they'd planned with those
sisters fell into the week we had left open! That was a huge witness
to me that the Lord had this in mind all along. If it hadn't happened
that way I probably would have had a harder time accepting and knowing
if we should have accepted more sisters. But it's a complete miracle
and I know it is how it is suppose to be.

So this week we went on exchanges with Van 1st and I stayed in Felida
with Sister Tauala! She is the coolest! We just had a party that's for
sure! We had some awesome miracles. Sister Tauala is from Hawaii and
just knows how to talk to people. We even found a new person to teach
when we were out and about!

We also had exchanges with the Hermanas! I stayed in Felida with
Hermana Butler and we also had a good exchange!

We were suppose to go on exchanges with Vancouver ASL but when we were
praying for who should go where nothing was coming to mind and nothing
was feeling right so we just called it off till the end of the month.
I love being a sister training leader and being able to have so many
experiences seeking revelation and experiencing receiving it. This
calling is such a blessing. I am learning so much!

We went out with a lot of people this week who came to lessons and
came out tracting with us too that was super fun. We really have he
best ward! They are just so willing to help! They are always willing
to come out with us and to help us. It is really amazing. And they are
always giving us referrals. Even if they don't go anywhere it is still
super amazing!

We've had some good meetings this week. We had Zone Meeting. I love
the zone leaders we have currently because they aren't afraid to set
high goals and then they focus on teaching the doctrine, which we all
know that the study of doctrine changes behavior faster than the study
of behavior changes behavior. So if you really want to inspire someone
you teach them the doctrine. And they do a way good job with that!

I had a dream on Saturday night that we were late to church and missed
the sacrament and we were literally panicking! We need the spirit and
the way to have the spirit is by renewing your covenants through the
sacrament and we had missed it. Well when I woke up I was anxious and
on the look out for road blocks to church and the sacrament. Needless
to say I was so relieved when I was able to partake of the sacrament.
That's definitely something I have really learned as a missionary.
That the sacrament is so important!

It's crazy I really feel like the adversary is out to get everyone
even the saints. We have to be constantly doing spiritual CPR (church,
pray, read) in order to stay strong.

Well we have a really good week ahead! Including several trips to
Portland to have exchanges with those sisters! So I am excited! I hope
you all have a wonderful week! I love you all very much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Me and Sister Tauala:)

We had some Asian food! Here's some fruit called Lyche yum!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 76: Happy 4th of July!!!!

Dearest Family,

Happy 4th! And Happy July! I sure love the summer! It's super hot but I'd take it over winter for sure! And I sure love the long day light! I love going in at 9 and it still being light and getting up and it being light. It's de best!

We've had a pretty awesome week here! Okay I'll just start off with how awesome the 4th of July was because it was honestly the awesomest holiday EVERY! So we started the day off right with a ward breakfast yum yum yum! Then us and the Hazeldell sisters (Girot and Huge) went to Fort Vancouver and volunteered at a gate for a couple hours. Here goes a history tangent! I learned some things... first off this 4th of July celebration use to be the biggest west of the Mississippi but they downsized... they use to shoot off fireworks off a barge in the Columbia and you could even see it in Portland. But that's over with anyway:) One of the guys we were volunteering with was giving us some Vancouver history 101. So this was part of the Lewis and Clark trail and then when they were settling it they had military in the Ft. and the guy in charge (I know his name but I can't seem to spell it sorry!) thought the line between the U.S. and Britain would be the Columbia so when American settlers came he sent them across the river to settle (Portland). Obviously the boundaries changed but that's why Portland is bigger and more well known than Vancouver. And this part he didn't know for sure but we've heard before. Apparently when they were naming Portland a guy from Portland Maine and a guy from Boston Massachusetts flipped a coin on whether to call it Portland or Boston. And we all know the end of the toss. I thought that was pretty funny! 

Anyway after a couple more service activities with different members in the ward we ended up going to President and Sister Taylor's house for a BBQ! I sure love this zone! They invited the whole zone over and it was sure the best thing ever! I've always wanted to be in this zone for a holiday! We had some delicious food including 7 of President's famous pies! Then we got to throw around a football and some other things (which I've discovered I can catch a football pretty decent and throw okay. Who would've known? Dad I guess all your attempted teaching is flooding back to me now:) Then President had bought a bunch of fireworks and got a steal of a deal! And we had a pretty fantastic show and were joined by a bunch of the Felida ward so it was a true party! The best part of the show was when Bishop showed us all his skill of swinging around burning steel wool on the end of a wire. I'll try and get my hands on a video because it was pretty sweet! That was the highlight! Well.... um... that was the best 4th of July party ever! I feel really blessed to be here at this particular time! 

The rest of the week has been pretty good! We went on exchanges with Hazeldell this week. I went to Hazeldell with Sister Girot. It's kind of funny to me but it seems like on exchanges things cancel even more than usual and it can be really stressful if you are in your area and you think the Sister Training Leader wants to see how busy you are or whatever. But I honestly think it's what the Lord wants so that we can have some adequate time to just see how the sister is doing and be able to train and help them according to their needs. The most stressful exchange I've been on as a Sister Training Leader was when we had like a thousand things going on and not a second to think and I honestly didn't feel like I could even gauge how the sister was doing. It's a blessing to see how the Lord and the spirit works. We really have to slow down sometimes to be able to feel the spirit yet we also have to be on the move.

We had an awesome Mission Leadership Council where we really studied the talk Which Way Do You Face. And also we talked about leadership skills. I use to think MLC  would be an uplifting awesome event before I ever got to go. It's definitely both but it's also a major call to repentance! So there's always plenty to work on which is good.

We've got an awesome zone this transfer and we're in an awesome district which I love! Pretty much things are going really great. And then we bought two balls today so we finally get to play scatterball again yay! 

The ward is awesome still and we are still just trying to figure out who really wants to be taught so I will keep you updated as we figure that out.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I'm really suppose to be here for this exact time. I was thinking of Alma who wishes he was an angel and then says he ought to be content with what has been allotted to him. And then of Nephi in 3rd Nephi who wishes he could have been born in the days of his fathers but then he was born in such a privileged time right before the Savior visited. I was thinking or trying to imagine all of these characters at a different time period of history and how the Lord really has an exact plan for each of us. He really wants each of us here at the exact time period we are born just like he wants me to be serving here for the exact time period I am here. I'm still trying to understand and comprehend but I know that the Lord really does have a play for us.

I love in Isaiah 55:8-9 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." Life is all about learning to trust the Lord and trust in his ways. 

I'm so grateful for the stability that comes from knowing the Lord and trusting in his commandments and following them. What's the appeal of the worlds changing values and confusions anyway? Aren't we all seeking for peace and joy? Well I love how we know that both and peace and joy come from a correct understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ. If anyones looking for a good talk to read you can read Therefore They Hushed Their Fears from last conference by Elder Bednar.

I love you all so much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Presidents delicious pie!

Exchanges with Sister Girot!

Week 75: Happy 4th of July this week!

Dearest Family,

How are you all doing? Well I hope! This week has seemed so long! But it usually does when you switch areas. 

We had an awesome church tour with Kim and Mariah. They are seriously so awesome and we are way excited for them! The Elders came too and so it was a good hand off. 

Tuesday we took out the new sisters! We got (and I'm going to butcher their names) Sister Okerlund and Sister Irhig. Sister Okerlund was in TCO with me and I didn't even know it! But that was super cool! It was kind of cool to see how our attempted planning ended up playing out just perfectly to their needs. We took them to a family that has been asking us to come over for a while. And then we bought them the classic Burgerville shakes! And did some door knocking. It was just pretty much perfect though we would have never known what they needed but the Lord is ever mindful of his missionaries especially the new ones. 

So transfers! Man it's been crazy! I'll try not to bore you with too many details but the area book is electronic and since the area was combined with another ward last transfer and then separated this transfer back into it's own area we ended up having a lot of problems. We didn't get any information until Thursday. And when it came only parts came and with problems. Anyway. It's been exciting. But needless to say this is going to be a fantastic ward! Felida is the most missionary minded ward I have ever served in. All the members invite their friends to church, seminary, girls camp, scouts, basketball, etc. We had names just being given to us like crazy with every one we've talked to! The only problem we can see is some of these people have been taught by the missionaries for years.... YEARS and not any commitment. This is probably the most unique problem I have encountered. We saw some of that in Happy Valley but here it's like crazy. But we are just so excited to be working with this ward! They are just so missionary minded! Like they asked us to give talks on Sunday and when we were called we were informed that in Felida we keep church talks and lessons simple and we need to be mindful that there are people not of our faith in our congregation every week so to teach simple, true doctrine. 

Pretty much the ward is just super amazing here! I can hardly believe it! So things are super exciting! We're still trying to get to know everyone and figure out who is actually being taught by the missionaries but there are many good things happening!

So on Wednesday we went to the temple with Nancy. Oh it was seriously so amazing. I haven't seen her in over a year and I can't think of any better place to be united again. Nancy to me really is my hope. When we found her we found her on simple faith and fervent prayer. She has always just been a blessing to me and a witness that what God says is true. I can't even begin to explain all that goes into it. But finding and teaching her was a witness that God fulfills his promises. And then being able to go to the temple and seeing someone who has found the faith and stayed true and faithful is another witness to me that this really is the Lord's work and he really does fulfill his promises. I could never explain all that goes into that but I am so grateful for her. And I am so grateful for that opportunity. 

Well family. I love you so much! Things are going great and are every exciting. We are excited for the 4th of July and for this next transfer which I want to make the best transfer yet. It definitely has the potential. I've changed a lot for which I am so grateful. I still have a lot to change and I am just so grateful for this chance to be a missionary. I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week! And a  happy 4th of July!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Kim and Mariah

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 74: Are you ready for the transfer update????

Dearest family,

Happy Father's Day! I love you Dad so much! We ate a bunch of ice cream in your honor and ate with the most hilarious old couple! Anyway how is everybody doing? 

So this week has seriously been all over the board for adventures and emotions etc. so we'll see how this email goes!

So a couple weeks ago Sister Morrill was really down and so we called President and when he got into Vancouver he met and interviewed Sister Morrill. As part of that he told her that he could see something really good coming our way. And when it did to call him. Well we made that call this week! On Monday night we were trying to find an address of a sister in the ward that we haven't met. Well we got lost in this apartment complex and didn't find the address till Sunday:) but we ended up knocking on this ladies door whose name is Kim. Kim is friends with a family in the ward though she hasn't seen them since she moved out of that neighborhood. Well anyway we started talking to her and she is sincerely interested. When we told her a little about Joseph Smiths first vision she believed it. We went back and met with her on Wednesday. We had felt prompted to take it really slow and just make sure she understood it all. Not only did we talk about everything we wanted to but she understood it and we came to understand what she doesn't know, how she's felt the spirit&Gods love in the past, and how she feels about all the different commitments we like to leave. It was seriously amazing. The Lord really is preparing people and softening their hearts. We are so excited to see this progress. 

So this week was zone conference. And I got to do a training in the breakout sessions with Sister Rasmussen on staying healthy! So we got to go all three days for the break out sessions and lunch. (Which can I say it's kind of overwhelming to have to present 9 times and rely on the spirit and change according to promptings. But it was a way good experience!) So we got to see the whole mission go through and eat a lot of pulled pork! The last day was seriously the best because it was our zone conference so we actually got to stay. Oh. So this zone conference was in honor of installing TIWIs. They are those little devices that track speed, seat belts, and reckless driving. We were all pretty nervous about it but they aren't bad at all. We like to call ours 'granny T'. Even though it speaks to us in a man voice! Anyway... Zone conference was really amazing. There's nothing like gathering in a large group of missionaries and all learning together. The spirit is undeniably strong. Though it doesn't come naturally but with preparation just like any other spiritual thing. Last zone conference so I had to give my departing testimony which just like many other missionaries, I never thought that day would come. I am so grateful for this chance to be a missionary and to come to this mission.

We had an awesome ward service project this week. We went to a cemetery and helped clean it up a little bit. Care taking for a cemetery would be a very unique and interesting job. I know the caretaker of that cemetery researches and does family history on all the people in his cemetery. It's just really interesting to see names and dates and imagine stories for what happened in between. So fascinating! Family history is awesome!

So now for the news you've all been awaiting patiently! We're getting transferred! But together! So here's the dealio. Right now the zone leaders are serving in Felida and Skyview. Well at transfers the zone leaders are moving to Ridgefield and will also be covering Salmon Creek (where we are right now) we will be taking Felida and other Elders will be moving in to take Skyview. So a big switching around! It sounds like they have a bunch of people to teach and an awesome ward. Also it's President and Sister Taylors ward! So excited! It just feels right too. So I am super excited for his upcoming transfer!

Well the other exciting thing is since we are close to the mission office we get to take out the new missionaries! And there will be 12-14 sisters coming so we will all get 2. It's going to be an exciting day tomorrow with those exhausted sisters! But hey you never forget your first day! I'll always remember Sister Buckley and all the people we tried in YSA. 

Things are going great. I'm definitely loving being a missionary. I think that whatever your doubts are about serving a mission. Whatever doubts you have coming out if you serve with all you've got they will be resolved. I definitely struggled with knowing that this mission at this time was where I'm suppose to be. But now I know. This really is where I'm suppose to be at this exact moment. 

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful and safe week! You're always in my prayers. 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Raspberry season is finally back!

We got TIWIs! We're the safest drivers in town!