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1 Samuel 12:16

Friday, January 24, 2014

Week 1

Dearest Family,
Hello from the MTC! My companion is Sister Campbell she's from Mapleton. She's awesome! We get along great. I wrote a letter home that will come soon. 

When I walked into the MTC with all my luggage and stuff immediately everybody started asking what instrument was on my back and stuff. They LOVE the fact I have my violin. I do too! They have musical number auditions on Thursday mornings. Unfortunately I couldn't find where it was till Thursday afternoon so that might happen next week. But I might get to play in church next Sunday

We were in a meeting on Wednesday and in walks the Czech Ambassador! And he came to the mic and gave us some counsel on not giving up. It is really cool that he talked to us all. The MTC president said that a visitor has only talked to the missionaries twice while he has been here.

So we have two teachers: Brother Andersen and Brother Cena (from Italy but he's lived in Spain most his life-the islands somewhere) They teach us and also act as our investigators. We had our first lesson today which went way better than I thought! Brother Anderson is being Frank. Frank is a strong Catholic who lives in Geneva New York, works as a gardener, and yep. He said no to the baptismal question.. darn it! :) Don't worry we will teach him many more times. 

Yesterday was a really hard day for me. The afternoon class really gets me down I don't know why (Please pray for me during the 3-4 hour!). At night we had interviews with our branch president and I just started crying as we talked and he was asking questions and such but then I just felt like Hollie was with my at that moment and I felt a lot of comfort. There's been a lot of tender mercies during this adjustment. Like the Relief Society sister really looked just like you Mom! But then I saw her again and she looks nothing like you. 

Oh my district. We are all sisters. Six sisters... kind of weird... but then the other district in our zone is 8 Elders. So I guess they are trying something new. But honestly I don't know if I like it. Girls and Boys are so different that it is actually better to learn together because a room of sisters can get really boring and really silent when teachers ask questions. (I'm not just saying that cause I like guys! I'm being serious!) 

I don't know if it's possible to send pictures like I wanted to so I'm sorry about that. 

Moroni 10:3 has been sticking out to me these last couple days. I use to think that when Moroni says "If it's wisdom in God that you read these things..." that he was talking about the Lamanites. But now its come to a new light that he's talking to anyone and everyone that is reading it. If it's wisdom in God that we get to be introduced to the church at this time or be in the church at this time, then we have the promises he promised of finding an answer. 

We were in a 'teaching experience' on Wednesday. 50 missionaries to 1 investigator! Crazy! I didn't say anything for the first two times and then on the 3rd one I decided that I my as well give up on myself and just participate (myself as it wanting to just listen and learn). So I did and I was telling 3C (weird name I know) that there is a God and that it is evident in the world around us. I told him it's just like him showing up to his college class and having there be no teacher and yet expecting the same outcome and having the same purpose. It would be chaos. After I finished talking Sister Campbell told me it was a good analogy. It looks like that promise of being able to think of analogies from your blessing Dad is already coming true. I feel like it's just like art is for me. It just comes out and I don't feel like I can take any credit for it.

Aubrey and Kelsey I would suggest you see if you can have the missionaries come over and teach you a little about teaching as a missionary. If you want to go on a mission I think it would be such a good idea because sometimes when you teach things are so much different than when you are studying on your own. I feel like the gospel is kind of different than I thought because over the years it gets complicated. But really the basics are what you teach. Work with mom and dad on that!

I love you all so much! Oh! funny thing Dad! One of my zone leaders is Elder Baumgartner! Reminds me of your jokes when we were younger. (the other zone leader is from Australia and did professional ballet his name is insane! Like Elder Makahanuke;iajsdf  or something!)

Haha! Well this is long! I love you! 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

P.S. I've seen SO MANY people I know! Like a bagillion! I saw Luke Steele, Kyle Hendricks, Davey Runnells, Mark Smith, A bagillion people from BYU... and ya! It's insane! 

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