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Sister Kaitlyn Beard "Now therefore stand
Washington Vancouver Mission and see this great thing,
2223 Northwest 99th St which the Lord will do
Vancouver WA 98665 before your eyes."
1 Samuel 12:16

Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 5

Dear Family,
Well this week has been good! Thank you to everyone who has sent me letters this week! I greatly appreciate them!
Dad I am getting your dearelder letters. I am sending you a letter. Thank you so much I LOVE THEM!
Please pray for Sister Parish (an ASL sister in our mission). She just found out that her parents and two siblings were killed yesterday from carbon monoxide poisoning. She will probably go home. I can't even imagine what she is going through. Please pray really hard for her.
At zone meeting this week President Taylor came and gave us some training. He told us that this is the dispensation that Noah, Abraham, Moses, Adam, and all the other prophets looked forward too. As they saw theirs dwindle into apostasy they had hope in this dispensation. How great is our calling. We are ALL in this work at this time. Every single person who  is part of his gospel on the earth at THIS time. We are all called to the work. Reach out to everyone who is around you today. EVERYBODY needs lifting. EVERYONE can benefit.
Out tracting on Tuesday we ran into a lady who immediately invited us in. First time every. In my mind I was like "Really? Why?" She was so nice and so good to us! I can't even tell you how thankful I am for her!
We also ran into this guy who had some very strange ideas and then gives us both a hug "God is love! hugs not drugs!" Missionaries aren't allowed to hug opposite gender but uh... sometimes things happen and we stumble away in horrified shock...
We tracted into a guy (sorry. Clearly we've done a lot of tracting lately) his name was Micheal. As we started talking to him I got the clear impression that he was in God's hands. And now was not his time. What do you do when you get that feeling right? He is very on fire right now with his faith in God and we had a very long conversation. We did bring up the gospel and maybe God will use that but it is a real witness to me that when we are listening God has a very clear plan for us. And when we listen he can guide us an direct us down a VERY specific path for faith in him. I feel like Micheal is another Frank. (from the MTC) Frank is definitely in God's hands for his conversion though definitely different situation. But not at the same time.
Talking to a couple Dave and Rachel (that we also tracted into this week) Dave told us that... uh no. He actually doesn't have a belief in God. He believes in UFOs. I started laughing. I couldn't help myself! that is the second time this week we have talked to someone about God and the prefer the idea of aliens over God. What? Why? Where is the peace and satisfaction in that? Well we will probably just return to teach Rachel. But we really enjoy them They are a funny couple. (kind of why I was okay laughing. They have a hard to catch humor at times)
Ran into a guy who said he lives on Neals something. He didn't really know where he lives but if it is the same as heather it is only 2 miles outside of my area! I got permission from president to email Heather today! So I will need to do that real soon! Ah! Time is running out!
I love you all so much! Be safe and have a good week! things get better every day!

And I forgot! Guess what? We get to have a nerf war for p-day today! Yaya!
We get ipads at zone meeting this week! I will let you know what that entails!
Love you!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Making thingys for a relief society valentines party!

Helping Sister Willis decorate for Reagan's 3rd birthday party! It's cars themed!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 4

Dearest Family,
Sorry I didn't email yesterday it was Presidents day and the library was closed! (Ps mom we get rides from other sisters or from members. We're the kids of the ward always asking for rides:)
I got the box and Dad's letter! Thanks so much! Got them both on Valentines and it made me so happy! Valentines is my favorite holiday you know so you planned that one perfectly! (this lady we visited thinks I'm crazy for liking valentines when I'm single but hey! It's about love in general right?) Oh I hung all of your coloring pictures on the wall! Oh you cuties! I love it! And yep devoured the brownies! Delicious!
Life is getting a little bit better every day. Every day I know a little more people. Everyday I know where we are a little more. Every day I like talking to people a little more. Every day I have little more to say when we actually do talk to people!
So Sis. Sonderegger said that people are a lot more open recently. Well... I don't know! I don't have the comparison. But last week we dropped by a former investigator. Her name is Michelle. She invited us in and was SO nice to us! We've been visiting her a lot and texting her scriptures every day to read. She texts us right back that she's read them and what she's learned. She will also text us other scriptures that she had read that day with what she has learned. She is my favorite. When the days are just full of aimlessness and then we stop by and see Michelle I am so much happier! I can really feel Heavenly Fathers love when we are with her! And it makes me so happy and excited! She is such a blessing in my life right now!
Last night I had an interesting experience! We were visiting a less active family and when they opened the door their dog ran out and starts attacking me! It bit my arm but luckily I was wearing 100 jackets so it just ended up being a scratch. The dog is really just a puppy that is a little out of control. It scared me (and I was tired) so I started crying (EMBARRASSING!) But ya! What an adventure!
I have been thinking how there are different types of faith. Like the brother of Jared and Jared. The brother of Jared was the one who always asked God but Jared asked him to ask. I'm realizing that people all have different types of faith and sometimes the hardest thing to do is to recognize that your faith is actually faith.
Sorry I didn't get to write all the letters I was going to yesterday! After grocery shopping we go to the church as a zone and play games. (Like basket ball and such) and yesterday I got super into scatterball sooooo.... ya! I just love running around sometimes! got to get it out sometime of the week!
Well I met the ward this week and they are awesome! Hopefully I will learn everybody's name eventually. Having dinner with people every night helps a lot for sure! But we had a very good church. I just LOVE church! So glad it didn't get canceled! Speaking of! The snow was gone OVER NIGHT! just rained a ton as is Washington's usual and yup! Back to normal Washington weather.
We have a set of elders and a set of sisters in the ward. Us and Elder Porter and Elder Lunt.
Ya so with the melting of the snow I am realizing that Washington is actually really beautiful! Had no idea the snow was masking so much beauty! I love it!
I love you all so much! I am sorry you don't get to hear from me that much! I love you! I miss you like crazy! Have a good week! And write me!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

I love the trees here!

I REALLY love the trees here!


Beautiful rainbow that you cant see!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 3: Talk About Culture Shock!

Hey family!

Let's talk about culture shock! I get here and it's been snowing.. okay normal thing right? Well ya until they shut THE WHOLE TOWN DOWN! There's been no school ThursdayFriday, and Today! And CHURCH was cancelled! (I'm still REALLY upset about that). But I don't think the kids go to school here anyway :) They have late start Monday and early outon Wednesday and look at all these snow days!
Anyway I am in the Oakhurst ward in Vancouver. (don't ask what that means I have no idea :). My companion is Sis. Sonderegger. She's from Utah... everyone here on a mission is from Utah except like one Elder from Fiji.
This has literally been such a rough week! I have had no clue what has been going on like the whole time. But I guess that's normal. First night it was FREEZING we were out tracting and the wind was so strong I was just wondering what I was doing there. But ... okay HOLD UP. First! thanks family for sending me those letters! Mom the length at which you went to get them to me right when I was there was AMAZING! I've never read such inspired letters! I have thought about parts of each of them everyday. At this point I was thinking about Mom's letter. The simple things that are such blessings. Like the fact that I am in a walking area! And that the sky was totally clear! The whole first day I was here we had a complete day of sunny blue sky! then an insane wind storm... but ya! Each day there have been such tender mercies that have been such a blessing!
So yes I love the walking aspect! Wow this will be a random email for sure!
So the first hour I was with Sis. Sonderegger we went to Walmart (had to get myself a coat my goodness it's cold here!) and I was thinking of being a missionary which makes me think of the best two years. And then Sis. Sonderegger was talking (not really listening la de la de la) but then she says "flip!" and I did my best not to punch her! That darn best two years movie had got that one into me real well! Haha! (I told her this story yesterday)
So everybody AND THEIR DOG owns a cat here! I finally figured out the logic. so dogs are mans best friend so everybody has to get a dog. But then man wants a pet so he gets a cat. He likes it so much he has to get his best friend a cat as well! (the dog). So hence everybody and their dog owns a cat! so wow am I glad I'm not allergic to dogs or cats!
Mom I think you'd actually like a cat! they are cuddly, don't like their bellies scratched, don't bark, and still give you that cute "hey you know you love me" look!
So I would love it if you could sent me a yoga video! I was thinking I might get into that! And we are at a members house so it's super nice we can do workout videos.
I'm still getting to know the people here. We've had some really cool experiences with people and of course some super awkward ones that just want to make you cry! I sometimes wonder if missionaries are viewed as people! HELLO! DON'T SEND ME AWAY CRYING INSIDE! But ya. We went to this ladies house the other day. She's a bishop referral and she was SO nice to us! So we have a return appointment soon. When bishop gave us her name her name stood out to me like none of the others did. (this ward has like 600 people in it from all the less actives and stuff so the list was PRETTY long.)
We email in the library. (which there was a scare and that was almost pronounced closed!) We do laundry at the members house we live in. We eat dinner pretty much every night with a member family and it's awesome! I guess the major other languages here are Spanish, Russian, and chukese or something. I can't remember.
(MTC finale) So on Monday I did get to play for the Senior Missionary Welcome and it was THE MOST positive playing experience I have ever had.
I keep trying to get Sis. Sonderegger to get excited for some weird ideas that I have. But the only one she is down for is a musical fireside. I am super excited! So we are going to start working on that this week!
Family history is the best! Tracting..."We're missionaries for the...." "NOT Interested!"      "Okay. Well have you heard of family history?" Seriously people are really friendly to the idea and to what the church is doing with it! I love it!
Well I love you all! I am sorry this has been all over the place! The first week in the field is definitely rough! but I heard something yesterday "The bad days outnumber the good days. But the good days will outweigh the bad days." I do believe that. I am learning to enjoy parts of my day until I adjust more and love it all. I love you all so much! Thanks for the prayers in the MTC and now!
Hey fam! Make a Mormon.org profile this week.
Love you!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Lots of layers!

Uh.. ya no one has shovels around here so yes. We SWEEP the snow.

Our room!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 2: Ready to Jailbreak!!

Hello Family!

Well the MTC is properly described as 'spirit prison'. It is really spiritual... but you can't leave! I want to thank you for everything you have sent me and for all your prayers in my behalf this week! 

So you know my host from the first day who brought me in? Well it's been bugging me cause I know him from somewhere. On Sunday he said the same thing to me and after talking there was like NO connection! But then I remembered he was one of those two random guys we saw at the airport in DC who saw Kelsey's BYU shirt and so talked to us! SOOOOO funny! And now suddenly we are like best friends or something cause now we see each other all the time. His name is Jared Dyer. Going to Croatia. Leaves same day as me. (PS I leave on Tuesday at like 8 in the morning. from the MTC around 5).

A sister in my district Sister Dewsnup and I have become really close over the last week! We work out together and have a lot of fun together too. Though she's going to Chicago. 

I am longing for going outside! Mom all your weather descriptions are AMAZING! The other day I was just longing to take a big drink of the sky if that even can sound possible! I love being outside! Had no idea I love it this much! 

So I learned a huge part of being a missionary is...(drum roll)... rollplayin! Wish I was a better actor because I am not very good at that role! But it's really amazing how how you can feel the spirit when you are practicing teaching. 

We have three investigators. Lorenzo and Frank (both role played by our teachers) and Leah. Who is our TRC investigator. Yesterday we taught Leah but ah! It's so hard! She is evangelist Christian. She was telling us of how she's understood our beliefs in the atonement and how her belief in grace is different. The difference is so slight but it seems so big the way she said it. Sorry this is making no sense... anyway... I've been studying up on grace and the atonement and how we are saved etc..

Hey could someone send me a copy of the talk President Hinkley gave in Oct 1981 about the pioneer crossing. To the mission home?

So violin wise. I auditioned for the musical numbers in front of Sister Nally who knows Lois! And she put me in the yes pile but it's not for sure. So we will see. Hopefully I don't have to play in any of the big devotionals or I will really die of fright! I also might play on Sunday but I don't know.

Elders here seem to think that giving the sisters a priesthood blessing is equivalent to confessing love or something and since that's not allowed several of the Elders have told some sisters (Like sister Campbell and Sister Marchbanks) that they would LOVE to give them a priesthood blessing before we leave the MTC. I'm not fooled! 

Aubrey! How was Ranging! That's total fun stuff! Dad how was Denver? did you get to see Alyssa and Jack? Mom! K so one day I was sitting there telling Sister Campbell how much I want to have a picnic and then the next day I get this box with "thought you might like to have a picnic" You are receiving insane inspiration! I love it! And also the food has been great cause we didn't get breakfast today so we just ate strawberries and banana bread! So thanks so much! I LLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEDDDDDD the letter from Sadie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA Dad you are Hilarious! I mean... Sadie is hilarious thanks for interpreting dad:)
I also love whoever is putting all the side notes of 'ha ha' in Mom's letters. Oh! Could you date your letters for me so I know when you write them? Sometimes I don't get to pick them up for a while. 

If you want to know what I do it's pretty much study. Class. Teach. Class.  Lunch. Study. Class. Study. dinner. Study. Zone study. Study. Teach. Study. Bed. ya it sounds super boring and it would be if we weren't all human and have to stay sane. 

So I had a good analogy from the week.
Teaching Lorenzo: He's a construction worker. Doesn't know how we have such conviction in our faith.
Imagine you are in a place where nobody lives in houses. They just live in the street. Some guy comes along and says he's gonna build a house. Everyone thinks he's crazy right? Who needs a house? But board by board, nail by nail, it comes together and he has a house. It would be hard to see why this crazy guy thinks you all need a house unless you actually try it out right? Start building your own house board by board and nail by nail. 
Pretty much faith comes a little at a time and the only one who can build your faith is you. (However when we share our faith people begin to be open to the fact that there ma be something out there that they want to look into)

Today I got to go to the temple for the last time in who knows how long. I admit I started crying when we had to leave. (I'm such a mess). But I love the temple. I was looking at the picture of Christ and the song I feel my saviors love came into my mind. 
By the way. Can't believe I forgot this! Janice Kapp Perry came to talk to us on Sunday for relief society (Sacrament meeting was under 30 people and relief society was hundreds. Crazy!) And at one point we all sang a medley of the songs she wrote. It was amazing! And she sang a song to us that she said is her life theme.It was seriously such a great experience. The spirit was so strong!

I love you all so much! Thanks for everything! 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

me and sis. Dewsnup!

Jared Dyer

Our picnic (thanks mom!)

Our district first day

Meeting my brother elder beard! (you have to have an awkward 4th wheel No boy girl pictures allowed!)