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Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 2: Ready to Jailbreak!!

Hello Family!

Well the MTC is properly described as 'spirit prison'. It is really spiritual... but you can't leave! I want to thank you for everything you have sent me and for all your prayers in my behalf this week! 

So you know my host from the first day who brought me in? Well it's been bugging me cause I know him from somewhere. On Sunday he said the same thing to me and after talking there was like NO connection! But then I remembered he was one of those two random guys we saw at the airport in DC who saw Kelsey's BYU shirt and so talked to us! SOOOOO funny! And now suddenly we are like best friends or something cause now we see each other all the time. His name is Jared Dyer. Going to Croatia. Leaves same day as me. (PS I leave on Tuesday at like 8 in the morning. from the MTC around 5).

A sister in my district Sister Dewsnup and I have become really close over the last week! We work out together and have a lot of fun together too. Though she's going to Chicago. 

I am longing for going outside! Mom all your weather descriptions are AMAZING! The other day I was just longing to take a big drink of the sky if that even can sound possible! I love being outside! Had no idea I love it this much! 

So I learned a huge part of being a missionary is...(drum roll)... rollplayin! Wish I was a better actor because I am not very good at that role! But it's really amazing how how you can feel the spirit when you are practicing teaching. 

We have three investigators. Lorenzo and Frank (both role played by our teachers) and Leah. Who is our TRC investigator. Yesterday we taught Leah but ah! It's so hard! She is evangelist Christian. She was telling us of how she's understood our beliefs in the atonement and how her belief in grace is different. The difference is so slight but it seems so big the way she said it. Sorry this is making no sense... anyway... I've been studying up on grace and the atonement and how we are saved etc..

Hey could someone send me a copy of the talk President Hinkley gave in Oct 1981 about the pioneer crossing. To the mission home?

So violin wise. I auditioned for the musical numbers in front of Sister Nally who knows Lois! And she put me in the yes pile but it's not for sure. So we will see. Hopefully I don't have to play in any of the big devotionals or I will really die of fright! I also might play on Sunday but I don't know.

Elders here seem to think that giving the sisters a priesthood blessing is equivalent to confessing love or something and since that's not allowed several of the Elders have told some sisters (Like sister Campbell and Sister Marchbanks) that they would LOVE to give them a priesthood blessing before we leave the MTC. I'm not fooled! 

Aubrey! How was Ranging! That's total fun stuff! Dad how was Denver? did you get to see Alyssa and Jack? Mom! K so one day I was sitting there telling Sister Campbell how much I want to have a picnic and then the next day I get this box with "thought you might like to have a picnic" You are receiving insane inspiration! I love it! And also the food has been great cause we didn't get breakfast today so we just ate strawberries and banana bread! So thanks so much! I LLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEDDDDDD the letter from Sadie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA Dad you are Hilarious! I mean... Sadie is hilarious thanks for interpreting dad:)
I also love whoever is putting all the side notes of 'ha ha' in Mom's letters. Oh! Could you date your letters for me so I know when you write them? Sometimes I don't get to pick them up for a while. 

If you want to know what I do it's pretty much study. Class. Teach. Class.  Lunch. Study. Class. Study. dinner. Study. Zone study. Study. Teach. Study. Bed. ya it sounds super boring and it would be if we weren't all human and have to stay sane. 

So I had a good analogy from the week.
Teaching Lorenzo: He's a construction worker. Doesn't know how we have such conviction in our faith.
Imagine you are in a place where nobody lives in houses. They just live in the street. Some guy comes along and says he's gonna build a house. Everyone thinks he's crazy right? Who needs a house? But board by board, nail by nail, it comes together and he has a house. It would be hard to see why this crazy guy thinks you all need a house unless you actually try it out right? Start building your own house board by board and nail by nail. 
Pretty much faith comes a little at a time and the only one who can build your faith is you. (However when we share our faith people begin to be open to the fact that there ma be something out there that they want to look into)

Today I got to go to the temple for the last time in who knows how long. I admit I started crying when we had to leave. (I'm such a mess). But I love the temple. I was looking at the picture of Christ and the song I feel my saviors love came into my mind. 
By the way. Can't believe I forgot this! Janice Kapp Perry came to talk to us on Sunday for relief society (Sacrament meeting was under 30 people and relief society was hundreds. Crazy!) And at one point we all sang a medley of the songs she wrote. It was amazing! And she sang a song to us that she said is her life theme.It was seriously such a great experience. The spirit was so strong!

I love you all so much! Thanks for everything! 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

me and sis. Dewsnup!

Jared Dyer

Our picnic (thanks mom!)

Our district first day

Meeting my brother elder beard! (you have to have an awkward 4th wheel No boy girl pictures allowed!)

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