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Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 3: Talk About Culture Shock!

Hey family!

Let's talk about culture shock! I get here and it's been snowing.. okay normal thing right? Well ya until they shut THE WHOLE TOWN DOWN! There's been no school ThursdayFriday, and Today! And CHURCH was cancelled! (I'm still REALLY upset about that). But I don't think the kids go to school here anyway :) They have late start Monday and early outon Wednesday and look at all these snow days!
Anyway I am in the Oakhurst ward in Vancouver. (don't ask what that means I have no idea :). My companion is Sis. Sonderegger. She's from Utah... everyone here on a mission is from Utah except like one Elder from Fiji.
This has literally been such a rough week! I have had no clue what has been going on like the whole time. But I guess that's normal. First night it was FREEZING we were out tracting and the wind was so strong I was just wondering what I was doing there. But ... okay HOLD UP. First! thanks family for sending me those letters! Mom the length at which you went to get them to me right when I was there was AMAZING! I've never read such inspired letters! I have thought about parts of each of them everyday. At this point I was thinking about Mom's letter. The simple things that are such blessings. Like the fact that I am in a walking area! And that the sky was totally clear! The whole first day I was here we had a complete day of sunny blue sky! then an insane wind storm... but ya! Each day there have been such tender mercies that have been such a blessing!
So yes I love the walking aspect! Wow this will be a random email for sure!
So the first hour I was with Sis. Sonderegger we went to Walmart (had to get myself a coat my goodness it's cold here!) and I was thinking of being a missionary which makes me think of the best two years. And then Sis. Sonderegger was talking (not really listening la de la de la) but then she says "flip!" and I did my best not to punch her! That darn best two years movie had got that one into me real well! Haha! (I told her this story yesterday)
So everybody AND THEIR DOG owns a cat here! I finally figured out the logic. so dogs are mans best friend so everybody has to get a dog. But then man wants a pet so he gets a cat. He likes it so much he has to get his best friend a cat as well! (the dog). So hence everybody and their dog owns a cat! so wow am I glad I'm not allergic to dogs or cats!
Mom I think you'd actually like a cat! they are cuddly, don't like their bellies scratched, don't bark, and still give you that cute "hey you know you love me" look!
So I would love it if you could sent me a yoga video! I was thinking I might get into that! And we are at a members house so it's super nice we can do workout videos.
I'm still getting to know the people here. We've had some really cool experiences with people and of course some super awkward ones that just want to make you cry! I sometimes wonder if missionaries are viewed as people! HELLO! DON'T SEND ME AWAY CRYING INSIDE! But ya. We went to this ladies house the other day. She's a bishop referral and she was SO nice to us! So we have a return appointment soon. When bishop gave us her name her name stood out to me like none of the others did. (this ward has like 600 people in it from all the less actives and stuff so the list was PRETTY long.)
We email in the library. (which there was a scare and that was almost pronounced closed!) We do laundry at the members house we live in. We eat dinner pretty much every night with a member family and it's awesome! I guess the major other languages here are Spanish, Russian, and chukese or something. I can't remember.
(MTC finale) So on Monday I did get to play for the Senior Missionary Welcome and it was THE MOST positive playing experience I have ever had.
I keep trying to get Sis. Sonderegger to get excited for some weird ideas that I have. But the only one she is down for is a musical fireside. I am super excited! So we are going to start working on that this week!
Family history is the best! Tracting..."We're missionaries for the...." "NOT Interested!"      "Okay. Well have you heard of family history?" Seriously people are really friendly to the idea and to what the church is doing with it! I love it!
Well I love you all! I am sorry this has been all over the place! The first week in the field is definitely rough! but I heard something yesterday "The bad days outnumber the good days. But the good days will outweigh the bad days." I do believe that. I am learning to enjoy parts of my day until I adjust more and love it all. I love you all so much! Thanks for the prayers in the MTC and now!
Hey fam! Make a Mormon.org profile this week.
Love you!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Lots of layers!

Uh.. ya no one has shovels around here so yes. We SWEEP the snow.

Our room!

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