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Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 5

Dear Family,
Well this week has been good! Thank you to everyone who has sent me letters this week! I greatly appreciate them!
Dad I am getting your dearelder letters. I am sending you a letter. Thank you so much I LOVE THEM!
Please pray for Sister Parish (an ASL sister in our mission). She just found out that her parents and two siblings were killed yesterday from carbon monoxide poisoning. She will probably go home. I can't even imagine what she is going through. Please pray really hard for her.
At zone meeting this week President Taylor came and gave us some training. He told us that this is the dispensation that Noah, Abraham, Moses, Adam, and all the other prophets looked forward too. As they saw theirs dwindle into apostasy they had hope in this dispensation. How great is our calling. We are ALL in this work at this time. Every single person who  is part of his gospel on the earth at THIS time. We are all called to the work. Reach out to everyone who is around you today. EVERYBODY needs lifting. EVERYONE can benefit.
Out tracting on Tuesday we ran into a lady who immediately invited us in. First time every. In my mind I was like "Really? Why?" She was so nice and so good to us! I can't even tell you how thankful I am for her!
We also ran into this guy who had some very strange ideas and then gives us both a hug "God is love! hugs not drugs!" Missionaries aren't allowed to hug opposite gender but uh... sometimes things happen and we stumble away in horrified shock...
We tracted into a guy (sorry. Clearly we've done a lot of tracting lately) his name was Micheal. As we started talking to him I got the clear impression that he was in God's hands. And now was not his time. What do you do when you get that feeling right? He is very on fire right now with his faith in God and we had a very long conversation. We did bring up the gospel and maybe God will use that but it is a real witness to me that when we are listening God has a very clear plan for us. And when we listen he can guide us an direct us down a VERY specific path for faith in him. I feel like Micheal is another Frank. (from the MTC) Frank is definitely in God's hands for his conversion though definitely different situation. But not at the same time.
Talking to a couple Dave and Rachel (that we also tracted into this week) Dave told us that... uh no. He actually doesn't have a belief in God. He believes in UFOs. I started laughing. I couldn't help myself! that is the second time this week we have talked to someone about God and the prefer the idea of aliens over God. What? Why? Where is the peace and satisfaction in that? Well we will probably just return to teach Rachel. But we really enjoy them They are a funny couple. (kind of why I was okay laughing. They have a hard to catch humor at times)
Ran into a guy who said he lives on Neals something. He didn't really know where he lives but if it is the same as heather it is only 2 miles outside of my area! I got permission from president to email Heather today! So I will need to do that real soon! Ah! Time is running out!
I love you all so much! Be safe and have a good week! things get better every day!

And I forgot! Guess what? We get to have a nerf war for p-day today! Yaya!
We get ipads at zone meeting this week! I will let you know what that entails!
Love you!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Making thingys for a relief society valentines party!

Helping Sister Willis decorate for Reagan's 3rd birthday party! It's cars themed!

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