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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 6

Dearest Family,
This week has been a roller coaster like none other. Our mission has been hit hard with sorrow for Sister Parrish. I can't even explain.
We had zone conference on Tuesday-the day she flew home. President Taylor got up and told us a lot of amazing things that I could never write fully. He is a very powerful speaker. All of us are asking why. Why did this happen? Why do any of these types of things happen? How do we trust in the lord? Life changes in a second and it is never the same again. He told us that "You CAN'T do this work without the Lord. It is too hard."
He told us a story of the only time he ever had to learn the importance of temple marriage. It was after the tragic death of his grandmother. His grandfather leaned over her casket and said "I'm so grateful for our temple marriage..." We cannot console people when things like this happen. We shouldn't tell them "at least we have the gospel". But individually when each of us go through these things and we have to refind our faith we at least know where to turn to look.
President Taylor told us "Know this if you know nothing else about me. I know that God lives..."
I want you all to know that I know that God lives. In tragedies and many other times we will loose our faith and have to refind it. But the ONLY way and the ONLY answer is Jesus Christ. Those who forget will soon have to remember. We will all stand before the judgment bar of God and we will all know the truth of the gospel. We need to have the courage and determination to open our mouths TODAY! People NEED to know where to look. Where to turn to. These 'why' questions don't have answers but there is peace and joy found through Christ. Who knows if we will ever find answers. But Christ. He is the ONLY way. I really do testify of this. And you should know that I believe it with all of my heart. No matter how many times I have to refind Christ when I doubt, I will always come back to him. He is the way. The only way.
We've found a better focus this week because of the things we have learned from this experience. We pray and read scriptures with the people we talk to.
One of my favorite experiences was after talking to a 14 year old boy about Joseph Smith and how he even at 14 could get answers we gave him a Book of Mormon. Several minutes down the street I looked back and he was reading it!
In a lesson with a less active family. The mother's Dad was miraculously present by a miracle of a broken car. He is also less active but bore a powerful testimony about church attendance. Which I am sure was the sole reason they came to church yesterday! It's been years.
Bishop gives us names every so often to go and visit. One time a name really stuck out to me. We've been visiting but not getting in contact with her. Yesterday we stopped by and she answered! "I've been thinking about you". She wants to learn and come back to church. She really wants the blessings the gospel offers her family. AMAZING!
I have realized. There are many days that we are VERY discouraged. But EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail, we see a miracle. One person opens up to us or one person takes the time to talk. Or one person is home. It is in no part anything that either Sis. Sonderegger or I am doing. It is the prayers for the missionaries. I am not making this up. I know it's true. Your prayers count. Every pray for us is counted to God and he grants us at least one miracle a day because of it. Thank you. Your prayers matter.
In fast and testimony meeting Sis. Priebe shared a thought. When running on the sand at the beach with some young women she noticed that some make deep prints and others make soft prints. She talked about how each of us has an influence. We don't know if it is big or small but all of us are making footprints in the sand. And you never know who will follow them.
We got ipads this week! They are an AMAZING tool! The area book app is insanely amazing! totally is a blessing to the work. It makes us very accountable for the numbers. And it is really awesome! Can't even tell you!
I've been thinking. There's no other way that we could be missionaries except for being full time missionaries. We have to be separate from the normal everyday life or we wouldn't be able to have the spirit in the way we do. We talk to people and stop in and visit. An usual thing for us. But something that brings every one we visit tears. It's amazing to be a missionary.
We played a fun game at Zone powwow! you write a if then statement and then pass the then part to the next person. And then everyone reads it. So I could write "if I go roller skating. Then you will eat a hot dog." or something random and then when they get passed it's HILARIOUS!
I'm super grateful for a couple in our ward who on Saturday took us in and fed us an amazing lunch and talked to us! And gave us a referral! We were starving and Sis. Sonderegger was really tired and wet (she needs new boots but is kind of stubborn).
Anyway. I am going to stop here. I love you all so much! I hope everything is well! I haven't read any emails yet I will read them later! I am sending some letters home as I am able to.
I love you!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard 

The Lawlers

The La Flams! (they are seriously so fun!)
This was the funniest ward missionary meeting ever so I took advantage of the good humor!

Some of my favorite ward missionaries!
The Lewis

Sis. Calvert

baby tree hugging

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