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1 Samuel 12:16

Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 8

Dearest Family,
This week has been great! There has been sunshine in the air and spring time everywhere! Oh I am a poet and didn't even know it!
We have found a lot of people! We found 4 new investigators this week! All really cool experiences.
One day during planning I was looking at our area map on the ipad and an area stood out to me. I was pretty sure it was a dumb trailer park where everyone hates us so I didn't say anything. Well we were tracting and I look around and bam! We are in that area and it's not what I thought. So we enter the apartment complex and talk to a lady waiting for her mail and it was amazing! She is totally open.
Uh... no time for the other 3 sorry.
Actually 2 are in the same family so I will share that we were at their house for a lesson (they weren't open to religious conversation when we scheduled the appointment) but we come and they have water for us and tons of religious questions. What the heck right? But after a great discussion/lesson we are about to say the closing prayer and the little girl lets the dog in... and wow was that an adventure! that dog was out of control! just jumping around, running around, scratching our legs, barking. When she finally had the dog in her arms and we were going to pray for reals this time Sister Sonderegger looks at the dog and smiles at it and it jumps at her. And it just happens all over again! Oh it was such a funny experience! Just because of how everyone was reacting and how insanely insane that dog really is!
I'm realizing that the scriptures are MADE for missionary work! And life! The whole point of it is missionary work. We've all forgotten the plan and so God is patiently up in heaven prodding us to try and remember the plan and to tell others to remember the plan! I can't believe he is so patient! 
So we went to a Chinese restarant the other day and I got a fortune "When you speak honestly and openly, and others truly listen to you." WOW stupid! I was really getting excited as I started reading 'speak' because as a missionary you want to have people listen right? Unfortunately this one doesn't make sense at all! Well I guess it's good I've never believed in fortunes.
So I sent home a picture of Sister Calvert two weeks ago. She is amazing and I want to write this story. Her husband is inactive. Just stopped going 8 years ago. We were eating dinner with them this week and I just felt impressed to bring up the gospel. I questioned him and it was really crazy but I was so patient and guided beyond my abilities. After this conversation he said "Well somebody needs to break you in..." He was going to call on me for the closing prayer but we all took it wrong. And I don't know why. Like I honestly can't even for sure tell you today why. But I started crying. And I cried for over and hour. I couldn't stop. So embarrassing. We are suppose to be strong around members. All I can say is I think I got a glimpse of Christ that day. I truly felt so much sorrow and so much love for what Sister Calvert is doing and going through. I can't explain. But I guess it wasn't fruitless because the next day Sister Calvert said that her husband said he listened to me only because I was really innocent and sincere. And she had a 1 minute conversation about spiritual matters with him which never happens. I am so grateful for that experience and to be a hand in that matter. It was seriously so amazing.

I totally forgot to tell you about my musical experiences! We got to play I'm relief society yesterday. Also I got to talk in church. But we have a musical fireside idea. Well I had an idea and we finally got it on the calendar for April 13 and EVERYONE is so excited! Everyone is wanting to participate. Even an accordion song! I am so excited and grateful for my musical interest and ability that gets to get used a lot! I lovw you all! So glad I am in this mission so I can have my violin.

This week has been good and I am grateful for the sun. We are both staying this transfer. I love you all! Sorry I am out of time
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Me and Joanne FraserPeople we are teaching
Us and Michelle Marston

And this sign reminds me of the scare crow in the wizard of oz... I know it's dumb but ya!

Spring is beautiful!

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