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Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 11

Dearest Family,
Thank you for the letters everyone! And thanks for the package mom! Sister Sonderegger was SO EXCITED about the CD! It is still so funny! I am saving the other surprises for easter! Haha! I want to have a full out easter egg hunt with the candy so thank you! (hopefully I don't eat it before then)
I am glad you all made it safe to St. George! But Dad! I hope you are doing okay! That is no fun at all! I hope that you rest enough. I am sorry that you crashed so soon into vacation down by all the awesome trails! That is so sad! I'm glad it wasn't a super super bad crash that would be awful!
So this week our zone had interviews with President Taylor! Oh! I love President and Sister Taylor! I think interviews are suppose to be more interactive comparing with what Sister Sonderegger said she talked about but that didn't happen. President Taylor gave me a lot of counsel. And the spirit was really strong. He really spoke from the Lord to ME. I can't even tell you. I have never had an experience like that before. He told me that they need me in this mission. And I felt that it was true. He also told me that he often fears just like me that he will fail. He's been a business owner, he's been broke, and yet this is the most pressure he has ever felt. But he has come to understand that if we do our best-even if our best is just getting up- God WILL NOT LET US FAIL. I am so grateful for President Taylor. He is the most amazing inspired man and I know that he is called of God. I know that he has a huge mantel on his shoulders to be the President of this mission and that the Lord strengthens those he calls. No it isn't easy. It is beyond hard. But we can do it because of Jesus Christ.
This week we were out for an hour or so on the streets before a lesson then going home so of course the blue sky was not calling for rain! but then it just dumped rain! We did a quick member visit and the sweet Spruill family was horrified by how wet we were and posted on the ward facebook page with a desperate call for umbrellas for us. So needless to say the whole ward has called or stopped by trying to give us all their umbrellas. Holy Cow! It's crazy!
So a couple weeks ago we got a call from a guy who is in a care home. And he said he found our card on the street and it changed his life. It was kind of a weird phone call and experience so we weren't really quite on top of figuring out how to meet with him. But we finally figured it out this week and we went over. We walked into the care come and there was Bobby. My first thought was "It's you". Weird right? But I know him perfectly. Whether from this life, a dream, or the past life I couldn't tell you. But I know him perfectly. I guess he actually got our card from Sister Sonderegger and Sister Duncan a couple months ago. But still! He called! He had a stroke many years ago and doesn't read and is still physically and a little mentally struggling. But he needs church and hope and faith. We sung I am a child of God to him and had a little simplified lesson as we got to know him. I think we will be keeping him as our investigator and not passing him over to the Elders because I feel like since I know him I am probably here to teach him.
Nancy! Our new investigator who came to church last sunday is on date for baptism May 11! And she came to all of Saturday conference with us at the church. She watched sunday conference with a member! How awesome! We are so excited! She is so sweet and just so open to everything.
Michelle our investigator told us earlier this week "Someone said that General Conference is like Christmas to the missionaries!" She gave us a look like 'that's not right right?' and we just laughed because it is! But anyway Michelle's boyfriend moved out this week and she is really struggling and lonely. But we are hoping she will keep having faith as she gets ready for baptism probably around May 14th.
General Conference was amazing! We watched it same time as you! Well it was earlier for us! I love general conference and it was so amazing to me! So many totally amazing things were said! And President Eyrings was perfect for Nancy sitting right besides us!
So as far as Preach My Gospel goes. I am going to be studying Use The Scriptures on page 180 this week. Please join me in this study! I was thinking this would be a really great thing because scripture study is really the only way that you can increase faith. Yet SO many people in and out of the church aren't reading. When we are visiting teaching, home teaching, talking with friends and family scriptures should be used in our conversations and efforts. They are the most powerful tool. Don't be afraid to use them We NEED them more in our lives. Learning how to apply scriptures study to every day is a really important thing to do. So study this section. When it talks about investigators instead think of friends, people you visit or home teach, neighbors, and family members. I am open to hearing from anyone what you have learned. However, if you aren't direct immediate family please keep it brief :) But you are welcome to join in this!
So just a fare warning. I am a facebook missionary. And as such we are invited to have our families back home help us in our missionary efforts. I have told a couple investigators that my family will be friending them for specific purposes. Please fulfill these assignments and do whatever you can to help them. It will mostly be in the messaging area. If you don't know how to do that ask Kelsey (hopefully you do Kelsey!) Anyway but that's another reason to study using the scriptures because I need you to always direct them back to the basics which is in the scriptures. Thanks!
(P.s. Preach my gospel is online as well. And it is in Chapter 10 teaching skills- the part for this week)
I love you all so much! I hope that you are having such a good spring break! We will see if any one is home during spring break here! (it is also Vancouver spring break) Have a good safe vacation. I love you! And I am so grateful for all your awesome letters!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

OUr favorite sisters! We finally have sisters in our district! Well.. as well as us :)

cooking noodles in a frying pan after district meeting!

How OTHER missionaries park at district meeting:)

Michelle gave us each a huge bag of stuff for Easter! She is so cute!

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