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Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 12: So this is why

Dearest family,
So this is why I'm here. Besides the other bagillion reasons that I am in this mission I found 2 more this week!
So apartment checks happened this week. And in walk Elder and Sister Rippon. Elder Rippon shakes my hand. "Sister Beard. Do you have relatives in Coalville?" Well. Guess what? His relatives also came from that area. Can't remember the name but it was just 3 miles away so they were always in the same area as the Beards. I guess our family and his family are pretty close! He told me that he lived in Great Grandpa Beards house in Salt Lake City. I believe it was Victor Beard. But ya he knew he worked on nuclear stuff and worked at the U and went fishing and stuff all the time. And Elder and Sister Rippon lived in his house for four years. Super cool! The random experiences. I don't think he knows Grandpa though. Do you know him Grandpa?
The other thing. So at the music fireside (more on that later). We were walking around before it started meeting the unfamiliar faces and we come to this guy. Which preface. So a couple weeks ago I just had a thought cross my mind. And I thought of Jon Martinez from Florida (played the piano, played Settlers with us) and I just started wondering when I'd see him. I know it seems super weird but I knew I was going to be seeing him soon, but I didn't think anything of it till after it actually happened and now it's kind of crazy weird! Anyway we come to this guy and he was familiar. But I was thinking "there's no way!" He says his name is Jon so I was like "What's your last name?" "How long have you lived here?" "Did you live in Florida?" hardly allowing response time. "Okay I know you" But then the fireside started so I said we'd talk later. By the end of the fireside he remembered me and our family and we spend some time catching up. (Not like I can really fill him in on the ward in Florida. But I told him what I knew and how our family is doing). He's not in our ward I have no idea why he was there. But he is in a ward in our building. He's in school, quit the military, doing wind mill stuff. Any way. Weird right? Life is just weird. But I guess these things are suppose to happen.
So the music fireside! Ah! It was so amazing! We had a huge turnout! It didn't seem like very many people would come but the chapel was pretty full! There were 9 performances and testimonies scattered throughout. It was in no way seamless but that is what made it what it was. People in the ward were so sincere in their performance. No matter their talent level their hearts were really in it. And one family brought a non-member family! That was so exciting! (of course we could see more of that...) I loved walking into the church about 15 minutes before it started and hearing every room full of members nervously practicing for their song. Oh it was such a sweet experience! I will treasure that forever! Sister Sonderegger and I got to play we did a medly of He is Risen/Jesus Once of Humble Birth. My favorite part was when Sister Sonderegger suddenly stops playing from a faulty page turn and I just had to keep playing and wonder what the heck was going on back there at the piano! It was seriously so amazing and the ward loved it so much they want to do it every year! Ah it was the happiest night! Like that is literally just the overall feeling! Not insanely spiritual just super happy! I LOVE IT!
Guess what???????????????????????????? We get to go to the temple tomorrow!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So the best experience ever! This week we were out tracting and we came to an apartment and the lady who answered didn't speak English. She spoke Spanish. I got so excited I don't even know what I was doing. I've been studying Spanish over breakfast. So I introduced us in Spanish and said a couple other things. Well... That was dumb! Then she thought I knew a lot more Spanish than I do and so she'd look at me for more or translation or something and I'd just smile. Haha... wops. But it was actually my favorite experience OYMing! (open your mouth...ing) because it was another just happy experience as we speak broken Spanish to her and she speaks Spanish to us and we try and understand. And we speak English. But overall we were all just smiling and laugh and it was such a fun conversation even though we didn't speak the same language!
So for Preach My Gospel. I loved studying how to use scriptures! I loved how it says that when we study scriptures with people it helps them want to do it on their own. Family scripture study definitely did that for me! I loved Alma 31:5. We tried to use our scriptures with the lessons that we did teach this week. And also using them when we are out on the streets talking with people. People trust the scriptures. Even if they don't know them very well. People tell us "well in the scriptures it says..." and so us using scriptures is a really powerful witness. Use them in family night, visiting and home teaching, and any time that you can!
This week I will be studying The Message of the Restoration: The Foundation of Faith on pg. 6. Although it talks about those 'we teach' apply it to family, friends, visiting and home teaches. I would really like you all to study this and write to me about what you have learned. Just one sentence would be really fun.
Well. I love you all so much! I am so glad you have had a good spring break! And now are back and ready for the good times of school and such! Thanks for all the pictures you sent Kelsey! And thanks for all your letters! You are the best family! I love you very much! Things are great in Washington! Or as Dad would sometimes say... Vashington. OR as Washington people sometimes say. Warshington.
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Someone gave me a rose outside the library just as a nice thing to do! So nice!

The Rippons are old family friends I guess and now I am in this mission!

We met Jon Martinez again! haha!

late night pizza snack!

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