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Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 13: Hello from the Green State!

Dearest Family,
WOW! this has been a VERY long week. We went to the temple forever ago it seems! It is such a beautiful temple! Unlike any I have ever been to! I think my jaw dropped several times when we walked around and went into rooms as well. We totally missed our alarm and woke up to a knock on the door from Bishop Davis and the Elders and we jumped out of bed like never before! It was crazy! I loved it so much! So grateful that we got the chance to go!
This week has been SO busy! We have had SO many lessons and ward activities that we haven't had any time to go tracting or find more people to teach. Which I guess is good. But when we finally had time on Sunday I was SO excited! We have an event in this area called the Life of Christ event around easter (festival of nativities around Christmas). So we went to that with the youth on Wednesday and with some investigators on Friday. It is seriously such an amazing event  I don't really know how to briefly describe it. There are different scenes from Jesus Christ's life and pictures and some actors. It's a walk around thing in the gym. There are also choir concerts and devotionals scattered through the time that the display is set up (Thurs-Sat). It was seriously such a sacred experience.
We also had a relief society activity about gardening and worked really hard to get Nancy and Michelle there. Then Nancy brought her friend Elaine who is so cute and nice! That was a really awesome and exciting night!
Then on Saturday we had an Easter Egg hunt ward activity and Easter program. We got to see a lot of people come. So it was really great to be able to check up on all the people scattered around the ward in a single room with not as much walking! I just love ward activities! Especially when we are so successful at getting people there! It's so exciting!
We had exchanges again this week. I stayed in Oakhurst with Sister Blanchard. We had a great rainy day filled with a lot of stress and calling to try and get members to lessons and rides for everyone for the relief society activity. But it ended up being good.
President Taylor has asked the mission to read the Book of Mormon in the next transfer. I am stoked! I love it! And I love being able to read it quickly. It gives a really good perspective and new things stick out. Any one is welcome to join us! Start today and read and finish up June 11. Okay? Awesome.
Before I forget. I got the wedding invitations for Courtney and Tanner and also for Adrienne and Joe! I love them! Both came in the same delivery and I was so excited! You are all such beautiful relatives and I am so excited for your weddings and sad that I can't be there!
Yesterday we saw a ton of Easter miracles. Maybe it was because it was Easter, maybe we were just in the right mood. But we had the spirit with us all day and just so strong! We found a lot of people who are really open to our message! In particular we met a guy named Armine and his son Rashid. They are originally from Croatia. But they fled from Communism and other such horrors. Moving from country to country and right as it seemed that they learned the language they were kicked out. They have seem some pretty horrible things. Armine was talking to us and then Rashid came and started interpreting for us. You wouldn't think that English needs interpreting:) haha but actually it does! Sometimes he was saying things that were different than what we thought he was saying! So that helped! But we shared with Rashid that life has a purpose. We shared Alma 34:32. And also some of the Alma chapters for him to read. He told us that he felt a lot of peace talking to him. He's never felt this way before. He's never heard these things before. He's just seen a lot of awful things. And now he is searching for the truth. It was really amazing. I've never had that type of experience before.
Easter really was a day of miracles! It was amazing!
One funny story. We had dinner with the Elders at the Ericksons (haley is the one who is my 'twin') Well Sister Erickson told Elder McCuen that she had bought him a Reeses egg. He was so excited he almost started crying! I was like in horrified shock! But hey! I guess he really does love those Reeses easter eggs.
Well transfers are coming up next week! Crazy!
Michelle is getting baptized on Saturday! I am so excited! She has changed so much and it is just so amazing to see! I can't wait! And she has got her x-husband to support her enough that he is going to be there! (even if he says he is going to dress up like the pope... hmmm... not sure what to do about that). But we will be doing a musical number at her baptism too so that will be nice. But I can't wait! Michelle is so amazing! It's just so crazy to see how much she has changed! She is just shining with light! It's been a long and wonderful journey to be a part of.
So this week Preach My Gospel. Thanks for everyone who shared. I love the restoration! We've really been trying to share what it says is 'our message' at the bottom of that page. And then we have been asking what it would mean to YOU if you came to know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. It's been really cool what responses we've gotten EVEN when people totally turn us away. I love that fact that we do have a prophet and that we have a loving Heavenly Father!  I also love how it says that the Book of Mormon is a powerful witness to this message. Oh it is so true! I love using scriptures when talking about the Restoration. Like with Rashid yesterday. He was so touched by those scriptures.
And so this week I will be studying The Book of Mormon Testifies of Christ pg. 105 in Ch. 5  and the scriptures in the scripture study box on pg. 98 under the heading "Which scriptures should I use and how should I use them?" I'd love it if you would all join me in this study and try and think of how we can share scriptures more with our family friends and those we teach and interact with.
I love you all so much! I hope that your week has been amazing! Congrats to Aubrey for her drivers license! And for Kelsey for being a beastly fast runner! I hope that you are doing well and having a happy day!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

The temple is GORGEOUS!


Sister Sonderegger got me some easter gifts!

Easter Picnic

hiking today!

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