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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 14: It was the best of weeks, it was the worst of weeks...

Dearest family,
Well first off we got transfer letters! I felt like I was getting a mission call all over again except this time the options weren't open to the whole world they are limited to a smaller geographical area! We got our letters and sat down to read them. Sister Sonderegger said to do it silently but before I could even read mine she starts laughing! She is going to the Clark YSA. Still in the zone and stake! Serving with our favorite Sister Thomas! Replacing her MTC companion who has also been in her first area for 7.5 months. Anyway I will be staying in Oakhurst and Sister Cluff will be my new companion. No idea who she is but I guess she just trained one of the Sisters in my district from the MTC. But that is why I have a bagillion pictures this week! I thought I my as well just get pictures with everyone Sister Sonderegger did while I can right? We are teaching a lot of the people we took pictures with except a couple are member families that we eat with and such.
So this week Michelle got baptized! I can't even tell you how crazy of an experience that was! I felt so much love for her and when we were all gathered for her baptism (there were tons of friends and family and tons of people from the ward!) we started singing I am a Child of God and I could just feel so much love in that room and it was so amazing! I am not doing a very good job describing my feelings. It is amazing to see someone that was in the worst of situations, in the depths of despair make a turn for the better and then get baptized. Yes baptism is just a step, but it is an important one.
We had a lot of amazing lessons this week. We are REALLY busy with lessons! We keep trying to hand people off to the Elders but then we end up with them anyway. Whatever I guess it's meant to be.
Nancy is doing so well! She is such a sweet lady! And the more we get to know her the less shy she is around us and man! She says the funniest things sometimes! Her friend Elaine is also so funny! They are such funny friends! Nancy moved in and then met Elaine and they have been best friends ever since.
We took the Blacks on a church tour. Surprisingly it went very well. There were parts where we were really guided with what to say. The spirit was really strong. Their son Xavier came to church yesterday! Although he said he wanted the full experience and then he isn't ever coming back :) hopefully he will change his mind. They are such a funny family.
Wade is a guy we have been teaching. He is big into ham radio and let me tell you it is super cool!
We've got a lot of people we are teaching. And we keep finding more and more. We will be busy this week with all of our lessons and with transfers on Wednesday.
Book of Mormon reading is going well! And I'd love to hear about your reading Mom! Thanks for joining me!  
This week has been really well but also kind of rough. (hence the revised tale of two cities title!). It's hard to not get discouraged sometimes. But I have learned a lot this week. I've really realized that The most important thing is to trust in God. Even if I never get to learn a language, even if I can't be a good missionary, even if I don't have the courage and determination that I want to. I just need to trust in God. That is the most important thing for me to learn while being a missionary. And it's amazing how it's all throughout the scriptures. I keep getting answers as I read the Book of Mormon. SO many passages stick out! Also I was able to get an amazing blessing on Monday night. I know that God is very mindful of me. I need to learn to trust in him.
This week studying preach my gospel I really love how it says that the Book of Mormon's central purpose is to bring others to Christ. We've made it a point to really testify of that this week as we talk to people and tell them about the Book of Mormon. It's had an amazing influence. I also loved the scripture in Luke 24:13-32. Christ taught from the scriptures. THE SCRIPTURES ARE IMPORTANT. They talk of Christ.
This week I will be studying how the Book of Mormon Answers Questions of the Soul on pg. 107 ch. 5. And also I will be thinking of other questions of the soul that I will be looking for additional answers to through the Book of Mormon. I'd love it if you joined me in this study! You could post about it on facebook too!
So it is time for the next hidden surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This time it is in the secret drawer in Laurann's dresser in her room.
As far as mother's day goes... I am really sorry but I assume we will not be hearing about that until next week. Hopefully next week! I will let you know! I sure hope that we can work something out with Laurann as well!
I am also really sorry but I may not be able to write too many letters this week. With transfers things are CRAZY! And ward members really love Sister Sonderegger so they want to take us to all these places and such so today is really busy. Hopefully next week will be a better week for writing!
I love you all so much! Enjoy the fine weather! (it's been spring in Vancouver for like 2 months! Always blooming and springy! It's awesome and crazy!) I really REALLY REALLY just love you. I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope that you know that! Have such a good week!
Love Sister Kaitlyn Beard

The Novaks! We made salsa with them on Saturday!
The Tiatia's are hilarious! Brother Tiatia picked us up when I first came to the area.

Nancy Hollander, and Elaine her neighbor and best friend

Sister Ashbaker, her father, and Megan Ashbaker

The Grahams! Hannah obviously loves to look at the camera:)

The Clarkes

Michelle got baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Tiko came back to baptize her. (Elder Tiko left when I came in. He spend his first 9 months in the Oakhurst area and is loved and a legend in the ward!)

Us and Sister Terney! (we live with her)

Sister Terney wanted a picture of us playing after the baptism so we posed :)

Jasmin Tiatia...wouldn't stand in the family picture.

The Remleys! My favorite family! Sister Remley reminds me a lot of Angie Thompson!

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