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1 Samuel 12:16

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 15: Hello from Oregon:)

Dearest family,

So surprise!!! I got transferred to St. Helens Oregon! On Tuesday we had 10000000 appointments and they kept falling through! Well we got out of an appointment with Nancy Hollander and I had a feeling I should check the phone. Which I never do. I saw a text that said "sister beard" and also had "president" at the top. My first reaction was NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Well ya it was like 4pm and I was leaving in the morning. Well that just put tons of stress on us as we now had to figure out how to close down our area. We ran and said goodbye to Nancy. We ate with Michelle, which can I say it was a miracle we got to eat with her! But ya that was the longest dinner appointment ever! As my mind was going 1000 miles per hour! We got to say goodbye to the Remleys, Sister Bagby, bishop and sister Davis, the Lawlers, the Blacks, and Sister Jones. I can't say Sister Sonderegger and I had a peachy last day together. We were both high stress and react to high stress differently. But it worked out. We tried to figure out how to pass our area book info on the iPads to the Elders. Elder McCuen is really excited to have all our investigators which makes me just want to roll my eyes! But ya. Stressful night. Sister Ternyey seems so sad! Luckily the Mcglouphlin sisters are moving in with her! Sister Lawler came over and helped me throw everything together. Which I am so grateful for! I didn't sleep very much that night! Ah! It was INSANE!
Well for transfers my new companion is Sister Major. She is from Paradise Utah-a small farming town. Well she had a doctors appointment and so after transfer meeting she went to the appointment and I just chilled at the mission office. But then the appointment got changed so we got to ride with President and Sister Taylor to pick up two sister that were going home and take them to the airport. I didn't think I'd be in the airport till I went home! that was weird! But ya we got to go out to eat with them. THEN go to the doctors. It was a pretty fun vacation! Getting to spend the day with President and Sister Taylor! They think our idea of 'vacation' is weird. But it's just a change of routine! They ended up driving us out to St. Helens because the group coming out here had already left. 

Well ya St. Helens. It is totally the country! We are about 1.5 hours from the volcano! And Sister Troyer said she would take us sometime if we wanted. We shall see! That would be an adventure! We cover a HUGE area. No one in the ward seems to know the exact boundaries. Bishop just put his hand over a map and said "all this"... Okay. It covers three small towns. St. Helens, Columbia City, and Deer Island. We have all sorts of scenery! It's beautiful! Farm land, hills and forest, and the river! We have a car of course which is a HUGE adjustment for me. Makes everything way different than walking. We are living with President and Sister Thomas in the mission presidency with another set of sisters until they clean the Elders old apartment for us. Did I mention that we are replacing the old Elders? So we got doubled in which Bishop Naillion says is called "pink washing". :).

It's been a rough start! We got here Wednesday at like 4. Our phone ended up in the Dalles somehow so President Thomas let us borrow his until we got our phone on Saturday night. We don't have any records. No appointments. No dinner calendar. Etc. we managed to find the dinner calendar in time to be an hour late for dinner! Wops. We then found out we had missed an appointment. Then Thursday we were just planning to see random people in the ward that Bishop had given us and as we were heading out I checked the Ipad and two appointments had magically shown up! Well... that's insane! So we ran off to one that we were an hour late for and then to the other one. It was really crazy. Only one other appointment has magically shown up, so I think we might be done with that. Wow sorry! this has seriously just been a mess of crazy stuff!
Well things here are totally laid back! Totally country life! It's kind of weird! It's definitely harder to stick totally to the missionary schedule with everything as it is. So we will have to keep working on that.
People here are really nice. The nicest door slam in Vancouver is the meanest one out here. But it stinks because it's super hard to tell if people are interested until the end. And they pretty much aren't interested. But we will see what we can do! Hopefully we can do something! 

Two random activities. President Thomas really wanted us to come home when they were having a big 'prom' group over on Saturday. I didn't really know what he was meaning but he really wanted us to come and he promised '50 nonmembers'. Well it turns out it was his granddaughters prom group. And up here when you take pictures for prom or any dance all the parents come and it's this big social gathering! And there was tons of food and they were there for hours! Well we went and talked to people and tried to just be nice and stuff. We had some people ask President Taylor some questions and we talked to one lady and I think she is going to come to church when one of the girls in the ward has her mission farewell in a couple weeks. Anyway that was cool and fun.
Then President Thomas wanted us to come over for Sunday family dinner (he always wants us to come to stuff) but we had an appointment already so we came over after because his mother-in-law had just come upon a family heirloom fiddle that they'd got repaired. They wanted me to play it. But... it is a little out of my league! It's 200 years old and Norwegian. It looks super sweet and stuff! But I don't really know how to play that sort of thing. And it needs a lot of work tuning! It has an extra set of strings under the bridge that just adds to the sound I guess. It's crazy! And 6 tuning pegs! So I ended up just playing for them on my violin Meditations from Thais-since that's all I have memorized at the moment. And then I think I'm going to go over later to her house and see what I can do with the fiddle. But ya! I love being able to play! I just love it! and I am so blessed! I don't get to practice much and yet I am doing better than I could have ever dreamed! The Lord is helping me and helping me keep my talent so that I can use it!
Well. Things are crazy. And p-day is way different too! But it's going to be great! I will let you know how everything is going next week! Oh joke! Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOTHERS DAY! I can't wait to talk to you! I love you so much!
Don't worry about me! It's hard but I'm up for the challenge! And the Lord gave me a wonderful companion for this new challenge!
I love you just oh so much! Please have a wonderful day! I will pray for you all!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Sister Sonderegger, me and Sister Balch and our favorite lady bug charriot ride! Ah! She took us out on an adventure last Monday!

This is Sister Dudley the awesome ward missionary and Victoria!

The Calverts! 

Saying goodbye to Michelle!

Me and Sister Bagby. She fed us every time there was an empty Wednesday!

Sister Dodge! In RS presidency and she helped drive us around in the craziness of Tuesday!

The Black family! Patty, Pete, Xavier, and Aradia!

Karen Jones and her cute grandson Caden!
Ly Quack! She's from Cambodia! She joined the church a little before I got there! She is so giving!

Us and the Elders! Elder McCuen, Elder Porter, me, Sister Sonderegger (brother Lawler was being such a weirdo with taking pictures! I think this one isn't as weird as the others)
Us and Bishop and Sister Davis!

Us and Sister Lawler!

Us and Sister Ternyey
Me and Sister Major planning outside on the porch last night!

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