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Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 17

Dearest Family,
Well there has been a lot to happen this week now that I reflect! I can't believe it was just a week!
But first! I am so excited for Courtney getting married this weekend! I bet the wedding is going to be amazing! I can't wait to see pictures! And safe travels to everyone going up to Vancouver Canada! Oh and updates on the upcoming mission call Grammie and Grandpa???
We moved into the Elders apartment. It has been a week of cleaning! The surface was better than some of the stuff we discovered underneath to be sure! quite a lot of moldy food (yuck) and mounds of tupperware and other useless things. But whatever. Some wonderful Relief Society Sisters- Sister Beatly, Sister Troyer, and Sister Brame- came and helped us clean on Tuesday and then took us out to yogurt! That was fun.
So This week has been amazing! Can I just say? Thank you for the prayers they have really worked wonders. I love it here in St. Helens. What took 2 months in Oakhurst has taken 2.5 weeks in St. Helens. Things are picking up and I am really beginning to love the country folk.
So we went to visit a guy named Steve who the Elders dropped right before we came because apparently he doesn't want to talk to sister missionaries. Ya whatever. We had an amazing lesson with him and he totally wants to be baptized. He is praying about a date. His big roadblock is smoking. But the Elders got him from 3 packs a day down to 1 so we are making huge progress here! But we have a great plan to get this working.
We have found a stop smoking program that has 15 steps. You give a lesson and commit the person to like 1000 very specific things. Within a week the craving for smoking is gone. It is all reliant on will power. If you WANT to quit smoking. This will work. So we are setting things up so we can start this with Steve on Wednesday. It's a very specific lesson so we will be practicing and role playing this week a lot. You also need a very diligent friend shipper. Luckily we have found the best one ever! Brother Susee came to the lesson with us this week and wow! He is so good! And he is way excited about Steve! After the lesson he called "I know it's late but can I just say... THAT WAS SO COOL! Okay Goodnight" And hung up before we could talk. And he keeps texting us etc. And wow! Steve was coming to church on Sunday but called in sick. So Brother Susee let him feel better till the1pm ward and then picked him up and dropped him off and picked him up at 4. This guy is amazing! (though he does like to really dominate lessons... but we have decided it is worth it). Anyway.... Back to the smoking thing. We are starting to use it as a finding tool (we found the info in the apartment). Everyone and their dog smokes in this town and so we are starting to say "well hey we have this great program. You can stop in a week." We already have a couple people thinking about it and we will be getting back with them in a week.
We have a great lady in the ward named Pam Howe who took us to see all of her neighbors the other day! She is not ashamed of the gospel. She is a recent convert and knows how much this will bless people and just is out there to help everyone. It is amazing.
So happy birthday dad! When we were making that video for you we went to the area famous Burgerville (you'll have to get a shake when you go to Portland. It's always the shake that is with the fruit that's being harvested- strawberry right now). but we were videoing that really weird video and it was late at night and this couple was watching us. I was feeling kind of weird. So after I was like "Hey I hope you guys don't think we are too weird." But they were impressed with how much we love our Dad's and how we must have a strong family. So we got to talking with them. Wow. Awesome experiences all around the board! But ya. It was Sister Major's Dad's birthday Sunday so we celebrated all weekend! Sorry it is upside down! I didn't notice that till just barely!
So This Sunday we had 4 people at church! When we were telling the Bishop at council before he was like kind of in shock. Super exciting! One lady Lillian was so funny! She was only going to stay till her church at 11. But in Sunday school she asked some weird question and loved the response (way off topic) and felt a burden lift from her back and so she stayed! she said she didn't feel like she needed to go to her church anymore so ya why not stay for relief society. We were like "ya! awesome!" She is a funny lady! We invited her to be baptized this week but she is kind of deaf so she thought we said church or something and started telling us a story about church.
We ate with this family yesterday who is out in Deer Island (so out in the real country). and we had some home grown steaks! Wow! Those are really good! But then half way through dinner Brother Ridgeway says "Bald Eagle" And everyone jumps up from the table except for us and Sister Ridgeway and runs out the door... to save the chickens. Crazy life out here. They hate the bald eagles. There is a nest near by. And they can't do anything since they are the national bird. But they just sit and watch till no one is looking then take their chickens!
I got super exciting news this week! Nancy Hollander is getting baptized on Saturday! She is smoke free! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so going! I hope! But when I found out I felt a little like Ammon when his strength is exhausted from joy. Except... not that much. But I was thinking that if I could unite all the people I have met and worked with into one room... oh man that would be the most joyful time ever! I can't even say! But I am so excited to be able to see everyone this weekend! I can't wait! I really can't wait! I am so excited for Nancy! Oh! Wonderful day!
Well I am sorry that I have forgotten to do Preach my Gospel stuff lately! The transfer threw me off for sure. But this week I am going to study Our Life on Earth from Chapter 3 lesson 2. It's funny how often people put focus on things after this life or whatever. But the most important thing is what we do in this life. People aren't very impressed with our idea of heaven. But honestly who cares what there is after this life if we aren't living this life worthy of something good. Anyway those are my pre-thoughts.

I love you all so much! You are such an amazing family! I am so glad that you had such a good week! I hope the end of school winds down nicely and that you have awesome plans for this summer. (Like helping the missionaries!) I Love you! Have a safe week this week!
Sister Beard.
And I'm really sorry to hear about Brother Mason. Give Sister Mason a big hug for me!

We did pottery last Monday! don't get fooled... I didn't make that pot. Brother Brame did and I watched and learned for the most part. But Sister Major made hers all by herself!

The famous clock at the Thomas's. it goes off and the everyone rushes to be the first to say "there it goes again"

The weird Princess and the Pea bed arrangement. But the Thomas's brought in a new bed frame on Friday (then they headed out to Hawaii! they are so funny!)

Our kitchen

Our living room

Dad! It's the Elders cook book! 101 things to do with Ramen Noodles :)

Sister Major and I love to cook together! It's so fun!

Um.... big salad! :)

It was dumping buckets of rain after church! Seriously! TONS of rain and this is Oregon!

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