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Sister Kaitlyn Beard "Now therefore stand
Washington Vancouver Mission and see this great thing,
2223 Northwest 99th St which the Lord will do
Vancouver WA 98665 before your eyes."
1 Samuel 12:16

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Week 19

Dearest family,

This week has been really long. Monday night we headed to Vancouver
for a sleepover at the mission home! I was really excited! We had a
women's conference on Tuesday at the mission office (which is at a
church) and so anyone far away got invited to drive in the night
before for a sleep over. It was way fun. Well the women's conference
was going great. We were in break out sessions when we had several
incidents and then found out that our beloved Sister Lierley had
passed away minutes before. She was in the hospital with a tooth
infection about to get released and they went in and found her passed
out. They revived her briefly, and then she was gone. The shock was
great. The news hit hard. I can't even even tell you what it was like
at the mission office that day. Sister Lierley was in my last
district. I love her a lot. She is so fun! She can whistle like no one
I have ever met! I can't tell you how I feel. But I can tell you that
her family needs a lot of prayers.

What can I say? I was really struggling. And there isn't a lot of time
set apart for missionaries to mourn. That's not at all on the
schedule. So on Wednesday I asked for a blessing after district
meeting. That was the most amazing blessing. I was told that legions
of angels surround me. Many family members. That The Lord wants me to
have a strong heart. That he has a lot for me to do. That I will have
the strength to wade through a furnace of afflictions.
Well I have never had anything like this before. Everything turned
around. I am no longer struggling so much that I can't work. The Lord
works in mysterious ways. You can't forget but The Lord provides.

This week has been busy and blessed. We have found several wonderful
people. We've lost a lot of people we are teaching but I think it's
better. We don't have time to waste. Life is way to short. We really
never know how long we have.

One of my favorite things from this week was we got to go on a run
with two young women in the ward and also one of their non member
friends! They want to do it every Saturday! I love it!

We met a guy who was talking with us and then takes the liberty to
pull out a real corn cob pipe. Um wow! I thought those only existed in
frosty the snowman! That's like legitly a thing! But nothing I think
anyone should do! Makes you sick just getting a wind waft! Yuck!

We've found a lady in the ward that we love to take with us to
appointments. She is hilarious! Says just the funniest things! Gotta
meet her! She's hilarious! Her name is Sister Baxter. And she always
tells us it's Baxter Baxter because she married someone with the same

We've been asking around for bikes and found a couple we are going to
get this week. But Sister Major turns to me and says "sister.... When
we get bikes... We're going to be peddlers!" Oh was I laughing! The
dreaded no solicitor signs and such that we never know if they apply
to us! Haha!

The Le Normands love us! They love it when I come play the violin for
them! I love any excuse to play!

Oh thanks for the package! I love the shirts and thanks so much for
the music! Mom I swear all my clothes match! I don't know what you are
talking about :) can't believe you can drive and run errands Aubrey!

We are starting a new class! Calling it the Member MTC! We've received
a lot of revelation for it this week. We are going to teach the ward
how to talk to their friends, what the gospel is in it's simplicity
(church meetings often try and go way to deep when it's simple) and
what the missionaries actually teach. Someone this week we were with
thought we still did the discussions... I'll keep you updated on this.

So this months surprise is my favorite hiding spot! It's in the drawer
in the kitchen where we keep all of the jar tops and cookie cutters.
Good luck getting it out! It's big just dig to the bottom.

How is having school out? It's crazy that summer has already started!
What are your plans? Or you can just take a picture of the calendar to
send me! Oh and Dad when are you coming to Portland? President Thomas
is totally up for meeting you for lunch or something else I can't

Sister Kaitlyn Beard
At our sleep over at the mission home!

Driving to the mission home.

Our district last district meeting (Wednesdays)

eating at a sandwich place after last district meeting:)

A little kitten! Laurie and Krislyn Hale have (they are lost members that we found!)

2 ice cream trucks at once! In our apartment parking lot! Awkward for them:)

Running on Saturday morning with Megan Waite (who is now in the MTC headed to Farmington New Mexico!), Alyna Hable, and their friend! So fun!

The river!

Lianne and Dysco Repreza! We teach her twice a week! She is really great. Pretty much believes what we do just doesn't know its found in this church yet!

Megan Waite! Sunday before she left! We will miss her coming out with us!

We heard that this house by the river had a carving of a bear chained to a tree because there use to be an actual bear chained there. So.. we tracted the house and asked for the story and well! It's true! Use to be a bear chained there a couple decades back. When the bear got too big it went to a tavern. Crazy!

Some place by the river!

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