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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week 20

Dearest Family,
Thanks Mom for the package. That picture is amazing. I can't even believe it! I love the letter you wrote! I can't believe how amazing the prayers of a mother can be!
So also on Tuesday we had three member present lessons lined up (which all fell through) but we were just hanging out with Sister Troyer getting ditched for all of our lessons. Well we went back to her house to get our car and she tells me I need to play violin for her before she leaves. Well then she tells me she has this crappy old violin from her mom. Well then she pulls it out and I check the maker and felt like I was wondering around in a dream! It said Stradivarius! I wandered out of that house in total shock and speechless! And upset that it is sitting in her closet! No violin should EVER sit in a closet! Well we went back on Thursday and she had been researching like crazy and it's not a real Stradivarius. It has the same tag as one but says "made in Czechoslovakia" so that means it was an attempted copy because Stradivarius never left Italy or something. But still! Don't let that sit in your closet! I told her to take it to Utah with her and take it to Scoggins and Scoggins for repair (it needs some repair). But when she gets back it should be ready to play! Can't wait!
When we visited Leland Beardslee we were having a really good lesson (from what I thought.) Testifying like crazy, etc. And then he looks up at me and says "Honey. Do you ever just zip up that bible and have some fun?" I didn't really know what to say! I was having the time of my life telling him about the gospel! :) But he was satisfied that we only are missionaries for 18 months. Whatever. It's always fun!
Well one day we had some spare moments, which is actually rare right now. We are always booked! We started walking to see this lady who was a referral ages ago but she is always busy. Well we ended up being a really far ways away! And as we were walking on Pittsburg road (a country 'busy road') we see this guy and so we go and start talking to him. He goes inside and we start talking to his friends who actually lived there. They told us how they had found this guy Steve out on a dirt road that they took just because they felt like they should (we're thinking 'oh yes! that's the spirit! This is golden!') well they traveled 7 miles on this road in the middle of no where and found Steve recked on his motorcycle. They took him to the hospital and took care of him. He calls them his guardian angels. Well pretty soon after that we found out that this was Brother and Sister Trommlitz... so yep. Golden Members! Ah well. But we talked to them Sister Major was talking go Brother Trommlitz and I was talking to Sister Trommlitz and Steve. I ended up giving Steve a Book of Mormon and Sister Trommlitz had the opportunity to bare her testimony. It was really cool. We never made it where we were going because of time but wow! Cool! On Sunday Sister Trommlitz told me she'd been thinking and wondering how to share the gospel with Steve then he comes and a couple minutes later there we are! When I hear that I know we must be doing something right! Those are really cool stories but it's not like we were led by amazing inspiration to be there. We just were. I don't know. Can't tell you how it works, it just does.
I love teaching the word of wisdom and the law of chastity! Favorite lessons! Well we taught them to Dale this week and at the end of the lesson he was like "You want me to throw away my tobacco?" And he threw it all away in the trash. When earlier he was no way stopping! I don't think he'll just be clean from now on but that is a huge step! Small steps lead up the staircase you know! Dale is a kick! He's just so funny! But he really likes us and is becoming a man of his word with us. He knows he can't run away! We will go out and find him!
We got to go to the temple on Saturday! It was REALLY hard to stay awake! We had to get up at 4:15! But it was so amazing! I just love the temple! I am so grateful that President Taylor has made it so that we can go. It was a little emotional when I was sitting in the celestial room. Last time I was there Sister Lierley was there. It's just crazy that life can change so fast. That we really never know.
We've started this new thing called the MMTC. The member missionary training class. It's cool to see how you really receive revelation for your area. This class has been SO inspired! In my last area ideas just flowed! Like the music fireside and such. Well I get here and I didn't have any intention to do it again even though in my heart I would love to!  But now you can really see that places need different things. This is really what is needed and boy is it perfect. It's going to be an 8 week class. Sundays at 7pm. For the next couple weeks except next week (fathers day). Yesterday we did our first class. We spent a lot of time role playing and practicing teaching the class so that the spirit could really be unrestrained. We taught using our own resources and curriculum from Preach My Gospel chapter 1. Talking about what and why we do missionary work. Near the end half of the class we did role plays. We did a demo role play then had everyone role play inviting someone to do something or go to something to increase their faith. After the role plays we started teaching again and I noticed the spirit was SO strong. It filled the room almost in a tangible sense! It was so strong! I sure hope people were paying attention to fill it! Sister Major and I are so amazed! I didn't know that role plays could bring the spirit so strong! We really had a lot of success. After the class we were planning to go contact more people but never got to leave the church till time to go home because we were asked tons of questions for advice of how to share in this one particular situation. We gave a couple Book of Mormons, Family Proclamations, and a stack of cards to the people who came to give to their friends. It was successful. A total change. We've been working hard to try and get people to catch the vision and share with their friends and they won't even say they have friends to share with! Now we have requests for material! It's amazing! This is going to be a great tool to transfer the vision. We've fought hard to get this started. And this is totally inspired! I wish you could come! It's really amazing! We had a good turn out of 25 people and hope to get more. Even if 1 person came it would have been worth it. We know this is something that God has inspired us to do and we are really feeling the presence of angels to guide us.
Sue Hansen came to church yesterday! She is a less active sister. We have been getting her to come help us out on Wednesdays when we do a Book of Mormon reading with some guys and need another lady with us. Through reading she has felt the need to come back to church. She said she was coming but it still doesn't prepare you for the joy you feel when you see her walk into the chapel and come right towards you "I told you I was going to come". So much joy!
Well anyway. Things are going great. We are SO grateful to be staying in St. Helens another transfer together! I love Sister Major! She's Brother Major's (in the ward) niece by the way! We are so glad to have longer together! We hope we can be companions for 9 months!
Keep praying for Sister Lierley's family and for all those who knew her.
I love you all so much! I hope that summer is going great! It's getting warm here more consistently! Might be summer! Who knows? I love you so much. Stay safe in all your activities and do a lot of good! Keep going to church early and reading scriptures and being wonderful people that you are! And take Sadie for a walk would you?
I love you. Like a lot.
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

The sisters in the district and the STLs.

The family we are getting 1 bike from has a dog that just had 11 puppies! 11! And they are way cute!

Brother and Sister Troyer are the best! Sister Troyer just dedicates herself to helping us! Except for the fact that she is headed to Utah for a whole month!

Checking for dreaded transfer letters!

The temple! 

We found Tree Beard Kelsey!!!!!!!!!!

The Member Missionary Training Class! MMTC.

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