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Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 21: Happy Fathers Day!

Dearest Family,

When Mom you told me you had prayed that we would find someone this week I immediately began looking for someone seeing as your prayers are always answered! Well we didn't have to wait long! Monday night our usual jam packed evening cancelled on us and we had a whole evening free! So we got the first chance to go tracting in ages. We went to this one side street at the start of the boonies. At the first house we went to we met this super nice lady and we got along like old friends! And all of a sudden an hour and a half has gone by ah! Well she may meet with us again... But we asked about her 3 neighbors. (Only 4 houses on this street). And one was a no another a yes and the third she said "if you were my kids I would say no... You'll probably get the door slammed in your face." Well we went to the yes house and she said no so we walked past the 3rd house where we had heard all these crazy things and decided to knock. The main draw was the fact that the automatic gate was cracked open. Well she is the nicest lady! She was really embarrassed because she was in her pajamas and so she asked us to come back Friday! And we did and it was an amazing lesson! Mom! You are amazing! Your prayers are always answered. Her name is Silvia by the way and she is AMAZING! 

Well lately all these people have been offering to give us free hair cuts but they always say it to me so... I took that as a hint! Well the sweet lady we have been teaching, Emma Jean, cut our hair on Tuesday. Just trims. But it was great. We tried to have a lesson while it went on and Sister Major told her favorite story from the Book of Mormon but Emma Jean didn't say anything so... we went back to just getting to know her. Ah well! 

Well we are teaching a lot of people! It's crazy! I think we noticed how many people we really are teaching on Sunday...
So first off... HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD! I love you so much! We dedicated a whole day to loving you this week! We borrowed a guitar from Marie Waite and I learned Teach Me to Walk in the Light. We also found Isaiah 2:5. We made a list of people that we are teaching or lonely men in the ward and we went and sang and did a short lesson with as many as we could! We hardly got to any of the people we are teaching and interacting with which made me realize... we know and work with a lot of people. Wow! It was really great! A couple people cried, a couple people made us feel really awkward and ya. But hey it was great. Just like we read in the scriptures there has to be opposition in all things! At one point I was kind of doubting if we should be dedicating a day to this and then I remembered how satan always tries to make you feel bad when you are doing something good. And it's true! I know it was a good thing because there were so many lonely people last night that were happy to see us! Not all but many! 
It was kind of funny. I haven't played guitar in a while and so at some peoples houses I kind of totally forgot the song but... it worked out:)

Sister Major and I ran a speed workout on Saturday! It was awesome! It feels great to be sore from working out! 

On Tuesday we met with our 97 year old friend Clarence Nickel. We don't get to teach him a lot. When we visit he talks and talks and talks. We have heard the same stories over and over again, yet we still go. Why? Because we found him. Because God doesn't do random. Because there are angels present that we feel every time we visit. We've been feeling like we need to record some of his stories. So this week we had him record our conversation with his tape recorder. It was funny because the presence of angels was very distinct! He started a long story before we had the tape recorder out and we could feel just a lot of stress and anxiety. As soon as the tape player was out it was way more relaxed! There were just a lot of emotions that you could feel. It sounds crazy but it is what it is. 

We've heard some haunting stories lately. And I've been thinking a lot about how you empathize and understand things without going through them. I think you can understand a lot by listening with your ears and with your heart. You can relate to emotions and moods even if you can't relate to experiences. You can never understand what it is like to see someone get killed or be raped but you can sure understand the there is a lot of emotion and hurt and pain involved in these experiences. And that there is always a wall as well. Having bad things or unpleasant things happen often builds a wall that has to be carefully monitored and deconstructed. It's crazy. Well anyway welcome to missionary attempted psychology 

Sister Major and I get along SO well. Sometimes in lessons it's like "okay fine I guess it's your turn to talk" because both of us will say the same thing anyway. It's crazy! From the beginning we always have got along so smoothly and it's been easy but the longer we are companions the more I notice how insanely similar we are! Same passions too! Both of us get excited about music and family history and such! We both are way up to creative ideas to help this area, etc.

Which! Speaking of! We are going to do a 4th of July Celebration on the 6th of July. Kind of like the fireside that they have at BYU but.... low scale you know. I am so stoked! We got it approved on Friday and we have been meeting with Sister Cottrell and are passing off the main stuff to her! Love it!

Hey Mom and Dad I have been thinking. Maybe we should move and start a farm! I think it would be the best! Don't be surprised if I want to farm when I am older! Sister Major grew up on a farm and there are a lot of farmers out here and... ya. 

Well everything is going really well! I am doing really good. I love Sister Major and I love St. Helens (except for the smoking habit everyone has). I am so grateful to be a missionary at this time! I hope you are all taking advantage of the fact that we live in an amazing era of the world. Where the Lord truly is hastening his work. Go to church and read your scriptures and say your prayers and PLEASE help the missionaries in Orem and where ever you are at! If there are missionaries then there is work for YOU to do. 

I love you all so much! I hope that summer is going well! And that you are having fun and working hard! 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard 

P.S. I forgot to tell you that today I had my first strawberry! Ya I thought I had had a strawberry before too! But we stopped and bought a box of fresh picked strawberries! Um.... They are amazing! Just melt in your mouth!

Roasting Marshmallows after giving a little lesson for the relief society activity this week.

Brother and Sister Quinn. They remind me so much of Grammie and Grandpa! 

Our favorite sweet Sister Whipple who tells us hilarious stories and gives us an interpretation of 'turn the other cheek' I don't think I will ever forget (maybe I will tell that another time:)

Sister Jensen! She goes on exchanges with us sometimes. And She sometimes reminds me a little of Sister Lawler from Oakhurst.

Eating lunch!

Us and Terry and Steve Coffey. (pronounced like coffee) we tracted into her a while back and she said "I was just thinking of calling you guys" she heard that the Mormons are good movers. So we have visited her a lot and this week we got a group to come and pack up the truck! she is moving to Bend? Oregon. And I told her I'd come visit sometime after I come home. Don't let me forget! 

Brother and Sister Fox let us pet their horses! They have 4. 

We had to make a strap out of hair ties! It worked great!

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