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1 Samuel 12:16

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 22

Dearest Family,

Oh this has been a great week! Well... weekend. To be honest I don't remember the beginning to well. Anyway... 

So this Tuesday we had exchanges again. I stayed in the area again with Sister Cox. Sister Major and I were kind of surprised because Sister Major just barely went to Astoria with Sister Clerico but... it's revelation so it's okay. Anyway we had a super busy day that day! Running around everywhere! The great thing was we helped Joann Ceja move and we actually got to interact with her husband who usually hides in the back room and only comes out to sneak ice cream while Joann is busy:) Well luckily they were only moving to another trailer in the same trailer park so we can still teach them. But oh they are such funny people! 

On exchanges as well we went to see Leland Beardslee and OH! He has changed! He read without being asked. He isn't questioning as much why we are so determined to 'make him mormon'. He is just learning now! What an amazing change! It was remarkable!

I drove the car for the first time since I have been out! That was scary! I was really nervous but hey... you don't forget how to drive as soon as I thought. Though I still don't know if I want to be in the car when Laurann first drives:) Luckily I won't be home. Haha

At Zone Meeting on Wednesday Brother Bell from the stake talked about how if we are obedient then God provides a way for us to have opportunities we are obediently trying to have. Then talking to President Waite at dinner on one night he told us of a guy who prayed and asked for a missionary experience that was REALLY obvious. Like REALLY obvious. Well he was at the store one day and this guy was reading a book and he was like "What are you reading" "Oh just this book about Jesus". So he's like okay whatever. Then the guy says "I really love Jesus! I can't learn enough!" Then again "Oh I just really love Jesus!" So this light bulb goes on and he's like 'oh this is it' So he starts talking to him. And time passes and he got baptized (ya we skipped the most exciting part I know- all the in between) BUT the moral of the story is that when we are willing to keep God's commandments and share the gospel and are praying and looking, God will give us opportunities because we are proving ourselves obedient. People will come out of the wood work. (story to come)

K so here is our story: On Sunday we were.... oh man I have to go in weekly order never mind.

Okay so Thursday we got bikes. Awesome! Sister Thomas dropped us off at the Van Dykes and then we got that bike all fixed up and tires pumped then we walked down the road around the neighborhoods to the other bike. Which Sister Reeder's daughter and son-in-law are letting us borrow. They aren't members or really religious. They had the bike all ready and fixed up waiting for us! They are wonderful! So we picked their strawberries for them and had them waiting for them. Yay!

Biking has added a whole new level to missionary work! Man! So the totem pole of the best transportation goes... walking is best, biking is great, cars are convenient. I love walking but this area is way too big. Bikes are seriously the best! I would definitely not go a whole mission without the experience it's priceless! Especially as a sister in a skirt:) we love it. 

We went to visit Silvia on Friday. We walk in and she says "can you help me with something?" "Ya of course!" missionaries! We LOVE to help! Well she goes to the fridge and pulls out this cake "I just can't eat it all" She pretty much put us in shock! We're all prepping to move the fridge or something and now we are getting to eat this cake! It was great.

We also helped her on Saturday to make a labyrinth. She showed us the pattern and that was overwhelming but luckily with ropes and sticks and string you can do some pretty good measuring and drawing. Then we moved rocks to the outline. She still has a pretty good pile to move though! Such a funny activity! Oh we love Silvia so much! We could go visit her every day if we could! She's amazing!

Don Warde is on date for July 5th! He finally told us a date and isn't going to surprise us which was really not an okay idea for us. We have to actually do things before a baptism! And Paulette Coleman is on date for July 19th! she's met with missionaries for 4 years and is finally going to go with the commitment. We are excited!

Ah so much has happened!

So Saturday night we went to teach Dale ... well he wasn't home SURPRISE. Well we had a sister in the ward with us and we were just kind of standing there not doing anything. Which now looking back I have no idea what we were doing or thinking! Actually I don't think I was thinking. But well after standing there for a minute or so Dale drives up. I feel like we are really watched over. The angels were probably just holding us there saying 'hold up honey, he's on the road'. This keeps happening! We go to see someone, they aren't there, we wait around in the area long enough and they show up! Which is good because Dale lives in Deer Island which is far away! But it's for other people too! 

So on Sunday (here's the miracle story!) We went to see Laurie and Krislyn. They weren't home so we had another hang out in the area moment well right when we were nearing the end of talking to people in the area Laurie and Krislyn drive up. We visit with them and Laurie tells us a guy just moved into the RV spot across the parking lot and is looking for a church. Well we walk out of their house and their neighbor who we don't usually talk with tells us that there is this guy across the street in the RV spot who is looking for a church. Then she sees him and yells at him and calls him over. OH WOW! We are really excited. After talking with him we found he is catholic but will go to any church that worships Jesus and will let his wife participate too. He's way interested in the Book of Mormon! We are really excited about this! People just come out of the wood work.

So. Here's the thing. Sister Major and I have been praying since we got here that we would have 6 baptisms before we left the area. We don't have a ton people who are progressing at that level and we don't have a lot of time to tract or find. But people are just popping up! The Lord really does provide miracles when we diligent. We keep getting these situations and then walking away like 'la la la la la what is going on! ? This is crazy!' God really is amazing!

So we had our second MMTC (Member missionary training class). We talked about the chapter 3 lesson 1 The Restoration in Preach My Gospel. We taught and role played. And the last role play we had everyone practice giving out a Book of Mormon to their friend. We had a box of Book of Mormons (which is a miracle in itself. How often do you get a whole box to yourself when the supply orders come in?! Like never!). Well we had everyone take one and practice and then told them to give it out this week. We told them a little about the miracles we have been having and that when we really pray and have faith God provides. We told them to take it with them everywhere. We are really excited! One of the funny things is the Cluff family was there. We just this week talked with their neighbor (who they referred us too) and gave her the first lesson but left out the Book of Mormon completely. Which... I've never done and couldn't have explained why we did it. Well They all came and now they have a Book of Mormon and can give one to Alice. We told them to do it before our lesson on Thursday. Isn't that amazing? This is God's work not mine! 

Well you can all join me and study the second lesson in Preach My Gospel as we prepare for our next class this Sunday. Then after that on the July 6th we are having a patriotic fireside! I am stoked! Can't even tell you! 

Well I love you all so much! Miracles are happening! Can I just say I love Sister Major? She is an angel! We work awesome together! She's like a real sister! I've adopted her just so you know. She's family:) We really love working together. Even when we are frustrated with certain things we just try and get over it and focus on how much that we can do. Because we are getting a lot of opportunities to do so much here! The Lord is providing a lot of miracles! I just keep thinking 'we must be doing something right!' Even though we're tired, imperfect, make mistakes, forget things, sometimes want to be lazy, not always able to do everything we need to. We are seeing a lot of miracles. I love this work! And I don't have to be alone in these miracles. These miracles are open to EVERYONE who participates in being a missionary in any way. Try and always be a missionary and pray for opportunities. 

I love you all so much! Be safe in all your travels! Have a wonderful farewell talk Grammie and Grandpa!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

We helped Silvia draw and start laying rocks in her labyrinth. She is the best!

Here's us with Silvia! She is the wonderful lady we found after all your prayers Mom!

This is us with Sister Archer and her kids. Sister Archer is from Sister Majors last area and she came for a visit and to take us to lunch!

Sister Major was really having quite an unhappy moment Sunday night with ipad problems! Oh do we love ipad problems! So we thought we'd photograph it and laugh later:)

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