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1 Samuel 12:16

Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 23: Happy Birthday Washington Vancouver Mission!!!!!

Dearest Family,

Sorry I am writing late! We had a mission birthday party and all met
in Vancouver at a park! It was super awesome! I love this mission! And
it was fun, one of the girls from my BYU ward came in this last
transfer! And she said another boy is coming from the ward next
transfer! I love it! Anyway I will say more about the mission later.

This week has followed the typical roller coaster pattern! Hitting a
pretty bad low but now we are on the up side again so that's the good

First thanks Grandma for the CDs! We've listened to almost all of them
already! We love it! We didn't have any of them so thank you so much!

This Thursday we had interviews with President Taylor. Oh he is
wonderful! The bonus of being in a very spread out zone is we got to
stay a little longer since we carpooled there. So we got to hang out
with Sister Taylor for a while! She is great! I asked President a
couple questions. One that I've really found useful is I asked him
about people who have addictions and then die with their addictions.
Clearly they can't keep going with them when their body is gone but
does that take away the ability to choose if you have to get over it?
He told me that those who satisfy their physical appetites in this
life are going to have a really hard transition to being without a
body. Those who try and live spiritually will still have to adjust but
it will be easier. It made me start to think that the choice will
still be that you have to look to God to find help from addictions
EVEN when you can't satisfy them. Anyway I've been thinking about this
a lot because a lot of this town is full of people with drug fried
brains. It's hard for us to know how accountable people really are for
even hearing our message. A lot of the people in this stage that we've
been teaching have been dropping us and we don't have any desire to
even talk to the people we can tell are in the same situation. So a
lot of my questions were concerning this. President Taylor told me
that we are here to find those who are ready. Not teach everyone.

Here's a little tangent... Sister Major and I have been reading Jesus
the Christ during personal study then discussing it during companion
study. Something we came across this week really stood out. Not
everyone who chose to come to earth actually fought against satan and
for Christ. Some were less involved. We've been thinking how not
everyone really came with the same conviction that Gods plan is
important. Not everyone understood. Some people get it while they are
here. Others need longer. This is a whole big plan of progression and
some people mature with their understanding at different points. But
at some point we will all end up standing before the judgement bar of
God. So at some point everyone has to have the opportunity to learn
and understand according to their abilities.

Anyway. We taught Silvia the word of wisdom. Which wasn't the plan...
But whatever. She is funny. She read out of 1st Nephi and Mormon.
Thinking Mormon was the main book from the Book of Mormon. So that
brought a lot of questions and it took us a while trying to explain
the general layout of the Book of Mormon. Hopefully she got it. But we
taught her word of wisdom and she told us that she's going to have a
long talk with God and tell him he needs to tell the prophet that wine
is okay :) she's a goof. But then Sister Major was joking with her and
(this is later after she fed us lunch) and said that ice cream helps
headaches (okay this wasn't a joke, Sister Major says it's true.) but
Silvia said "green tea ice cream?" We thought she was joking but....
That's all she has! Haha!

We love biking! I don't know if you've experienced a mission fully
unless you get that chance! It's the best!

One day this week Sister Major and I were tired of our usual lunch so
we looked in the cupboards with all the food the Elders left. We ended
up making homemade chips and hummus! Sister Major was making the chips
and asked me if they looked right. I told her I had no idea I'd never
made chips I just knew someone who had. :) but it turned out. We
started making hummus then realized we only had garbanzo beans and
nothing else! So we just added some orange zest... It was pretty good.

So this week has been pretty discouraging. I don't know if 5 months is
just a discouraging time or what. Sister Major said it is so I just
think I'm going through the typical missionary phases.

Part of the discouragement is just getting really discouraged with the
ward. But I'm trying to overcome that and learn Christ like patience. 
Yesterday before church I started reading about patience in preach my
gospel. I love how it says that it is not getting angry or frustrated
in trouble, opposition, etc. That is so hard! I want to work on it.

Don is preparing to be baptized. He is suppose to be baptized on
Saturday but of course there is opposition in all things. No one in
the bishopbric is going to be able to come. That's really frustrating.
And the ward mission leader won't be there either. We are trying to
figure this out. We have to do all the planning and preparing and
scheduling and everything! They only have to be there and they can't!
Ug! It's weird to me that we are in charge of everything when in
Oakhurst, they did it all. They took baptisms under their wing. They
took missionary activities under their wing. Here we have to spend so
much time doing it all and trying our best to figure out who is
suppose to do it but it ends up being us. Ah well. We are learning a
lot. And I am really grateful for Sister Major. She's an angel.

We did another MMTC (Member Missionary Training Class). We went over
lesson 2: the Plan of Salvation and how it answers questions. We had
only about 10 people. But it was really exciting we had 3 people
report that they have been talking with family and friends and shared
a Book of Mormon which was the challenge from last time! It is super
neat! Even though the numbers are dwindling we've read in Doctrine and
Covenants that even if we labor all our days for the salvation of one
soul then how great will be our joy with them in the kingdom of
heaven. I believe it. One exciting new thing is that while we have
been here we have been working with a sister Pam Howe who told up us
that one of her neighbors is an inactive member. Her name is Sue.
We've been working with her for a while. She started coming
with us to read with the Warde family because we need a sister with us
when  we are meeting with men. Well then she started coming to church
and comes every week no matter what! And she has started coming to
other lessons and sometimes sharing things that are not at all true...
so that's an adventure! But we gave her a Preach My Gospel and she has
been reading it like crazy! And she got her husband (who is anti
religion) to listen to the things she's learning so she makes sure she
understands! And she came to the MMTC and is sharing her beliefs like
crazy! Though she sometimes tells false things so it's a good thing
she reports back in detail and the isn't afraid to go and retell
someone. She is amazing! I am so grateful to see people change. There
isn't anything more glorious than seeing someone become a more humble
and caring person by coming to God. We may have to walk by faith
rather than sight and we may not ever KNOW while we are here, but we
can sure see that the fruits are good and that a belief in God changes
people for the better. And a belief in God through the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter-day Saints has a more powerful affect on a person to
become great than anything else.

This weeks sacrament meeting was amazing. We heard from the Weitzel
family. And when Chad the 22 year old son spoke there wasn't a dry eye
in the congregation. He spoke of his drug and alcohol addictions and
when he was in the lowest of low and had no more desire to live, but
he, like Alma, seized upon the thought of the teachings of his father
about Jesus Christ. He has recently received the Priesthood. He is
preparing for a mission. He bore a simple sincere testimony. Can I
just say. This is true. THIS: the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the REALITY
of God and Jesus Christ! There is no other way. Oh how glorious.

So I've been thinking. A lot of people we talk to say "oh I've been
saved on July such and such." It's like being saved is some event.
Some one time show. They've done it. Check. Over. Excuse me? Are you
thinking straight? Obviously there is a big misunderstanding for who
we are, what Jesus Christ really has done for us. In our study if
Jesus The Christ we read how because of Jesus Christs suffering in
Gethsemane, death on the cross, and resurrection we will 1. All rise
from the dead 2. All be brought back to Gods presence to be judged.
And in that way it is called salvation. We are brought back to his
presence. But people don't understand that that doesn't mean we get to
stay there. 3. Exaltation is a possibility if we repent. That's the
key most people miss. (Exaltation is living forever WITH GOD AND OUR
FAMILIES) There is so much more available and possible if we live
uprightly before God and always turn to him and keep his commandments.
It's so important! I wish people understood.

Random fact: It's crazy! There are a bunch of just neighborhoods in
some of the rivers! Apparently they don't have to pay property tax.

Well today is the official mission birthday! (Which I already said but
wrote this on the drive to the party and now I am proof reading:) 1
Year Old! So fun! We are all meeting in Vancouver for a party today!
I'm super excited to see everyone! I love being a small geographic
mission because this party is even possible! President and Sister
Taylor have been busy and this mission has been through a lot in its
first year. And just recently with Sister Parrish and Sister Lierley.
There's been a lot of sadness. With iPads and Facebook. There's been a
lot of responsibility and pain for President Taylor. The mission had
visits from President Holland And Elder Corbridge early on before I
came. Their wisdom and counsel is frequently talked of and has become
a huge part of this mission. President Taylor's allowance of
instruments has led to a musical and talented group of missionaries.
Presidents wisdoms and trust has taught us a lot. We are learning to
trust and be trusted. This mission is heavily influenced by its
wonderful leaders. As a missionary I feel inspiration flow freely and
the back up of President Taylor who will do anything to help us in our
search for inspiration and our road back to God. The leaders of this
mission have sacrificed a lot for it to be this way. The leaders of
the church have provided great opportunities for us. There is work to
do here. There are things to learn. There are wonderful people here.
This is a great mission. I'm glad to be here. It's a great blessing.
I'm glad The Lord knows what I need more than just granting my surface
desires. He knows what he's doing and is teaching me to trust him.
Those who come to this mission are lucky! This is a great place to be
and a great time to be here!

Sounds like your farewells went great Grammies and Grandpa! I love you!
Congrats Maddie! Getting baptized is an important decision! Make sure
you write in your journal about it!
I love you all so much! Be safe and have a great week with great
summer weather! (Hopefully good weather!)

Love Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Ps. The sky is clear today finally! From where I'm at I can see Mt
Hood, Mt Adams, Mt St Helens, And Mt Rainier! So cool!

Washing the car!

Eating Rasberries at the Thomas's (who went to Hawaii again this week!)

Matching at interviews wops!

eating as a district again

St Helens bench

Sunset Heights neighborhood! that's our stake!

The crazy cat! He's got such a funny face!

Us with Brother Hamblin


Companion Tree hugging! 

My favorite picture of Pres Thomas photo bombing! With sister Boatright 

Me and Sis Sonderegger!

We miss Sister Johnson! (who doesn't like her new walking area! i'm jealous!)

A sister who is new who was in my fall BYU ward! Super cool!


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