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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 25: Joining the Ranks of the Falsely Accused

Dearest Family,
Wow are you ready for this week?
So P-day last week we had a great day playing tennis with the Elders. Dad you should be glad to know that two things I have learned to love are bike riding and tennis. So when I get home I will do those any time with you!
We got a blessing on Tuesday from the Elders. Sister Major and I were really impressed with the Elders. They dropped everything to give us a blessing. To them, their priesthood responsibilities are more important than ANYTHING else. We are so grateful and we really admire that.
We have been teaching the Ceja family (yes, eyebrow in Spanish) At first it was just JoAnn and then when we helped them move Alberto started sitting in. And then Eddie tracked us down to ask to talk to us! We are really excited about being able to teach them and see them start progressing. Although JoAnn said this week she would be at church even if she had to tie Alberto to the truck and drag him there... well they say that every week and they still didn't come. Well whatever. We'll try this again.
I played in church this week! Played Come Come Ye Saints. There was an ensemble group who sang with me and Sister Sumsion played piano. It was fun. By the way Sister Nielsen played the violin and researched how to help me and so after playing in church I spent some time during lunch icing my violin (which I had never thought of) and now it's all fixed and everything is good! So yay!
We have a new family we are teaching. They moved into a house owned by someone in the ward. We helped them move out then last week had the thought to go visit the new owners. Best idea ever! They are super looking to learn about religion. Their 6 year old daughter asks them a bagillion questions about religion that has sent them searching. They call her their angel. When we are there we feel SUPER excited! I think it's us and maybe some angels we are feeling there as well. But ya I will keep you updated.
Well so here's a interesting thing to note. We went tracting on Wednesday morning. (not unusual. Just remember that).
So Thursday morning we got a call from the District Leader that someone was accusing the sister missionaries of the robberies in town because they were being more pushy than past missionaries. Well we didn't know if that was us or the 1st ward. So we went about our day thinking that was super dumb. We went and helped the 1st ward sisters help this guy clean his HUGE pond! (that made me sore for several days). Well when we were finishing up lunch before going out tracting again we got a call from the District Leader that it was us and he named the street we had tracted the day earlier. Well that threw us off. We didn't know really what was going on. If the police were saying that or if it was just someone etc. We spent some time thinking about it and decided the worst thing that could happen was being thrust into prison and there's been plenty of missionaries and apostles who have been thrust into prison so that's not so bad.
We kept going about our day and then at night we got a call again. Things were just escalating! The District Leaders told us not to tract for the next while. So we were like okay what are we suppose to do all day? Well we called President Taylor and he said it's fine to tract and so ya this isn't as bad as we thought.
Anyway when we actually found the primary source it is just silly. It's some post on facebook on a page called "concerned citizens of Columbia county" oh dear! Concerned citizens! My goodness! Well anyway the post wasn't accusing at all. Just said we were the only unusual thing in the neighborhood at the time. Well everyone reading and commenting kind of took that on a hay day and so that's where we are getting some influenced public  opinion.
We thought we were through with all this but yesterday we heard it's all over that we are imposters. Well.... I guess we are not through with this after all. Well anyway we are safe to say that we have joined the ranks of the falsely accused. And let me tell you. It's something that is a very unique experience. But I don't have time to write all of the details.
The MMTC is still going well. Last night we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In lesson 3 in Preach My Gospel.
Sister Major and I have been studying Jesus the Christ and I really recommend that you all read chapter 11 this week. It talks about how Jesus invited people to "come and see". It talks about miracles and how people sometimes take miracles for granted because science can explain them. But that doesn't mean anything! Miracles are still miracles whether they are explainable by science or not!
Well I love you all so much! We are teaching a lot and have a lot more people willing to help us than at first! It's great! And we are having some nice warm weather too! It's suppose to be in the 90s-100s this week! Well we will try and stay out of trouble this week though it seems pretty hard to avoid falsely accused trouble! Ah well! I love you! Glad you had so much fun at the cabin. I love the cabin! And I love you! You are the greatest family ever. I was just thinking how you are so wonderful and I am so glad that you are ALL my family. I love family! It's the best! and it can last forever! I love you so much!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

thanks for your package Aubrey!

Cute Sister Filippazzo! Actually she is Sister Danks now.

This is Grandma Ferrill. That's what she told us her name was when we first met her and so it has stuck!

I don't know if you can tell how dirty we are but this is after cleaning that pond!

Here's a picture of the pond and the Sister Morrill and Lammi in the pond.

Sister Major as a biker!

Me as a biker:)

Haha! Us as bikers.

Some of the Portland to Coast bikers from the HuGE race this weekend! And it was SUPER hot!

We made dinner for Sister Baxter Saturday! We didn't have dinner and figured she probably didn't either and she does so much for us!

Icing my violin! It felt like it was my baby:)

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