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Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 27

Dearest Family!

We've had a really good week this week for the most part. 

This is probably one of my favorite stories from my experiences so far. So we do weekly planning on Friday and plan the outline of our lessons and what we want to leave as a commitment. Well we were planning for the Church family (who moved into the Miles house who were members of the church. They have a daughter who is really asking a lot of questions and inspiring them to look into religion). Well we felt inspired to have them do family home evening. Which is a commitment that is listed to give those we teach but not the usual 2nd lesson commitment. Well we had a great lesson talking about God's plan for us and why we are here and where we are going and how families can be eternal. Todd really was intrigued about us saying there is a marriage available for 'time and all eternity'. Well at the end of the lesson I told them we wanted them to do a Family Home Evening. I started explaining it. That it is a time (usually Monday nights) where your family should spend time together. Where you should do some scriptural study or a lesson and then have fun together as a family. Well Lindsay said "Were you just here 2 days ago?" They goes to explain how they just decided they were going to have a day that was family day and they'd come to the conclusion that Monday evenings were a good time. We were kind of all sitting there mouth gaping open. I am amazed. The fact that we were inspired to invite them to do EXACTLY what they were already thinking is to me a witness that God wanted them to know that it was a good idea and something that he's suggested. 

When we are with the Church family there is a spirit there. I know this sounds crazy. But I am sure that it is their ancestors as angels. There is a spirit of excitement when we are there that is always there when we are and unique to their home. I am amazed that you can feel the presence of hard working angels who are wanting their descendants to find the truth and are preparing them for us! 

One of the days this week we decided to ride our bikes. Well when the day finally arrived it was POURING rain. Well Sister Major true to her work biked without complaining! Well we were soaked! We had to ride to the Thomas's to get a bike pump and they were not very happy that we were stupid enough to be biking:) and they gave us ponchos. Well I had a lot of fun tracting that day! Memories! And hey it some people were nicer to us because we were soaking wet. 

We were teaching the Scott family this week and we were talking about Joseph Smith and WOW! They've heard some SUPER bizarre things that are totally not true! That's another time where I was like mouth open gaping at them. More because of how absurd what they were saying was! Anyway. We were telling them about when Joseph Smith prays to know which church is true and God the Father and Jesus Christ appear to him. Kim interrupts us with an adamant 'no!' We stop 'god doesn't have a body'. Wow. That's never happened before. Despite how many churches claim to believe things like that people don't usually believe how their church says. (one reason why people go to all sorts of churches and not attach themselves to one). Well she really doesn't believe that and really doesn't want to even contemplate it. I think that is so weird! It doesn't demote God in any way that he has a body. It glorifies him even more. Bodies are essential to our growth. Why would we be here if they weren't? With our bodies we can feel the greatest joy and also the greatest pain and heartache. But God's goal is having the most happiness and so we NEED a body to feel the MOST happiness! Anyway... ya. We will love keeping working with the Scotts though! They are great and have AMAZING stories. And they make us lunch:) Kim only makes mac and cheese and bologna sandwiches so that's what they make for us! 

We visited the Markus's this week and they said they'd been really worried about us since it's been forever since they've seen us. Well we checked our teaching record and it had been 61 days! Wow! Where has the time gone! We felt bad about that!

Well on Saturday we went out tracting in Deer Island for the day. It's kind of a scary place to tract. It's the boonies and there's tons of 'no trespassing' signs. Everyone has mean dogs, etc. Well I guess it's because you are your own law enforcement out there. So that makes sense. Well we walked up this driveway and it was half a mile long and we get to this house and the lady answers and says 'this is a private driveway'. And so she wouldn't listen to us. So we walked back that way singing Pocahontas colors of the wind that starts "you think you own whatever land you land on". And the road isn't even labeled private. Ah well. We did find a couple super great people that we got to talk to. One lady said she chase the Jehovah's Witnesses after they ran away from her house. She's going to be a lot of fun! We met some really great people too so that was awesome! 

I'm not as scared of dogs anymore! I guess you probably didn't know I was... but since that dog bite I was kind of scared. But now I am bucking up more and sacrificing myself since Sister Major also has a fear! We're really similar. It's good for us! Sometimes I still hide behind her but... I'm working on it. 

We got a call this morning from Pam Howe and she got a calling yesterday as a ward missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are super stoked! And she is super excited too!

When we first came into this area we were having a hard time working with some of the people in the ward. But somehow they have started trusting us lately and now it is just going awesome! I am just super excited! 

Our participants in the MMTC are waning... But they are still going really well. We went over Lesson 5 last night and had some great discussion on the laws and ordinances in Christ's gospel.

Yesterday we were out with Tiffany Naillon who just got home from her mission. And we went to visit Dina. She made us want to cry! She's totally taken a turn against us. She said she doesn't appreciate us rattling her doornob when we come by and no one answers. We have no idea what she is talking about! Accusing us of trying to rob her or something. I don't know. I know she is going through some stuff now and we just want her to turn to God and not to addictions. It makes me really sad. 

Yesterday at church Tiffany Naillon gave a powerful homecoming talk. It was about conversion. Being truly converted. A part of the kingdom of God and not just visiting. We were sitting by our friend Launi and he started bawling during her talk. We didn't know what was going on! And we couldn't exactly do anything for him. But he told us after that her talk really got to him. Launi is really a good guy. We are enjoying talking with him. 

We are really loving the work here and the area here. The ward members are beginning to really be family to us.. which can be bad because it's hard to get out of dinner in an hour. But it is really amazing. WE are really excited about how things are going. We will keep working hard. And no matter what happens, we will continue to grow ourselves. Sister Major and I are learning more and more every day that the most important thing is to trust in God. That the covenants we have made with God and the heritage of covenants we are a part of are great. I love the fact that missionary work is something that is for me as well as those I am working with. President Holland told our mission that the only convert you can guarantee is yourself. Well I sure love watching myself change!

This work is all about changing. God is all about changing too. People who are complacent are in danger of the adversary. God's work is a busy and industrious work. We should always be doing. The work of the Lord is going forward and I want to be a part of it forever. I am learning (it is a learning process) to love being always at work. It's not the normal thing these days. But it is the best and only way to find true happiness. To be engaged in the work of the Lord. And I can tell you that there is no greater joy than is found in the work of the Lord! 

I love you all! You are all so wonderful! Keep working hard! And having amazing missionary experiences! Mom I am so proud of you all for that! 

Oh and Dad I saw the new missionary list at the Thomas's and so I know what Elder Price looks like! He is the one who we visited after the Messiah right? That is SUPER awesome! Well! This is the best mission in the world so I'm glad everyone seems to be coming here! 

I love you! Be safe this week and know that I love you and pray for you every day.

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Us with Launi... kind of a blurry picture.

Us wet after biking to the Thomas's

Poncho decked out! 

We found a frog! And of course we caught it!

Smelling the pretty flowers (oh! which reminds me that was after a long driveway to a house where we met a guy who is an underwater welder in Australia! You meet the coolest people!)

Emily Ferrin had us over for dinner and left us cute sticky notes on the door for when we got there! 

With the Markus's! We love them! They can't come to church for health issues. 
Sister Filippazzo didn't plant this lily but it grew and on a really hard day for her! Tender mercys of the Lord are real.

Eating wild blackberries as we are out tracting! They are EVERYWHERE! 

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