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Sister Kaitlyn Beard "Now therefore stand
Washington Vancouver Mission and see this great thing,
2223 Northwest 99th St which the Lord will do
Vancouver WA 98665 before your eyes."
1 Samuel 12:16

Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 31

Dearest Family,

This week has been pretty much a roller coaster.

Tuesday we got to go visit the Church's. Ah! I miss them already! We
had kind of a funny lesson. We talked about the word of wisdom and
then Lindsay had a lot of questions and comments on other things. She
REALLY wants to come to church! She really wants to be at church. So I
kind of said "so Todd..... Since you're kind of the one who doesn't
want to go to church..." We all kind of laughed. And then we talked
about it. :) Ive discovered that I'm not super good at beating around
the bush. Anyway we had a pretty bold lesson. They are so wonderful!
They gave me a picture frame to put the picture of us and their family
in and also a card that said their classic line "you are always
welcome" when I read that that night I teared up!

We had a lot planned for Tuesday but as the day was progressing we
were late and missing a lot of our lessons and it just didn't feel
right. So we went to St Helens and said decided to just say goodbye to

So my new companions are Sister Peterson and Sister Depew. Sister
Depew came out with me and Sister Peterson came out the transfer
before. Happy Valley is a super rich area! It reminds me of Bountiful.
There is a mountain (not as big as in Utah) and then just rich
neighborhoods. We also have a section of Portland which has most of
our investigators and is more of a poorer area. And also a section of
Milwaukee. Our area borders the mission so Sister Peterson and Sister
Depew keep warning me where the mission boundaries are! We have a very
strange area shape that is kind of confusing but hey! It's been what?
A couple days? We live in a REALLY nice apartment complex with the
Portland Hermanas! Hermana Porter and Hermana Stidham!

It was really rough the first couple days. Adjusting to a new area and
new companions. Getting use to the idea that this is now the city and
so we really don't teach that much. But I am getting use to the area
relatively fast and thinking of ideas of how to help this area get
organized super fast. And start getting more people to teach! So it
should be good.

Thursday night the zone leader Elder Tateoli called me to ask if
Brother Heitz had died in St. Helens. I had no idea! And I was really
upset. Friday President Thomas called me to tell me Evelyn Herendeen
wanted me to be here when she went through the temple Saturday! And I
asked him. He said Brother Heitz had died. When I asked how he said "I
don't want to tell you... He took his life." Needless to say that has
been really upsetting to me. I don't really want to write more because
it's not really mine to share... But I'm sure the town has been hit

St. Helens, I have loved there more than I have ever loved before.
I've also hurt there more than I ever have before. There is a lot of
deep feelings in that small town and in that ward. Lots of love and a
lot of hurt.

I've been thinking all week that if I could just go to the temple I
would feel so much better. Well the prayer in my heart was heard!
Evelyn invited me to go through the temple with her! We struggled
really hard with a days notice to get a ride! We called the whole
ward! We were finally able to get one family to take us and another to
pick us up. It was such a miracle! The good Lord does provide miracles
when we need them. It was amazing to go through the temple with
Evelyn! Sitting there looking around at the Waites, Olsens, and
Herendeens I was just thinking how grateful I am that I pulled through
and came on a mission. I wouldn't have met any of these people! I'm
grateful that I accepted my call. I'm grateful I accepted my first
emergency transfer. I have faith that I will love this new area with
this second emergency transfer. I trust The Lord more and more every
day. He continues to provide more and more for me every day!

It was so good to see Sister Major again! It feels like it has been
ages! She is an angel! It's an adjustment for both of us, but we both
have faith in The Lord and will go where The Lord and President Taylor
need us to go. We are grateful for the time we had together!

I'm excited for the work here. I love being a missionary. I love you
all so much family! I am glad that the start of school went well! Mom
I am glad you got to see Rosalie! Oh I do love her!

Sorry this is short. New companions means new p-day ritual. So... We
email on our iPads and I am kind of slow! I bought a keyboard but it
won't connect so uh... I don't know. Anyway. I'll work it out. I love
you! I still get to run yay! We run at the park! They don't want to
get bikes since we love on a mountain unfortunately. But ya.

I love you so much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Brother Child from Ogden! He was visiting his son in Happy Valley. He
knows Grandpa Beard from his California mission! And funny thing! He
served a mission in the Salt Lake City family history center too!

Us at the temple!

Us finding out about being emergency transferred with President and
Sister Taylor!

Zone conference. Us and Longview zone.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 30: The end of the Major Beard epidemic:(

Dearest Family,

Well from the subject you might be able to guess what is happening! 

First to start off with last week at p-day Sister Major tried to teach me to crack a bull whip! I think I managed to do it once! President Thomas whipped himself second try and stopped there:) Sister Thomas was a pro. It was a super fun adventure. 

So on Tuesday we went to zone conference in Rainier. We sang in zone conference and it went well! President Taylor told us he had no idea I could sing... surprise!:) Well unfortunately that wasn't the last time that day President Taylor came to talk to the both of us during a break. The second time he came to us he told us that there was going to be an emergency transfer that was going to affect us. There are 3 new ASL sisters coming in on Wednesday and they will all be trained English first. Then the only current ASL sister is going to be trained English as well. And President said that Sister Major kept coming to his mind. So Sister Fifield will be going to St. Helens and I will be kicked out! Just kidding! I am being called to Portland Happy Valley 1st ward. I will be in a trio for the next two weeks with Sister Peterson and Sister Depew. We are sad. But we are mostly grateful. We were sure 2 transfers was all we would get together, but the Lord was merciful and let us stay for 2.5! And oh are we so grateful! 

I'm kind of liking the whole week in advance notice for this emergency transfer! I'm actually getting to say good-bye and realize everyone is going to live without me. 

Well this week has been a CRAZY busy week! We have just been on the go all the time! We've had to drop a couple appointments and all sorts of things! We've also had some interesting experiences this week. 

So this week I was leaving and also playing in church! So we told everyone that this was the last opportunity to hear me play in church. It ended up great! Yesterday Paulette came to church! She has been meeting with missionaries for 4 years. It's been 2 since she has been to church. She has really been struggling after church yesterday she said she loved it. She forgot how good church feels! She wants to go again next week! Also the Ceja's came to church! JoAnn and Alberto! When I saw them in the hall I almost dropped over! We have been trying to get them to church for AGES!  And here they come! With their new teeth and all:) Seriously I thought they were closer to coming to church after this weeks lessons but not that close! AWESOME!  Then we also saw Bob Webb! He's a late sleeper and so we didn't expect to see him either! Wow! Talk about an awesome last church day in St. Helens! 

Sacrament meeting talks ended early so they asked me to bare my testimony. After sacrament all these people were coming up and hugging me and many were crying! It was like my farewell all over again except I was worried about how I was suppose to escape and get JoAnn, Alberto, Paulette, and Bob to class! But this is the first time the ward has had sister missionaries in ages. And the first time they've had a sister missionary transfer in ages! And the sisters have become pretty attached to us. 

Anyway. We had a lesson with the Scotts. Kim doesn't believe anything we say it seems. It seems that we have to just listen to her arguments and then just be blunt and say how it is. Like 'No. Your catholic baptism won't do you any good. God works in order. There has to be authority.' Then she mulls it over (hopefully. right?) and we mull it over for the week and come back with more answers and more questions. I think it's going to take time. She just has to know exactly, and then over time as she realizes how God really works and all the things that are really a part of his message she will see. I do believe that she will. 

Diane Whipple is reading the Book of Mormon all the way through! We are super excited for her to feel the spirit of the Book of Mormon. 

We met with Silvia on Friday. I told her at the beginning I was being transferred but she didn't get it. So I had to tell her at the end as well. She was in a bad mood when we got there and so we took turns playing and singing a song for her on her guitar. Then she did one too. Then we had a great lesson! She told us when she decides something then she will go in with her whole heart. She doesn't believe it all yet. We told her we don't expect her to. We had a great talk and I know that she will continue to look for answers and someday she will find this is true. Because God's truth is ALWAYS found by those who are earnest seekers. 

We met with another lady named Vickey. We've been trying to talk with her for the whole time we've been here. But she has a really rude neighbor who always shoos us away. Well we got in with her this week and helped her set up herfamilysearch.org account. She wants to re go over the lessons with us. She told us she loves the spirit in the temple atrium. And oh! We want to help her get there! 

I told the Church's I am leaving on Saturday. They are sad and I am really sad too! They are people like Silvia. They want to know this is true and when they find it is true they will go with a full heart. It hurts my heart to see Lindsay who is LONGING to go to church and thirsty for a community with believers of God and not be able to go because Todd hasn't decided as well. They want this to be together. I know that they will find this. I have full confidence in them and in Silvia. I have never felt such a connection with people like I have with them! I know that God loves them and that He wants them to find the truth. 

All these people want Sister Major and I to go on bike rides with them! ....uh.... Silvia wants to take us on a 40 mile bike ride. (not in good enough shape! Holy cow!) and then Sister Reeders son-in-law and daughter want to take us on a bike ride that's probably similar length. They are awesome! They don't have a religious belief but love us for visiting their Mom and always want us to come over to have dinner and take us out to dinner and go on a bike ride (one of the bikes we have-the one I ride-is actually from them) Anyway Sister Major and I are planning a trip for a years time with our bikes and her truck and coming back to do all these bike rides! 

Yesterday we went to visit Sister Tanner in the ward. We don't know why they don't come to church anymore. But Sister Tanner plays the fiddle and WAY good! We had her play for us and then we each played a little for her. Then she taught us some impromptu technique. I think it's called caging. No idea how it is spelled. But ya it was awesome! She has a really good violin that has a really rich tone! I loved playing on it! 

Last night we had scheduled to see the Coons. Well turns out they texted half the ward and invited them over for 'ice cream and a lesson with the missionaries' So THATs why there are always so many people when we try and go over there! :) Well we had a great discussion on the temple. Sister Coon has been baptized for a little over a year. She struggles with some of the old traditional parts of the church. We are really trying to get a lot of these people to really read the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon talks about covenants like no other book does. Covenants were the plain and precious parts taken from the bible. It says that in 1 Nephi 12. It is SO important to just read from the Book of Mormon. It really does contain a fullness of the gospel. I love the work of the Lord. I've learned that we don't have to respond to every objection that people throw at us. The real answers to the deeper problems are answered in the Book of Mormon. I really do know the Book of Mormon is the most powerful took that God has given any of us. It has changed my life and I know in it we learn of the true workings of the Lord. 

This week has been a great week. We have a super busy schedule for the next week though I will only be here for half of it. I am really excited for this area. It is really taking flight! We are working with so many people! And do you want to know the most amazing thing? This area has changed MY life. I have learned so much! I can't even begin to describe! We've taught families. I've learned that this is about BECOMING not just changing. I've learned what it really means to believe. I've learned that faith can work miracles. I've learned what it means to have a strong heart and a firm mind. I've learned what how the Lord shapes me. I'm still learning how to be a voice sure and true but I am becoming much better. I have learned to be bold. I have learned the importance of covenants. I have learned SO much. 

Sometimes emergency transfers are hard for me. The one from Oakhurst to St. Helens took weeks to recover from. I felt that I was suppose to stay but someone else left so I had to. Well I don't think that anymore. I KNOW that the Lord knows what he is doing. Yes I can say that I know. Because I really do. He knew that I would love St. Helens. He knew what we could do here. He knew what we could do here together! He knew that I would love this place. He knew that I would change and that others would change too. I don't have any hard feelings for this transfer. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord! I know that the Lord knows what he is doing and I trust him full heartedly!  Wow! Crazy to see yourself change this much! I trust and love the Lord.

I love you so much family! I am glad that school is starting:) Then you can stay busy! :) I love you so much. You are an amazing family. Keep working hard. Hard work is the key to happiness. 

I love you! I'll be writing you next week from Portland 'keep it weird'. (joy right? that's their motto as a city)

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Sister Major is an angel! I will miss her greatly! but you are right mom! Once a companion always a companion! 

P-day last week. Elder Burgess (orange Burgess) and Elder Peterson had a ton of instruments and President Thomas pulled all of his from everywhere! Also we were treated to 'if I were a rich man' duet by Elder Burgess and President Thomas! So great!

Us and the Seaside sisters! Sister Boatright (she's a rugby player! And we have pushup competitions sometimes:) and Sister Jarvis

The Churchs! (Madeline is 6. Vivian is crying. Todd and Lindsay)

The Scotts! Kim, Tim, Brittney, Samantha.

Mountain View! :)

Biking! Well... leaving to ride. 

Transfer letters! 

JoAnn and Alberto Ceja! We had to take a couple photos to actually get Alberto to smile with his new teeth!

Dale Gray! ... Probably haven't written much about him... sorry wops!

Driving. So exciting! (don't worry we were at a stop sign)

The Warde's! Someone donated clothes for them! And we finally got the right sizes and all of them at church! They look so nice! The ward loves them! 

Sister Naillon and Tiffany! (tiffany just got home from south dakota rapid city mission and is headed off to UVU)

Sister Hansen. (not sue hansen) She has gone on some exchanges with us. 

The Coons! 

The Cottrells. Sister Cottrell helped us do the 4th of July celebration!

The Smiths. 

Sister Johnston

Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 29

Dearest family,

This week was a rough week for me, but the good news is now things are getting better and looking brighter!

We've hit some rough patches with those we are teaching and with ourselves... Okay just myself... Sister Majors been extra awesome this week!

The Cejas... I dont know of I've even written about them... Hmm... Well anyway we meet with them twice a week (currently the only people we meet with twice a week). Well they are really struggling this week. Alberto told us he really doesn't believe... Anything. He wishes he had a belief like we do, but he just doesn't.

We weren't able to meet with the Scott's this week and then they also didn't come to church.

So some discouragement with people we are teaching. But there have been good things too.

Like can I just say the Church's are AMAZING? They are seriously my favorite! I have never been so excited or loved anyone so much! This morning I was thinking how I never thought I'd get to teach a whole family! Then all of a sudden I remembered that a while back Sister Major and I started praying that we'd find someone to teach, and a family. WOW! And I'd forgotten. But here is a total clear answer to our prayers. And they are amazing! This week Todd told us they still don't think they will be doing 'the Mormon thing' but he said since we've been meeting he has been wanting to study the scriptures and go to a bible study which he has NEVER wanted to do! And so he told us at even if they don't do 'the Mormon thing' we've helped them and their family. We went back and checked on them on Sunday and saw Lindsay. She's been reading more to try and encourage Todd. We had a great
visit. I told her about a video we'd watched in Sunday school (which I like to describe as our bible study) about a guy who takes out a loan and then when the day comes he can't pay. Then him and his creditor have a argument about justice and mercy. But neither can be satisfied except at the expense of the other. Then how a fried steps in and pays the debt and gives the debtor a longer period to pay, thus satisfying mercy and justice. This story made Lindsay think of her mother-in-law who has helped them a lot and has been their savior countless times. Wow her mother-in-law sounds amazing! And she is coming soon so we will get to meet her! She has studied many religions. Read many religious books but never studied the Book of Mormon. She told Lindsay that while she is here she would like to read if. But she also told Lindsay that even if she reads it Lindsay can't take her opinion on it but has to decide for herself. What wisdom! They are such an amazing family! I have never felt so excited for anyone before! I've never felt so much love for someone. I LOVE the Church family!

This week we were tracting with Tiffany Naillon who recently came home from a mission in South Dakota (a huge mission! Covers 4 states!) We talked to a nice guy named Doug. And I seriously don't know what possessed me but I started saying stuff about families and well...
Then I asked him and he doesn't have any. Well I don't really know what I was saying but he really was nice and we had a great discussion with him. I hope some of the weird moments are inspired and influential.

We were coming out of our apartment with our bikes the other day and the apartment kiddos come riding over on their bikes "hey are you going to ride with us?" It was really fun. They love to come talk to us when we are on our bikes!

On Wednesday we were biking up this GINORMOUS hill (which we did 3 times that day! By the end I was in snail mode!) anyway this guy we'd talked to forever ago in the boonies while he was out hunting pulls over and talks to us. So I think we will be taking his invitation to
come by a little more seriously even though he says he's never home.

Leland Beardslee the sweet guy! He told us this week that if there's a church that has the most truth it's ours. So we will see. He's progressing! Doesn't ask as much why we are coming over.

Clarence Nickel our sweet 97 year old friend gave us necklaces this week! He is so sweet! He wanted to pay us for our service. When we refused he was disappointed. But he is a sweet man and we really love learning from him. He always tells us how the good Lord saved his life. Giving him asthma in the army when he had never had asthma. But then his entire group went over seas and were killed. He's seen the Lord's hand in his life and really is so grateful to him!
We had zone meeting on Friday. They asked Sister Major and I to sing. We did this acapella song and the note Sister Major gave us to start... oh man! I was worried! I had the high part. And yep. It was WAY high! I was a squeaky little thing on that song! But tried to pretend that I wasn't horrified.
Silvia Cooper is doing amazing! She has been listening to the Book of Mormon on her way to work (she works in Vancouver as of this week) and she is loving it! We are sad because she is headed to Mexico for 2 weeks and then we will only have like 1 more week before transfers. But also glad she will get to see her family! They are all still there except for her. And it's been 2 years since she's seen them! She made us some really good hummas this week so now we know how to actually make it:).
We did an MMTC last night! We were planning on one more but with the continual dwindling turnout we decided that was the last one. We taught chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel: The Book of Mormon. I loved it! the Book of Mormon is so powerful. While we were teaching so many different things came to mind. Like reading the old testament and not having time for the Book of Mormon and coming to the point when I wanted to quit the scriptures all together but it all changed when I made the effort to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon as well as whatever else I was reading. That has changed my life. The Book of Mormon is so powerful! Reading it every day is ESSENTIAL. For conversion and enduring conversion. There is no other book in the entire world that is as powerful as the Book of Mormon. We were doing roleplays in the MMTC and Sister Major was trying to give me a Book of Mormon and I was refusing. Well she told me that as a good friend she would wish that if there was something that had made me as happy as this book had made her then I had better share it with her. The Book of Mormon has changed my life. I want to share it. I would definitely expect anyone I know and love to share with me something that had changed their lives. This is really important to me.
I got to Skype Leah White from the TRC yesterday! I've been trying to get her to let me Skype her for forever! That really was so great!
Well so this last week we got the news at zone meeting that our mission is changing! We are now expected to spend 50% of our time with people we are teaching and then 50% of our time with people who aren't coming to church and haven't in a while. So not as much time tracting. This is a big change! But we are excited! We are also suppose to be doing more community service which we knew was coming and I am super excited about! Especially in a small town.
Things are going well. And this morning we had a pleasant surprise! Dina called us after weeks of ignoring us and we thought she was mad. But she is all of a sudden back to normal and I can't even tell you how overjoyed we are!
Sister Major and I get to sing in Zone Conference tomorrow! (different from zone meeting. Zone conference is a couple zones and is directed by the mission president and it only happens every other transfer) (zone meeting is once a month with the zone leaders in charge and just our zone. Which here is our stake-the Rainier Stake) (district meeting is with half our zone ever week except when there is zone meeting, zone conference, or transfers. It is lead by our district leader).
This week we got to visit Fran again! We had a lot of fun talking and playing duets. We played the bach double and the played duets. Which are awesome! We love getting to play with her!
Things are going well. It's good to hear that things are going well at home. It's funny that it's raining so much when here the summers are the only dry time! I loved hearing about Grammie and Grandpa! I can't believe there are that many new records in family search daily! That is so cool! It sounds like a really cool mission and so fun to have them close! I hope you all enjoy the last week or two of summer (when does school start?). And take Lauranns challenge to read Preach My Gospel! It's the best!
I love you all so much! Be safe this week!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

some food! (apple salad and omelets- we have a lot of eggs and apples as the season goes)

Rosalie and Carl Sumsion! Brother sumsion is the Ward mission leader and Sister Sumsion is the Young Women President. They are AMAZING!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 28

Dearest Family,

I love you.

We've had a good week here in St. Helens! 

This week someone in the ward told us they would like to buy Sunday clothes for Don, Don Jr, and James Ward! We got their sizes and the next day got to deliver. That was a precious moment! They were so excited! After our lesson we were still in the neighborhood and James came down from his apartment in his new clothes! He was so excited! None of them know how to tie ties... and sadly we didn't either so James had his boss at work tie their ties for them and then just never untie them. But someone will be teaching them soon. The bishop is excited to have someone teach them! It's so fun! And then we got to see Don Sr. and James at church in their new shirt, black pants, and tie! It was just so fun! I told them I want to take a picture once Don Jr. can come too. I just love to see them so happy! 

This week we got to have a musical exchange with a sweet lady Fran Pickering. She majored in violin performance and has played her whole life! She's 85 now and such a sweet lady! We are all a little rusty as Sister Major and I haven't really been able to practice much as missionaries and Fran has bad arthritis and can't play very much any more. But it was so fun! And we are going to go back every Thursday while we are here. She's very strong in her faith of Jesus Christ and it is wonderful getting to talk to her. It's always makes me sad when people turn us away because we all learn from each other and when they turn us away we can't do that. And so I am so grateful that we have this shared love of music that is allowing us to be friends and interact in such a wonderful and unique way!

We visited sweet Leland Beardslee and he made us laugh in his prayer this week when he said "thanks for sending the little mormon girls to peck at me again." 

We had a great day at church yesterday! Tim, Brittney, and Sam Scott came! As well as Silvia (who was coming on 4 hours of sleep). Which kind of leads me into the main thing I've been thinking about this week. I've been thinking a lot about being an example and being an ACTIVE example. Both Silvia and the Scott family have been influenced by an active example. The Scott family is really good friends with the Cupp family from the 1st ward. Arisa talks to Kim all the time about their faith. Kim always tells us how if Arisa was making such and such meal it would be perfect or whatever. She thinks Arisa is a great 'mormon' lady:). When we showed up she joked that Arisa must have sent us. And now Kim invites Arisa whenever we are coming over for lessons. It's amazing how much different it is when someone you are teaching has been influenced by a friend. Silvia Cooper made a friend with a lady and her son in a shelter she was working in years ago. The lady and her son ended up joining the church because of the influence of their adopted grandparents (a sweet couple that took them under their wing and now they have the name 'grandma' and 'grandpa' with the son) well they have been talking to Silvia a lot about the church. Actually they told her she needed to join the church so she could find another husband. And well she doesn't want another husband so she doesn't want to look into that! And when we showed up at her door she thought they had sent us. Well no. As usual it's the Lord who sends us. Well this week the son- Louise was visiting Silvia. He is 12 and he helped us to teach the lesson! It was so fun! 

Could these people be listening to us without the influence of their friends? Of course. But I can tell you it makes all the difference! And I think I've heard many of these stories and thought 'oh ya just do what is right and be an example' but I don't think that's how it is. Doing what is right is a good thing and a good example. But when Christ tells us to be an example of the believers I don't think passive obedience is what he is talking about. I think he's talking about being actively engaged in being an example. Actively talking about what we believe. Actively bringing it up. Actively sharing how what we understand can bless other people! I think the work of the Lord is moving forward and it's not passive. It's active. If we REALLY want to be a part! Not just a tourist in the Lords kingdom but a member of his kingdom, then we need to be an active example. 

The more that I read Jesus the Christ the more that I realize how the way people respond and the way the Lord's work is going right now is the same as in the past. Jesus Christ really did set the perfect example. When we really study and listen we will find more and more evidence that Jesus is the Christ. Those who do not know the truth of this have ceased their search. And we all know that no treasure is ever found when sleeping but when actively searching. Even the pirates knew that! They pirated for their whole lives! We have to be searching for the riches of heaven our WHOLE lives in order find this reward. The Kingdom of God is not necessarily a destination of a travel but is more a way we become. When we BECOME someone worthy of the Kingdom of God we will be able to go there. There's no checklist on what we have to learn, but there is a measurement of what we have to become. Is it a wonder that the most choice people in God's kingdom- like the prophets and Jesus Christ himself- had to pass through a furnace of affliction? No it is a refiners fire. We are becoming someone. And becoming someone worth while was never easy. And no one ever said it was going to be. It's always out of your comfort zone, doing the things the Lord sees fit for you to do. And it's all about learning to trust in the Lord. 

On Saturday night we had a cool experience. We were walking with a Sister we were out to visit to her room in an assisted living home. When a man stopped us and told us he wanted to talk to us. His name is Bob Webb. His brother just joined the church in Rainier and he wants to know what it's all about. Well we told him we couldn't meet then but could come back tomorrow. We returned with the Brames on Sunday and had a great lesson. He's got a lot of addictions he will have to work through but he is excited and open to learn. And ready to go to church as well! We are excited! 

There is a new area book app update coming tomorrow! I know it's a silly think you have no idea what's in the current or the updated but I will just say it's going to be awesome and fix a lot of things! We've been looking forward to this as a mission for quite a while and are super stoked! 

I'll tell one more funny story. So we are encountering a lot of reincarnation ideas out here in the country area! Well the Scappoose Elders told us the best one I've heard yet! They said they met a guy who is reading the Book of Mormon and LOVES it! But... he believes in reincarnation! He said he is King Benjamin! How does he know this? Because his name is Ben and if he was in that situation he would have done the same thing so therefore the Elders just met King Benjamin! Haha! Well that's a good story I think! I do love all the crazy stories! Though they usually sound funnier from the Elders... they seem to meet the weird people. 

Well I am doing good. I am really enjoying the sunshine! Sister Major and I are loving running in the mornings! We are working with a lot of people and staying busy and always trying to do better. I love you so much family! I hope that you have such a good week. It's crazy school is coming up so soon! I can't believe summer is so short! But then again time is weird as a missionary. Well I love you so much! 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard


Brother Powell and Brother and Sister Nielsen

Fran Pickering! We had a musical exchange!

The Cluff family with their exchange students!

A sweet lady Susan gave us each a round carrot from her garden yesterday when we were out tracting!