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Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 29

Dearest family,

This week was a rough week for me, but the good news is now things are getting better and looking brighter!

We've hit some rough patches with those we are teaching and with ourselves... Okay just myself... Sister Majors been extra awesome this week!

The Cejas... I dont know of I've even written about them... Hmm... Well anyway we meet with them twice a week (currently the only people we meet with twice a week). Well they are really struggling this week. Alberto told us he really doesn't believe... Anything. He wishes he had a belief like we do, but he just doesn't.

We weren't able to meet with the Scott's this week and then they also didn't come to church.

So some discouragement with people we are teaching. But there have been good things too.

Like can I just say the Church's are AMAZING? They are seriously my favorite! I have never been so excited or loved anyone so much! This morning I was thinking how I never thought I'd get to teach a whole family! Then all of a sudden I remembered that a while back Sister Major and I started praying that we'd find someone to teach, and a family. WOW! And I'd forgotten. But here is a total clear answer to our prayers. And they are amazing! This week Todd told us they still don't think they will be doing 'the Mormon thing' but he said since we've been meeting he has been wanting to study the scriptures and go to a bible study which he has NEVER wanted to do! And so he told us at even if they don't do 'the Mormon thing' we've helped them and their family. We went back and checked on them on Sunday and saw Lindsay. She's been reading more to try and encourage Todd. We had a great
visit. I told her about a video we'd watched in Sunday school (which I like to describe as our bible study) about a guy who takes out a loan and then when the day comes he can't pay. Then him and his creditor have a argument about justice and mercy. But neither can be satisfied except at the expense of the other. Then how a fried steps in and pays the debt and gives the debtor a longer period to pay, thus satisfying mercy and justice. This story made Lindsay think of her mother-in-law who has helped them a lot and has been their savior countless times. Wow her mother-in-law sounds amazing! And she is coming soon so we will get to meet her! She has studied many religions. Read many religious books but never studied the Book of Mormon. She told Lindsay that while she is here she would like to read if. But she also told Lindsay that even if she reads it Lindsay can't take her opinion on it but has to decide for herself. What wisdom! They are such an amazing family! I have never felt so excited for anyone before! I've never felt so much love for someone. I LOVE the Church family!

This week we were tracting with Tiffany Naillon who recently came home from a mission in South Dakota (a huge mission! Covers 4 states!) We talked to a nice guy named Doug. And I seriously don't know what possessed me but I started saying stuff about families and well...
Then I asked him and he doesn't have any. Well I don't really know what I was saying but he really was nice and we had a great discussion with him. I hope some of the weird moments are inspired and influential.

We were coming out of our apartment with our bikes the other day and the apartment kiddos come riding over on their bikes "hey are you going to ride with us?" It was really fun. They love to come talk to us when we are on our bikes!

On Wednesday we were biking up this GINORMOUS hill (which we did 3 times that day! By the end I was in snail mode!) anyway this guy we'd talked to forever ago in the boonies while he was out hunting pulls over and talks to us. So I think we will be taking his invitation to
come by a little more seriously even though he says he's never home.

Leland Beardslee the sweet guy! He told us this week that if there's a church that has the most truth it's ours. So we will see. He's progressing! Doesn't ask as much why we are coming over.

Clarence Nickel our sweet 97 year old friend gave us necklaces this week! He is so sweet! He wanted to pay us for our service. When we refused he was disappointed. But he is a sweet man and we really love learning from him. He always tells us how the good Lord saved his life. Giving him asthma in the army when he had never had asthma. But then his entire group went over seas and were killed. He's seen the Lord's hand in his life and really is so grateful to him!
We had zone meeting on Friday. They asked Sister Major and I to sing. We did this acapella song and the note Sister Major gave us to start... oh man! I was worried! I had the high part. And yep. It was WAY high! I was a squeaky little thing on that song! But tried to pretend that I wasn't horrified.
Silvia Cooper is doing amazing! She has been listening to the Book of Mormon on her way to work (she works in Vancouver as of this week) and she is loving it! We are sad because she is headed to Mexico for 2 weeks and then we will only have like 1 more week before transfers. But also glad she will get to see her family! They are all still there except for her. And it's been 2 years since she's seen them! She made us some really good hummas this week so now we know how to actually make it:).
We did an MMTC last night! We were planning on one more but with the continual dwindling turnout we decided that was the last one. We taught chapter 5 in Preach My Gospel: The Book of Mormon. I loved it! the Book of Mormon is so powerful. While we were teaching so many different things came to mind. Like reading the old testament and not having time for the Book of Mormon and coming to the point when I wanted to quit the scriptures all together but it all changed when I made the effort to read a chapter of the Book of Mormon as well as whatever else I was reading. That has changed my life. The Book of Mormon is so powerful! Reading it every day is ESSENTIAL. For conversion and enduring conversion. There is no other book in the entire world that is as powerful as the Book of Mormon. We were doing roleplays in the MMTC and Sister Major was trying to give me a Book of Mormon and I was refusing. Well she told me that as a good friend she would wish that if there was something that had made me as happy as this book had made her then I had better share it with her. The Book of Mormon has changed my life. I want to share it. I would definitely expect anyone I know and love to share with me something that had changed their lives. This is really important to me.
I got to Skype Leah White from the TRC yesterday! I've been trying to get her to let me Skype her for forever! That really was so great!
Well so this last week we got the news at zone meeting that our mission is changing! We are now expected to spend 50% of our time with people we are teaching and then 50% of our time with people who aren't coming to church and haven't in a while. So not as much time tracting. This is a big change! But we are excited! We are also suppose to be doing more community service which we knew was coming and I am super excited about! Especially in a small town.
Things are going well. And this morning we had a pleasant surprise! Dina called us after weeks of ignoring us and we thought she was mad. But she is all of a sudden back to normal and I can't even tell you how overjoyed we are!
Sister Major and I get to sing in Zone Conference tomorrow! (different from zone meeting. Zone conference is a couple zones and is directed by the mission president and it only happens every other transfer) (zone meeting is once a month with the zone leaders in charge and just our zone. Which here is our stake-the Rainier Stake) (district meeting is with half our zone ever week except when there is zone meeting, zone conference, or transfers. It is lead by our district leader).
This week we got to visit Fran again! We had a lot of fun talking and playing duets. We played the bach double and the played duets. Which are awesome! We love getting to play with her!
Things are going well. It's good to hear that things are going well at home. It's funny that it's raining so much when here the summers are the only dry time! I loved hearing about Grammie and Grandpa! I can't believe there are that many new records in family search daily! That is so cool! It sounds like a really cool mission and so fun to have them close! I hope you all enjoy the last week or two of summer (when does school start?). And take Lauranns challenge to read Preach My Gospel! It's the best!
I love you all so much! Be safe this week!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard

some food! (apple salad and omelets- we have a lot of eggs and apples as the season goes)

Rosalie and Carl Sumsion! Brother sumsion is the Ward mission leader and Sister Sumsion is the Young Women President. They are AMAZING!

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