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Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 31

Dearest Family,

This week has been pretty much a roller coaster.

Tuesday we got to go visit the Church's. Ah! I miss them already! We
had kind of a funny lesson. We talked about the word of wisdom and
then Lindsay had a lot of questions and comments on other things. She
REALLY wants to come to church! She really wants to be at church. So I
kind of said "so Todd..... Since you're kind of the one who doesn't
want to go to church..." We all kind of laughed. And then we talked
about it. :) Ive discovered that I'm not super good at beating around
the bush. Anyway we had a pretty bold lesson. They are so wonderful!
They gave me a picture frame to put the picture of us and their family
in and also a card that said their classic line "you are always
welcome" when I read that that night I teared up!

We had a lot planned for Tuesday but as the day was progressing we
were late and missing a lot of our lessons and it just didn't feel
right. So we went to St Helens and said decided to just say goodbye to

So my new companions are Sister Peterson and Sister Depew. Sister
Depew came out with me and Sister Peterson came out the transfer
before. Happy Valley is a super rich area! It reminds me of Bountiful.
There is a mountain (not as big as in Utah) and then just rich
neighborhoods. We also have a section of Portland which has most of
our investigators and is more of a poorer area. And also a section of
Milwaukee. Our area borders the mission so Sister Peterson and Sister
Depew keep warning me where the mission boundaries are! We have a very
strange area shape that is kind of confusing but hey! It's been what?
A couple days? We live in a REALLY nice apartment complex with the
Portland Hermanas! Hermana Porter and Hermana Stidham!

It was really rough the first couple days. Adjusting to a new area and
new companions. Getting use to the idea that this is now the city and
so we really don't teach that much. But I am getting use to the area
relatively fast and thinking of ideas of how to help this area get
organized super fast. And start getting more people to teach! So it
should be good.

Thursday night the zone leader Elder Tateoli called me to ask if
Brother Heitz had died in St. Helens. I had no idea! And I was really
upset. Friday President Thomas called me to tell me Evelyn Herendeen
wanted me to be here when she went through the temple Saturday! And I
asked him. He said Brother Heitz had died. When I asked how he said "I
don't want to tell you... He took his life." Needless to say that has
been really upsetting to me. I don't really want to write more because
it's not really mine to share... But I'm sure the town has been hit

St. Helens, I have loved there more than I have ever loved before.
I've also hurt there more than I ever have before. There is a lot of
deep feelings in that small town and in that ward. Lots of love and a
lot of hurt.

I've been thinking all week that if I could just go to the temple I
would feel so much better. Well the prayer in my heart was heard!
Evelyn invited me to go through the temple with her! We struggled
really hard with a days notice to get a ride! We called the whole
ward! We were finally able to get one family to take us and another to
pick us up. It was such a miracle! The good Lord does provide miracles
when we need them. It was amazing to go through the temple with
Evelyn! Sitting there looking around at the Waites, Olsens, and
Herendeens I was just thinking how grateful I am that I pulled through
and came on a mission. I wouldn't have met any of these people! I'm
grateful that I accepted my call. I'm grateful I accepted my first
emergency transfer. I have faith that I will love this new area with
this second emergency transfer. I trust The Lord more and more every
day. He continues to provide more and more for me every day!

It was so good to see Sister Major again! It feels like it has been
ages! She is an angel! It's an adjustment for both of us, but we both
have faith in The Lord and will go where The Lord and President Taylor
need us to go. We are grateful for the time we had together!

I'm excited for the work here. I love being a missionary. I love you
all so much family! I am glad that the start of school went well! Mom
I am glad you got to see Rosalie! Oh I do love her!

Sorry this is short. New companions means new p-day ritual. So... We
email on our iPads and I am kind of slow! I bought a keyboard but it
won't connect so uh... I don't know. Anyway. I'll work it out. I love
you! I still get to run yay! We run at the park! They don't want to
get bikes since we love on a mountain unfortunately. But ya.

I love you so much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Brother Child from Ogden! He was visiting his son in Happy Valley. He
knows Grandpa Beard from his California mission! And funny thing! He
served a mission in the Salt Lake City family history center too!

Us at the temple!

Us finding out about being emergency transferred with President and
Sister Taylor!

Zone conference. Us and Longview zone.

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