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Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 32: Happy Labor Day!

Dearest Family,

Thank you for writing me and for all your prayers is week! I really
appreciate it!

This week has been really good! I really love being in a trio! It is
seriously the best thing ever! I admit we get a little less sleep and
we spend a lot more time laughing! It's great! There's less stress in
a trio because the responsibilities are spread over three people
instead of just over two! It's great!

Wow I can't really remember a lot from this week... We've done a lot
of service. On Friday we went to help Elder And Sister Gilbert clean
out the Spanish Elders apartment in Sunnyside. Oh WOW!!! That one was
bad! It took our whole district plus a bunch of office people. It was
crazy!  But on the bonus side I took a bunch of material to learn
Spanish! Now if I just had the time...

We got to volunteer at a blood drive for the Red Cross. That was fun.
While we were there we found some awesome happy valley t-shirts that
say "you can never have too much happy" we all bought one and I bought
one for President Thomas who is know for drawing smiley faces on his
hand and always talking about being happy. (Which he got it today and
loved it! He wants to come take us to lunch!)

We did a huge service project for a lady we are teaching named Jeanie.
One day she came home to find a TON of dirt on her driveway. She has
no idea where it came from but has decided to put it to work. We got
the Child's and some of the Elders to come help us shift it and weed
and put dirt around her yard. She had friends come help too. Then
there were neighbors coming over to help and this random guy none of
us knew named Gilligan who showed up to help out of no where... With
like 20 people it still took us 3 hours! I was talking to Nancy,
Jeanie's friend the whole time and we have a lot in common! She is
moving to Forest Grove but I told her to come back and visit Jeanie
when we come by for lessons. We will see if she will. She is an
artist, plays violin, likes biology, etc! Crazy! That was an awesome
activity! And in the rain too! Rain can't stop you in Oregon!

We are REALLY tired of dessert! I wish I was allergic! We get fed
dessert EVERY night and them at some other events too. My advice:
don't feed the missionaries dessert! I feel like I'm going to cry when
they pull out dessert now!

Well we've been waiting all week for transfers. The Sister Training
Leaders told us what was happening on Thrusday somehow and then we
didn't get letters then heard all this stuff... We don't really know
what's going on. We do know for sure that I will be staying and
receiving Sister Stone and both Sister Petersen and Depew will be
leaving. But where to is still unknown. Sister Petersen is going
crazy! Wow. I am kind of not enjoying transfer stress again after such
a recent transfer.

I'm glad I have two weeks in the area! I still don't know like
anything but it will be nicer than having to be doubled in again. Even
though I don't mind being doubled in.

We all talked in sacrament meeting yesterday. At 8:56 for studies I
gave up on writing a talk! That was the first time I've stood up to
talk with no idea what I will say. Well it worked out! Sister Petersen
talked about Joseph Smiths first vision of God the Father and Jesus
Christ. I talked about how the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our
religion and how it is ESSENTIAL to our conversion and lasting
conversion because it talked about covenants and contains the fullness
of the gospel. Sister Depew talked about how the teachings of Joseph
Smith and the modern day prophets teach us more about the Atonement of
Jesus Christ. It was amazing to watch the Child's friend Albert watch
intently as we talked. He now wants to meet with us when he didn't
before. He hasn't ever heard about Joseph Smith. This is a powerful
and unique message that we share.

I love the talk called the power of a personal testimony by Elder
Uchtdorf. It talked a lot about what a personal testimony can do. I
also love President Bensons talk called the Book of Mormon: The
Keystone of Our religion. It is AWESOME! There's some talks to study!
I'm sure you at least will read them Aubrey!

We went on splits yesterday. We dropped Sister Petersen off with the
Marshall's for a lessons and went to another lesson. It was kind of
fun! Trios! Are an adventure!

I can't remember if I wrote this but I'm back in Elder Porters zone!
When he saw me at p-day (mid transfer) he freaked out! Oh man it was
great! But he gave me the month old update on Oakhurst. It sounds like
Nancy Hollender is doing AMAZING! I am really excited! It's great!

I'm doing good. I'm still learning the people here and learning to
love them but I know I will. Probably sooner than later. I'm so
grateful for the opportunity to serve here in this mission! I am doing
a lot better this week! Thank you so much for your prayers!

 I love you all so much! I am glad that school has started out okay!
Good luck Dad this week with the semester starting! I love you all!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Sister study on Thursday! 

Us driving!

Flores family

us somewhere

Elijah Harris

Young Women

Bean bag toss

Food carts!
The gage family

Cleaning the apartment

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