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1 Samuel 12:16

Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 33

Dearest Family,

This has been a crazy week! We had a district gathering on Tuesday
morning and anyone who wanted to got blessings. It was probably one of
the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Gathered together and
hearing the council of The Lord for the individual members of our
district family. I was so grateful for the blessing I received. I was
really wondering if I am really suppose to be in this area and if
there really is something or me to do here. Well I was told that we
will see miracles before our very eyes. That doors will be opened that
have previously be closed. That I will be able to influence people
here. It was really amazing. I am so grateful for that experience.

On Tuesday we went around visiting people Sister Depew and Sister
Petersen wanted to say good-bye to. We ended up seeing a lot of
miracles! Lot's of people we caught at just the right moment. The only
hour they've been home in a week or whatever. It was really awesome!
We had a great Tuesday!

Wednesday we all met at the Tongan building and the transfer van
departed with everyone to the transfer meeting while the companions
were left to sit at the church playing signs for 3 hours.... I don't
really advice 3 hours of signs! Holy cow that was a long game! But it
was fun.

Sister Stone showed up eventually with the rest of the missionaries!
She was originally called to Brazil. She came here as a visa waiter.
About 9 months into her mission she felt really strongly she needed to
stay here. She told President Taylor and after much fasting and prayer
cancelled her visa. So now she's here with me! All the visa waiters
just left on Tuesday. She says she doesn't regret it but feels a lot
of peace. So ya. She's from Denver has been out a year.

This week has been interesting. I am pretty much making all the plans
and don't really know anything! We've managed to stay with in the
mission boundaries but have wandered outside the area several times.
By Sunday night we were really struggling and just not feeling any
inspiration for what we are really suppose to be doing in this area.
We went to the church and sat at the park behind the church for a
decent amount of time and just talked about goals and what we're
struggling with as far as coming into this area. I can't say we really
have any better idea of what we are suppose to be doing or where the
real work is here but I think now we are getting along a little
better. So it was really good.

We have a really solid and excited ward mission leader. He's on fire
and I'm not use to having such an awesome ward mission leader who
actually is involved. Hopefully we can help the work increase so we
can use his excitement. The ward council is also very missionary
minded which makes me excited.

On Friday we went out tracting and the first house we knock on we run
into this guy who is totally against the church. Not unheard of but
not pleasant. The next house we knock on was this lady who outright
admits she worships cats! I uh... never heard of that... she kept
saying "I know you probably think I'm crazy" and i was thinking "oh
you have no idea" I wanted to just call it quits for the day because
man! Crazy anti man and an insane cat lady... maybe we should just
wait till the winds change or something. Luckily the rest of the day
was a little better!

OKAY YOU WILL NEVER GUESS THIS!!!!!!! So we were inspired to go to
this one street and so we were knocking on doors and we go to this one
house and this guy opens the door and says "Hey! I'm a Beard too!" He
looks right at my name tag! Man! I AM SO EXCITED! They had literally
moved in the day before so they asked us to come back in a week or two
but oh man! I can't wait to teach my familia! Super stoked! Can't wait
for the family tree tracing either! Love it!

Well this week has been pretty stressful but on the up side I've slept
REALLY well this week!

I am really grateful for all your letters this week! They came right
when I needed them!

I have been thinking a lot about something I read in Jesus the Christ.
It was talking about how Jesus blessed the children and he then says
that that is why we do baby blessings for the children. It's like that
blessing that Jesus loves to give to the children wherever he visits!
I love that!

I've decided to do this 30 days to conference challenge! You read a
conference talk from last conference every day until next conference!
You should all join me! You might be a little behind but just skip up
or whatever! There's no better way to get excited for conference!

I love you all so much! It's so good to hear from you and to hear you
are doing well! I'm glad that school starting is going good!

Oh man that makes me really miss the Messiah! Can't wait till next
year! You will all still have to go! Mom you should still sing in it!

I love you! Be safe this week! I pray for you every day! I love you!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

us with oreos!Haha also a side note. The zone leaders gave us pepper spray this week
so don't worry about us! We're covered!

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