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1 Samuel 12:16

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 34: Another Trio! This is the weirdest time of my mission I swear!

Dearest Family,

We've had a pretty busy week. We've had a lot of places to go and lots
of people to see. One of my favorite families is the Harris family.
They remind me a lot of the Coon family from St. Helens. They haven't
been involved in any church for ages. Brother Harris is a member of
the church and none of the rest of the family is. We've been teaching
them. They are also pretty big jokesters. Brother Harris was joking
that next time we should bring our mace well then Sister Stone pulls
hers out and assures him that we've already got that covered. It was
SUPER funny!

We talked to this lady as we were getting into our car. She was really
friendly till we said we were missionaries then she freaked out at us
"It's harassment okay! Don't come by again!" as we were driving away
she took a picture of us and our car. Sister Stone was panicking but I
assured her that it would all be okay. Even if for some insane reason
we were taken to jail so what? But ya of course nothing came of that
except maybe social media.

We got to go to the temple on Wednesday! Oh it was wonderful! And very
much needed. Our district came late so we were by ourselves for that
trip. I could stay in the temple for hours. It's seriously like
heaven. Actually it's kind of cool. One of the ladies we are teaching
her name is Maggie. She LOVES the Portland temple. She goes there in
her spare time to just enjoy the feeling there. Temples truly are a
house of God. Maggie was referred to us because her friend knows she
loves the temple. Anyway. I love the Portland temple. It's my favorite

Sister Stone told me on Wednesday that she understands why I am so
passionate about people we are meeting with reading the Book of
Mormon. She'd come to understand that while we were in the temple! I
am so excited! I was hitting the roof of the car like a yippee sign on
steroids! :) People need the Book of Mormon. It's insane how many
people don't understand that. Even missionaries and members of the
church don't always understand how important DAILY and ALWAYS Book of
Mormon study is.

We got a text from President Taylor on Wednesday evening telling us
that we were going to be in another trio! Sister Burraston has joined
us in Happy Valley. Her companion went home. Sister Stone knows her
from a previous area and is really excited.

We talked to a lady this week and she was talking about how she goes
to a baptist church but it had some other name for the local church.
It's been my observation that people are no longer liking
denominational churches. Being 'catholic' or 'baptist' isn't what
people want anymore. I think people have given up on finding the
truth. They feel like large organized religions are corrupt. They just
want to go to a local church or just no church at all. People who say
they can worship at home often also express surprise and sorrow that
their children don't really have that faith that they tried to teach
them. Hmmm.... I wonder why? People may not like being raised going to
church but that's what brought them to believe and it is essential
that they continue if they want their children to believe as well.
Their ignorance makes me really sad. It's like Elder Robert Hales says
"Obedience is taught by example. By how we live, we teach our
children." If you are not living according to God's commandments how
can you possibly teach your children? Scripture study, prayer, family
home evening, church, etc. all these things are also commandments.

We had zone meeting on Thursday! President Thomas came! Sometimes he
really reminds me of you Dad! It was so wonderful to see him! Then he
took me and Sister Stone out to lunch afterwords to thank me for
buying him that 'you can never have too much happy' shirt. I love
President Thomas!

Zone meeting was really inspiring. There were many things that really
stuck out to me. President Thomas talked about how we don't know the
influence we are having. He told us of his friend who was baptized in
St. Helens last week. She's wondered what he had that she didn't for
20 years. He never opened his mouth because he judged her as not
interested. "How many others haven't I told the secret of happiness?
My sin. We are not judges. We are not called to be judges. We open our
mouths to everyone."

He also talked about fear  "Two meanings of fear. Forget everything
and run or face everything and rise. Your choice." Do we run or do we
face fear and develop courage?

Elder Tateoli told a story of hiking St. Helens and not making it to
the top. He said he remembered hearing "The hardest part is the middle
when you can't see the beginning or the end". How true is that! The
hardest part is when our vision is limited. We've come quite a ways
and it's not too far to go but sometimes our vision is limited. I
think in these times we have to rely on our Heavenly Father and the
things we have learned in the past to help us to remember to keep
going forward and to have faith that it will be worth it. We can
always rely on the things we have learned because they are always with
us in our hearts!

Well Thursday we kept canceling appointments in order to be ready to
get Sister Burraston. But it kept getting pushed back. We ended up not
getting her till late at night. The next day was weekly planning. And
it was pretty much all on me. By the afternoon I'd hit the max. I
couldn't do it any more. But Sister Stone is very aware of me so we
are working it out. It's funny. The first week of a companion is
really rough but then its usually good. I love Sister Stone! I'm sure
in a week I will love Sister Burraston too.

Can you believe all the change in the past couple weeks? 4 companions
in 3 weeks. Ah! Crazy!

Sunday we had a really cool miracle. After church was over people from
the Sunnyside ward and a ton of other people start coming for a
funeral. We had a distinct impression to stay. Well we had a lesson.
So we decided we needed to go on splits (perks of a trio). We said a
prayer. "Heavenly Father we feel like we need to stay. We need some
help finding someone to go on a split with us." Sister Pancio drives
up and starts talking to us right after we say amen. Wow! So we went
on splits! She went with Sister Stone to an awesome lesson and Sister
Burraston and I stayed for the funeral. We felt like Nephi "not
knowing before hand the things [we] must do". But we kind of just
talked to people and tried to help. It was a really cool miracle.
Truly we are seeing miracles before our very eyes.

Anyway sorry things have seemed a little rough in my letters. It's
just been a lot of change in a really short time and it's been a
challenge but I think things are going to settle down for at least a
couple weeks.

I know that I need to make my mission the best so that later in my
life I can rekindle the feelings and things I know as a missionary and
the diligence I serve with so that I can always stay strong and be an
example and leader in my future family.

I love what Laurann said! Being on a mission your really do get to see
things more as they really are.

I love you so much! You are the best family ever!
Thank you for all the letters this week! They helped a lot! I really
appreciate it I can't even tell you.

Love Sister Kaitlyn Beard

"O Lord, I have trusted in thee, and I will trust in thee forever...
Yea, I know that God will give liberally to him that asketh. Yea, my
God will give me, if I ask not amiss; therefore I will lift up my
voice unto thee; yea I will cry unto thee, my God, the rock of my
righteousness. Behold my voice shall forever ascend up unto thee, my
rock and mine everlasting God." 2 Nephi 4:34-35

Mom happy birthday! I'm hopefully going to be sending you something.
Have such a wonderful day!

Sister Collins took us to the temple.

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