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Washington Vancouver Mission and see this great thing,
2223 Northwest 99th St which the Lord will do
Vancouver WA 98665 before your eyes."
1 Samuel 12:16

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 40: Approaching my hump day.....

Dearest Family,
This week I am passing my 1/2 way mark on the 29th. Wow it is crazy how time flies. I definitely don't feel like I am really 1/2 way. It feels like I just came out. I am really grateful to be serving here in the Washington Vancouver Mission. As Elder Tauteoli says "Many are called but few are chosen to serve in the Washington Vancouver Mission." :) It's definitely a great blessing to be here. 
We are definitely really setting into the rainy season here. We've had some blistery rainy days this week. 
We are definitely well taken care of in Happy Valley! The ward members feed us really well! We get a lot of dinner and dessert and frozen meals. So we are staying pretty spoiled! It is kind of funny because whenever we are on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders we always seem to get even more food than usual. We were on exchanges and I was in Happy Valley with Sister Ivins and we got delicious food and 1/4 pan of pumpkin bread each! Pretty much we are extremely spoiled here in Happy Valley! 
I was thinking how I think a mission shapes what your food likes are for the rest of your life! Like Dad will eat anything. This kid from St. Helens served his mission in a rich part of California and now only likes the most delicate steaks done a certain way. Ya.... Hmmm... I think I'm liking more high quality home cooked meals these days....
So this week was... kind of interesting. Almost all of our appointments canceled which I guess is just bound to happen at the same time... So we spent a lot of time just mozying around knocking doors. I think the most historic day was on Wednesday. (my 9 month mark) we were walking all day to save miles (we have limited miles in the car and we use a lot more since we moved) and we were knocking all afternoon and maybe MAYBE talked to 10 people! Nobody was home! It was pouring rain and an empty neighborhood. It was crazy!
Sunday was the best day. We have been praying really hard for Jeanie, Sam, and Tonya. We really feel like they are progressing really well and have so much potential in the gospel! Well by Sunday we had it lined up to have all of them at church! We were super excited. Of course church starts and none of them are there and we were really sad. Right off the start we see Tonya's ride walk in alone and then Tonya texts us that no one showed up. I guess she got lost. Anyway we were really disappointed and sad. But a little into the meeting Jeanie showed up! Then when we got up to sing we saw Sam and his kiddos and Phillipo in the back! Ah! Ya that was the best!
OOH ya. So on last Sunday Sister Saunders called us and said "Hey you told me you could help me with anything!" And so she asked us to sing in church. :) So we sang Learn of Me by Janice Kapp Perry. So we told all of the people we are working with and teaching that we were singing. So Jeanie came to support us. It was really cool because we were singing and about the beginning of the second verse I felt that angels had joined us in singing. We were singing a lot smoother and clearer and louder. Later Sister Stone and I talked about it and we'd both felt the same thing at the same time. That was really cool. 
Exchanges this week were super fun! Sister Ivins is hilarious and also an amazing missionary. We do a lot of crazy weird things when we are companions for the day. Which lucky me has happened 3 times! Haha so we spent the first night in the apartment doing headstands and wrestling! It was great. We laughed pretty hard that day. I also learned a lot from her. She is an amazing teacher and very bold.

On exchanges we saw Tonya. She told us of a dream she had had. She said someone came and told her a scripture. She doesn't know the scriptures very well and assures us she didn't know there was an Isaiah. But she woke up and looked it up and found it was a real scripture. It talked about peace and strength and that is what she needs right now! It's kind of weird because a lot of people have been telling us about how they have been having dreams. I feel like Joseph in Egypt who had to interpret all these dreams. All these people are telling us their dreams. I need to start praying to be guided so I can help all these people understand their dreams! It's funny because it has got me thinking how many scripture people have had dreams. Like Lehi, Nephi, pretty much all the prophets tell about dreams they had that taught them what they then teach the next day. It's kind of crazy!
This week I have been thinking a lot about the resurrection. It has become apparent to me that if God didn't have a body and if us getting a body wasn't central to his plan than there really would be no point in being here. There would have been no point in Jesus Christ atoning for our sins either. If we didn't get a body and so get to return to God's presence, sinning in a body and then being stuck in a spirit would have completely condemned us. There would be no way we could return to God's presence ever. We HAVE to be able to be resurrected for us to return to God's presence to be judged. It makes it so apparent that so many people in the world are like completely missing the whole purpose of life. Which is just crazy. So many people don't understand who God is and so they really don't understand the purpose of anything. One of my favorite talks on this subject was from last conference called something like The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's an amazing talk. We've been trying to help our dear friend Jeanie learn who God is by first understanding that God has a body. Which speaking of Jeanie! Jeanie loves to ask people who they see God is. She is coming from a Buddhist background and has always struggled with that. I would love it if anyone and everyone would respond to this email and give me something I can share with Jeanie of who God is.
So Personal Progress is moving on amazingly! One of the experiences we are working on is in the faith value and we are focusing on the sacrament. At church this Sunday I really tried to focus on the sacrament and make it a renewing and rejuvenating experience. By the end when they were finishing up I felt the same sadness I feel when I have to leave the temple. It had really been a small part of the temple for me. It was a sacred and renewing experience. I hope that I can continue to learn to see the sacrament in the same light as this last Sunday. Because that truly was an amazing experience!
Also we were studying about the Atonement. It's amazing how much Jesus Christ has done for us! For me! I don't think I will ever fully understand what he has actually done for me. I loved reading Romans 5 and D&C 19 especially. Romans talks about how a righteous man would have a hard time sacrificing his life for a good man, yet Jesus sacrificed himself for sinners. What love he has! And D&C 19 talks about how hard it was for Jesus to go through what he went through. You never really think about that. Aubrey was writing me saying how that is the only place you read how hard that was for him to go through and it is so true! It is amazing what he has gone through for each of us.
I love personal progress! It really is more than just a checklist! It's something we can do again and that we can and should make part of our lives. It is teaching me how to study and how to have faith and how to live and more fully love my Savior!
Well a crazy Portland story. (Yes there are weirdos here). We were driving the other day and there was this guy pulled over on a busy road who was up on the top of his car dancing and jumping around with small balloons tied to his shoes. Oh the poor people of this world really need some help sometimes. Portland really is a weird place sometimes.
Well we are really having just a wonderful time here in Happy Valley! I love being with Sister Stone! She is becoming an awesome runner by the way. We are seeing miracles and we are going to become baptizing missionaries! I love being able to serve the Lord and to have the sacred experience of seeing people change and come closer to Christ. There is nothing like it. Everyone should serve missions!
I love you all! I hope you have a good and really safe and wonderful week!
Sister Kaitlyn Beard
P.S. I don't know if you got a chance to read this on lds.org but there was a super awesome article on happy people. I thought I'd just include the....
"Ten things that supremely happy people do:
1.       Happy people surround themselves with other happy people. Joy is contagious. People are four times more likely to be happy in the future with happy people around them.
2.       Happy people try to be happy. When happy people don’t feel happy, they cultivate a happy thought and smile about it.
3.       Happy people spend money more on others than they spend on themselves. Givers experience what scientists call the “helper’s high.”
4.       Happy people have deep in-person conversations. Sitting down to talk about what makes a person tick is a good practice for feeling good about life.
5.       Happy people use laughter as a medicine. A good old-fashioned chuckle releases lots of good neurotransmitters. A study showed that children on average laugh 300 times a day versus adults who laugh 15 times a day.
6.       Happy people use the power of music. Researchers found that music can match the anxiety-reducing effects of massage therapy.
7.       Happy people exercise and eat a healthful diet. Eating a poor diet can contribute to depression.
8.       Happy people take the time to unplug and go outside. Uninterrupted screen time brings on depression and anxiety.
9.       Happy people get enough sleep. When people run low on sleep, they are prone to feel a lack of clarity, bad moods, and poor judgment.
10.   Happy people are spiritual."

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 39: Oooooh are we Personal Progressing!!!

Dearest Family,

This week has been crazy and long! Yet it flew by at the same time! I guess that is like always but anyway...

Wednesday was a pretty crazy and exhausting day. We loaded up and took Sister Burraston to the transfer site. We came back and loaded up our stuff, food, and dishes then cleaned the apartment then drove off. Ya... I don't know why I am giving you all these details... pretty much we were cleaning and packing and unpacking for a huge portion of the day. And then later we were helping a member in the ward clean and pack. It was like packing Wednesday!

I got to skype Michelle this week! It's been forever since I have talked with her and I've been worried about her. I feel really bad because we got doubled out right after her baptism and since then she has kind of dropped off and now she doesn't want anyone coming over. Hopefully being able to skype her will help her open back up to the ward and start going to church again. 

I got word that Sister Major and Sister Fifeild left St. Helens! Ah that makes me so sad! I guess the Major Beard in St. Helens is really ended for real now. 

Sister Stone and I have been talking and both of us know that we want to become baptizing missionaries. We really feel it is what the Lord wants us to become in this area because we got the same inspiration at the same time. I guess it's time for us and Happy Valley to baptized! So we are working harder than ever.

We met a lot of cool people this week. We met a guy named Mal who told us that a while ago he had an amazing experience. He died and got to meet Jesus who told him he was going to give him a glimpse of his love and he was going to heal him. And he told Mal to tell everyone about him. Mal was miraculously healed and is a powerful witness of Jesus Christ. 

We met a guy named Larry who was excited to hear we were missionaries- he having been a missionary for 14 days in the Philippines. When he said that I was reminded of how blessed I am to get to do this for 18 months! 

One day we were having a picnic at the park for lunch and a lady we are friends with from our old apartment complex came by walking her dogs and she ended up sitting down by us and we started teaching her. She is super open and loves researching religion. She has a lot of questions. As well as a lot of weird ideas, some of them throw us off. Like she was telling us that Jesus commanded the Tower of Babel to be build then it fell and then the continents split. Anyway it was an interesting conversation. 

We had a great dinner this week with our ward mission leader Brother Child and his family. Brother Child started talking about his mission. He went to southern Chile to what he calls as the Frozen Chosen. Pretty much a group of missionaries in his mission served down there. It was literally survival! They often slept outside, had to kill their own food, wore traditional southern Chile clothes not suits. He said they moved from one city to the next establishing a branch and then moving on. He said that there were some transfers where the mail would get lost and someone would not know they were suppose to move so he said once he was a month without a companion. Just crazy things like that! He has amazing stories. He said when he came home in blue jeans, sombrero and his sweater thingy and a growing beard his parents and family just about had a heart attack! I'm sure they had no idea what he was actually doing down there in the isolated wilderness!

We were really blessed this week. Jeanie has been staying at someones house because she lives alone and is sick right now. Well we decided to drive by her house and she just happened to be home. The first time she has been home in 2 weeks! How amazing is the Lord!

We are really excited about Tonya and her three boys! They weren't at their lesson on Friday so we went back again yesterday and we read from the scripture reader (picture book version) with the boys and we talked about baptism. And we taught them all how to pray. We were sitting on the porch for this lesson and at the end we all knelt and little Mic who is 7 said the prayer with help from Tonya and he prayed to know if he should get baptized. It was one of the most precious lessons I have had thus far! We hadn't planned anything and yet we were just guided and were able to teach all of them and the spirit was really there. It was amazing.

We are also excited about Sam! We found out that his wife had her baby 2 months early so that is why he didn't come to anything last week. (no wonder!) But he is still doing well and learning and open to our message. We are really excited about their family.

We are teaching a lot of people and staying really busy! It is really awesome!

Sister Stone and I started Personal Progress this week. Can I just say I love Personal Progress? Ya I've done it before but I never really got it before. Already we feel like it is changing everything for us. It is making our study more effective, it is making us more unified, we have a greater desire to teach everyone we talk to, we have found it easier to be exactly obedient, and we have seen a ton more miracles. THIS IS AMAZING! It was definitely an inspired idea to do Personal Progress right now! Who knew all this would come from it besides God? We are both way more excited to work and I can't even begin to say all the miracles we have seen just because of it! It is literally giving us just a little more strength and so everyday we can do just a little more and so we see just a couple more miracles! Amazing!!! I am so excited!!!!!
I should say that Sister Stone and I are getting along great. We are laughing a great deal these days and things are going really well! So ya. 

In my study of the Book of Mormon this week I have been reading a lot of the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi. It's amazing to me how much he talks about the covenants of the Lord and how the Lord really has great things in store for the righteous! He has his plan laid out. He knows what is going to happen. We have to keep our covenants with God so that we can be a part of his covenant people. I love the scriptures!

Also I was studying Faith in Preach My Gospel in the chapter 6: How do I develop Christlike Attributes. I love how it says "God works by power, but His power is usually exercised in response to faith" (http://www.lds.org/manual/preach-my-gospel-a-guide-to-missionary-service/how-do-i-develop-christlike-attributes?lang=eng). I love that. I read a story of a lady whose son was gravely injured but continued in faith and was guided to know what to do and her son was miraculously healed. God works his power in response to our faith. That's why he says that if miracles have stopped it is because people are not righteous. I love learning about faith!
The rains are setting in here in Oregon! But it still stays Happy in Happy Valley:) I love serving a mission! I am so blessed to be able to serve! I am constantly grateful and amazed with the things that the Lord has blessed me with. He has given me so much! I have met wonderful people and I really have changed. Maybe not appearance wise-but inside I really have changed. This gospel and the purpose of life has become so much more clear to me. My view of the world and of religion and people and a hundred other things has changed completely. I've learned so much from talking with so many people and being able to share my beliefs and learning to become a Christlike missionary. Of all the things I have learned the thing that is most important and clear to me is that I know that God lives and that Jesus is the Christ and that Joseph Smith was and is his prophet. I really do know because of the things I have seen and the people I have met that this gospel is the ONLY way back to God. You can't expect to get there in some 'easy' way. This IS important.
I love you family so much! I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend at the cabin! Love the cabin! I feel like it's kind of like the cabin here with the wind and the smell of the trees! Love it! I love you so much!
Oh and just so you know some of you have mentioned sending letters. I haven't gotten any letters in a while so I think the mail is kind of mixed up with transfers and us moving and everything. Sorry! I will let you know when I get mail again. 

Love Sister Kaitlyn Beard

"To those who believe anything or everything could be true, the declaration of objective, fixed, and universal truth feels like coercion--“I shouldn’t be forced to believe something is true that I don’t like.” But that does not change reality. Resenting the law of gravity won’t keep a person from falling if he steps off a cliff. The same is true for eternal law and justice. Freedom comes not from resisting it but from applying it. That is fundamental to God’s own power. If it were not for the reality of fixed and immutable truths, the gift of agency would be meaningless since we would never be able to foresee and intend the consequences of our actions."
Free Forever, to Act for Themselves

A long time ago when we signed the legacy poster in St. Helens!

A long time ago when Evelyn Herendeen went through the temple

Wow last transfer

Our pepper spray:)

The view from the old apartment

an emergency exchange with these sisters! Sister Ivins and Thorson.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 38: Moving from the Taj Mahal...

Dearest Family,

We just had news that we have to move! We live in the Taj Mahal...(is that how you spell it?)! The nicest apartment complex in the mission. We live there with Hermana Porter and Stidham. Well... They are kicking all of us out! We are really sad! We are going back to the old apartment on the corner of the mission (quite a ways from the majority of the people we are teaching) and the Hermanas are going to live in Gresham. :( The ASL sisters are moving in. I guess there is going to be 6 of them so they probably need our place... ah well. And Sister Burraston is getting transferred to Hazeldell in Vancouver. So we are back down to two. Anyway lots of changes in the zone!

We have had a great week here in Oregon! Tuesday morning we got to drive to Vancouver to watch Meet the Mormons. I hope you have all got to see it because it was AWESOME! We were laughing and crying! Ah it was just amazing. I think the missionary mom story hit the missionary crowd the hardest as each of us had those scenes of our own running through our heads. (can I also say the view of Salt Lake made me think "wow.... we really do live in a desert back there!). I loved all those stories. I love what the church is doing to help further the work. They are making so many opportunities available to us to use to share with our friends. We just need to take them. 

We have been super excited about a guy named Sam and his family that we are teaching! He is super busy and works all the time but has been adjusting his schedule so that he can meet with us! He really is searching to find the truth and it is amazing to see.

We had kind of a cool experience this week. So on Saturday we wanted to give Sam a church tour so we had it set up for 6 that night. Well that morning we were helping a less active sister clean up her pool and I just got this prompting to have her come with us on the tour. So We asked her and she said ya. So that night we met at the church and when we were driving and almost there Sam texts us and cancels. But we went anyway and met this sweet sister at the church. We had a great lesson with her and because of it she said she got the message and is coming to church! Obviously God doesn't do random! Only he would have known that Sam would have canceled and that experience would get this sweet sister to church. 

We met a guy this week who use to be a pastor. Then he apostatized from his faith. I don't know how else to describe it. I can't imagine what he did to his poor congregation by falling away. He doesn't believe in Christ anymore. That was the most heart breaking conversation. We don't have all the answers. But God has given us a lot of answers and look at how many people can't even handle those. It is so sad. It's like the scripture in 2 Nephi 28:30 "30 For behold, thus saith the Lord God: I will give unto the children of men line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little and there a little; and blessed are those who hearken unto my precepts, and lend an ear unto my counsel, for they shall learn wisdom; for unto him that receiveth I will give more; and from them that shall say, We have enough, from them shall be taken away even that which they have." (http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/2-ne/28?lang=eng). We have to be so careful we don't become foolish and think we have enough because it truly does happen like that! No joke! So many people become like this man and lose everything that they once understood.

We went to teach Maggie this week. We knew that last time we saw her she had talked like she would drop us this week. I was really sad about that. This week I brought my violin. Well I decided to play Meditations from Thais for her. She didn't know the title but as soon as I started playing I heard her say "oh!". It was kind of amazing. At one point I kind of just forgot the song (I forget if I don't get to practice and I didn't get to practice last monday) well I played it anyway. The angels really helped! Anyway. Nothing can explain my astonishment as I finished and look up to find Maggie in shaking sobs. When she was finally able to get in control of her emotions she told me that that was her Father's favorite song. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she was the most open and receptive I have EVER seen her. And although we left with the assurance that 'these meetings can't go on forever' we know that she felt the spirit. That was probably one of the most amazing musical experiences I have had. 

So Jason is doing awesome! We've been meeting with him a lot and this week he has decided that today is the day he stops smoking! He's fasted and prayed for strength! We are really excited. He's been coming to church solidly for several weeks now. (Gave us a pinky promise and then came... so we discovered he doesn't brake those. So now we do those a little more:) Anyway we are really excited. I am relieved he is pretty open about things he is thinking about doing so we can suggest him to not do things that are braking the commandments and going to make his life a lot harder again. He is really getting so excited about the church again! It's awesome! We called him on his birthday and he was having a bad day and so we asked him what his favorite dessert is and he said "church!" Hmmm.... That is a little weird but at least he likes church!

We got to go and make dinner for Sister Grismore. She is on chemo right now and so we got to go cook her dinner. She does really good on treatment.

We are teaching this lady named Tonya. She is really quiet but on fire! We asked her to read and we came back and she read 1 Nephi 1-6 and Moroni 1-9. She was going to come to church but the member who was suppose to get her got lost and so we will have to work on that this week. But we are really excited! 

On Friday we were planning at night in the apartment and the Hermanas were too. With ipads we have what is called airdrop where you can drop photos, documents etc to anyone in the region. Well I all of a sudden start getting a ton of airdrops from Hermana Porter of ugly cats. Oh it was a great night! We will miss the Hermanas!

We saw Bro. Beard over yonder this week and he was talking about some home repair project and I just had to say "spoken like a true Beard" oh I love finding family!

I love you all so much! You are the greatest family. I love you and miss you so much! I hope that you have a great week! I pray for you every day! 
Wow I can't believe Taylor is home already! Sounds like she gave a great homecoming talk! Well I love you!

OOH and Sister Stone and I are going to start doing personal progress this week! She never completed hers so we are SUPER stoked! 

Love you all!

Love, Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Sister Arlint

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 37: I love General Conference!

Dearest Family,

Wasn't that an amazing conference? I felt like a lot of the conference
was focused on prophets and making sure you don't follow the tide and
leave the church. How true. And how dangerous that pathway really is.
That was a super powerful and bold conference! It kind of blew me

It's hard to pick favorites so I will just write some of the things
that really stood out to me.

I LOVED the talks in the native language! That was pretty much the
coolest thing ever!

"Every subjects duty is the king but every subjects soul is his own."
"Ponder the path of thy feet"
"Decisions determine destiny"
"We must never trifle with sacred things"
Temple and family history work should be more of a family activity
than a church activity.
Absolute truth exists.
If I continue to live in this way will the blessings in my patriarchal
blessing be fulfilled?
Keep your eyes on the leaders of the church "we cannot lead you astray"
I loved what Elder Nelson said about how 15 men from all walks of life
have to have an unanimous vote on every issue. So really the answer
has to be from God. Working in a trio... ya 3 people is hard enough!
Answers have to be from God!
When we feast upon the words of God we are protected and preserved
physically and spiritually.
And many more! #LDSconf

Well anyway conference was the best.

On Monday near the end of p-day. Elder Tauteoli (who served in St.
Helens 2nd when it was an Elder area) told me that Pam Howe was going
through the temple the next day. He was calling people to try and
figure out if it was for sure. He figured it out and then I started
calling people to give us a ride. We had a lot of conflicts (like
appointments) but somehow everything just worked out. We were able to
go to the temple on Tuesday with Pam! She recently found out she has
cancer and currently has no voice and is loosing her hair. It was a
wonderful experience to be with her in the temple. I was also once
again reunited with Sister Major. We decided we really love these
reunions in the temple! There is nothing to match it! The temple is a
wonderful place. It is so amazing to be able to go there with people
you have taught and worked with. President Thomas always would tell us
that baptism is just the start. The temple is the real deal. It
definitely feels like it must be a piece of heaven.

Tuesday we also got to have interviews with President Taylor. It was
really crazy. The one question I had decided I wasn't going to ask was
the one he answered of his own accord right when I walk in the room.
No one can even try and tell me that President Taylor isn't a man
called of God. He pretty much straight up told me that he could see a
change in me. He said that success isn't measured by baptisms or
numbers but on who we become. He said I am having a successful
mission. That was one of those moments where something you know
becomes something you understand. And I was crying like the rest of
the interview. He answered a lot of my questions. I am so grateful for
this wise man who really has been called of God.

By the end of Tuesday I was pretty drained spiritually! We had
district meeting but I was really just incapable of more spiritually
intense meetings at the moment.

We've had a pretty good week as far as investigators go. Jeanie is
doing really well with the gospel though she isn't so much physically.
She's been in the hospital all weekend.

We finally got in with Annie Beard! That was super exciting even
though it was a short visit. She's super awesome.

Our downstairs, across the hall neighbor Terri (who we go and invite
to everything though she can never come) yelled at us out her window
the other day and ran down with a bunch of small bags she'd bought for
us. That was awesome! She's great!

Bishop Archibald was able to let me come to his office for a dentist
checkup. He was super nice and sincerely desired to help me! Turns out
I'm just a wimp but really my teeth have been hurting! Ah well...
Anyway it was an extremely interesting dentist visit. First of all to
have your dentist be your bishop. Then to have him coat your teeth
with sugar to trigger pain and find a cavity.... it was very bizarre.
But he was really pulling all the stops to help me!

We have this guy we are teaching who calls everyone 'wolf'. "Hey how
are these young wolfs today?" "She was a bright young wolf" etc....
He's a character to be sure! But we think he felt the spirit this week
as he was actually quiet and listening intently for a little while.

We've met some awesome people this week and it has been awesome!

We heard that Brother Coleman watched conference this weekend!
That made us super excited! Conference is the best! Best news we could
ever get!

Also our Samoan friend Sam texted us this morning with "stay on the
boat" so hey! He watched conference too! Super excited about that!

I've had a super rough weekend so on Saturday night we called the STLs
(sister training leaders) for an exchange (sorry Aubrey! Exchanges are
where we switch companions and areas with leadership so for the
sisters it's STLs. For Elders its district leaders and district
leaders go on exchanges with zone leaders.Usually happens once a
transfer unless you are in a trio or you need another) So they came
and picked me up and I spent Sunday with them in Gresham! It was
really a blessing. Sister Ivins and Sister Thorson are wonderful
sisters and I am really glad that they were able to do that. The
sisters saw a bunch of miracles while I was gone so it will be fun to
meet their new people. Gresham was definitely as Sister Ivins and
Thorson said- weirder than Portland. We just had kind of a weird day
with random thing happen. And the Sisters called this lady to
repentance. So anyway it was an adventure.

Today we got to go hike Multnomah falls as a zone! It's a super pretty
waterfall in the Gorge! That was really fun.

Well this week we get to go watch Meet the Mormons in two groups as a
mission. So I will get to see it tomorrow! I encourage all of you to
go and see it on October 10th! (Friday). It is going to be awesome and
a great opportunity to bring people along and have fun with friends
and family! Everybody should go opening night!

Anyway I hope that you all have a wonderful week. I love you all so
very much. It's crazy that it is already October! Oh speaking of! The
October surprise is due! It's hidden on the Harry Potter wand box
thingy that is in my closet:)

I love you all so much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

All the sisters Stone, Koener, Abeling, Mertens, Burraston, Shmoekel,
 and me