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Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 37: I love General Conference!

Dearest Family,

Wasn't that an amazing conference? I felt like a lot of the conference
was focused on prophets and making sure you don't follow the tide and
leave the church. How true. And how dangerous that pathway really is.
That was a super powerful and bold conference! It kind of blew me

It's hard to pick favorites so I will just write some of the things
that really stood out to me.

I LOVED the talks in the native language! That was pretty much the
coolest thing ever!

"Every subjects duty is the king but every subjects soul is his own."
"Ponder the path of thy feet"
"Decisions determine destiny"
"We must never trifle with sacred things"
Temple and family history work should be more of a family activity
than a church activity.
Absolute truth exists.
If I continue to live in this way will the blessings in my patriarchal
blessing be fulfilled?
Keep your eyes on the leaders of the church "we cannot lead you astray"
I loved what Elder Nelson said about how 15 men from all walks of life
have to have an unanimous vote on every issue. So really the answer
has to be from God. Working in a trio... ya 3 people is hard enough!
Answers have to be from God!
When we feast upon the words of God we are protected and preserved
physically and spiritually.
And many more! #LDSconf

Well anyway conference was the best.

On Monday near the end of p-day. Elder Tauteoli (who served in St.
Helens 2nd when it was an Elder area) told me that Pam Howe was going
through the temple the next day. He was calling people to try and
figure out if it was for sure. He figured it out and then I started
calling people to give us a ride. We had a lot of conflicts (like
appointments) but somehow everything just worked out. We were able to
go to the temple on Tuesday with Pam! She recently found out she has
cancer and currently has no voice and is loosing her hair. It was a
wonderful experience to be with her in the temple. I was also once
again reunited with Sister Major. We decided we really love these
reunions in the temple! There is nothing to match it! The temple is a
wonderful place. It is so amazing to be able to go there with people
you have taught and worked with. President Thomas always would tell us
that baptism is just the start. The temple is the real deal. It
definitely feels like it must be a piece of heaven.

Tuesday we also got to have interviews with President Taylor. It was
really crazy. The one question I had decided I wasn't going to ask was
the one he answered of his own accord right when I walk in the room.
No one can even try and tell me that President Taylor isn't a man
called of God. He pretty much straight up told me that he could see a
change in me. He said that success isn't measured by baptisms or
numbers but on who we become. He said I am having a successful
mission. That was one of those moments where something you know
becomes something you understand. And I was crying like the rest of
the interview. He answered a lot of my questions. I am so grateful for
this wise man who really has been called of God.

By the end of Tuesday I was pretty drained spiritually! We had
district meeting but I was really just incapable of more spiritually
intense meetings at the moment.

We've had a pretty good week as far as investigators go. Jeanie is
doing really well with the gospel though she isn't so much physically.
She's been in the hospital all weekend.

We finally got in with Annie Beard! That was super exciting even
though it was a short visit. She's super awesome.

Our downstairs, across the hall neighbor Terri (who we go and invite
to everything though she can never come) yelled at us out her window
the other day and ran down with a bunch of small bags she'd bought for
us. That was awesome! She's great!

Bishop Archibald was able to let me come to his office for a dentist
checkup. He was super nice and sincerely desired to help me! Turns out
I'm just a wimp but really my teeth have been hurting! Ah well...
Anyway it was an extremely interesting dentist visit. First of all to
have your dentist be your bishop. Then to have him coat your teeth
with sugar to trigger pain and find a cavity.... it was very bizarre.
But he was really pulling all the stops to help me!

We have this guy we are teaching who calls everyone 'wolf'. "Hey how
are these young wolfs today?" "She was a bright young wolf" etc....
He's a character to be sure! But we think he felt the spirit this week
as he was actually quiet and listening intently for a little while.

We've met some awesome people this week and it has been awesome!

We heard that Brother Coleman watched conference this weekend!
That made us super excited! Conference is the best! Best news we could
ever get!

Also our Samoan friend Sam texted us this morning with "stay on the
boat" so hey! He watched conference too! Super excited about that!

I've had a super rough weekend so on Saturday night we called the STLs
(sister training leaders) for an exchange (sorry Aubrey! Exchanges are
where we switch companions and areas with leadership so for the
sisters it's STLs. For Elders its district leaders and district
leaders go on exchanges with zone leaders.Usually happens once a
transfer unless you are in a trio or you need another) So they came
and picked me up and I spent Sunday with them in Gresham! It was
really a blessing. Sister Ivins and Sister Thorson are wonderful
sisters and I am really glad that they were able to do that. The
sisters saw a bunch of miracles while I was gone so it will be fun to
meet their new people. Gresham was definitely as Sister Ivins and
Thorson said- weirder than Portland. We just had kind of a weird day
with random thing happen. And the Sisters called this lady to
repentance. So anyway it was an adventure.

Today we got to go hike Multnomah falls as a zone! It's a super pretty
waterfall in the Gorge! That was really fun.

Well this week we get to go watch Meet the Mormons in two groups as a
mission. So I will get to see it tomorrow! I encourage all of you to
go and see it on October 10th! (Friday). It is going to be awesome and
a great opportunity to bring people along and have fun with friends
and family! Everybody should go opening night!

Anyway I hope that you all have a wonderful week. I love you all so
very much. It's crazy that it is already October! Oh speaking of! The
October surprise is due! It's hidden on the Harry Potter wand box
thingy that is in my closet:)

I love you all so much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

All the sisters Stone, Koener, Abeling, Mertens, Burraston, Shmoekel,
 and me

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