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Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 41: Happy November!

Dearest Family,

This has been a really good week here in Happy Valley. 

We had a life changing district meeting this week. Elder Petersen gave an amazing training on what we call as missionaries "How to Begin Teaching" (it's found in Preach My Gospel chapter 10). We learned and role played first talking about the commitment we are going to extend then giving an overview of the lesson and then jumping into the lesson. I'll give a real life example that happened later that day. 
So we have been trying to get Sam to say the prayer with us for weeks. This lesson we started off with "At the end of this lesson we are going to invite you to pray and to pray specifically to know if the Book of Mormon is true." We gave him a couple sentence overview of what we were going to talk about and then started into the lesson of actually talking about it. At the end of the lesson we invited Sam to pray as we all knelt down and he said a VERY sincere prayer. It is an AMAZING teaching skill! Then the person we are teaching actually knows what we want them to do and has the whole lesson to prepare for it. So yep that was the most amazing district meeting I have EVER had. Elder Petersen is a really good district leader he really teaches us stuff we can actually apply to our lessons.

They had me play piano in district meeting... you can all probably guess how that went:) I don't expect to be asked again until my skill significantly improves. But hey! Now they will believe me that I can't play! 

We went to visit with a family in the ward who the husband is a member and the wife is not. We got a chance to visit with her. She has an Insane story! She is from Prague and grew up during communist times. We had a really good talk with her. She has a sincere desire to learn and try and find out who God is but is really struggling with it especially because of family pressure from her in-laws. Last time we visited we visited with her husband and Sister Stone volunteered me up for a musical number to play their guitar (he plays guitar a lot). Anyway so I guess she had heard about it and requested that I play guitar for her. So I played and sang Amazing Grace. She said we could come back ANY time to play guitar! AHHHHH!!!! I am stoked! I am going to have to really limit our time to once a week otherwise I would want to go over every day! 

We had a lesson with our friend Zach. He is atheist but really wants to know if there is a God. We have to really turn what we say to logic as well. (I posted about one of his questions of facebook-the spiritual artifacts). We were also talking about Jesus Christ. He believes that Jesus Christ lived just like the records say but doesn't know if he believes he was more than a man-the Son of God. We told him the evidence that he is the Son of God is the influence he has had on the world. What other human being has lived has created such an influence that EVERY SINGLE person who lives has to make a conscious choice whether or not they believe in him? There is none. There are many good and bad people who have had a widespread influence but none of them even compare to the influence of Jesus Christ. He really is more than an ordinary man. He really is the Son of God.

I love giving people evidence of God and who he is. There is plenty of obvious evidence. People just tend to look only single-mindedly at certain things and not others. I kind of feel like Nephi in the Book of Mormon "4 Behold, my soul delighteth in proving unto my people the truth of the coming of Christ; for, for this end hath the law of Moses been given; and all things which have been given of God from the beginning of the world, unto man, are the typifying of him."
2 Nephi 11:4 

So this week when we were meeting with Tonya we invited her to be baptized and is really excited! We have her on date for November 29th. We've been struggling getting her a ride to church with her three boys. The poorer area of our ward has a carpool system set up but all the cars are full! They have maybe 1 extra seat and we need 4. Finally on Saturday we had a thought to call Rebecca who is a sister who hasn't come to church regularly in a long time and really just needs motivation to come. She's been trying to get her neighbor Pok to come with her so she knows she has to go. Anyway she has 4 seats exactly! And we called her and she is totally willing! We really just wanted to start crying it was such amazing news! 

Ssssoooooo How was Halloween for everyone! We had a great celebration! Thursday we did a trunk or treat but did it inside since it was raining (who would have guessed) and so we all decorated a door. I'll send a picture. Our door was pretty great:) But I will have to send it next week sorry.

On Halloween we weren't suppose to knock doors but hey Dad! I got your letter later that night and that was a GENIUS idea! But anyway we ended up helping a sister in our ward pack instead. Then Saturday she was moving. We'd blocked out a couple hours to go and help her clean. Well we get there and there was a TON still to do. A lot of it still wasn't packed. We started cleaning and packing as the crew moved stuff out then took loads to her mini storage and to her apartment. As the time went on we really kept feeling like we needed to stay and help. Everyone was exhausted and there was still so much to do. Well we didn't have a dinner appointment so we just worked through that. We had two other appointments but as we drove away to them they both cancelled so we went back and stayed. By the end we ended up being the ones who cleaned the entire house. She definitely needed us there! And we definitely had God's help somehow because I can't believe we got all that done in the time we did. Hard to explain but it was a miracle! 

Last night I found out that Leland Beardslee in St. Helens passed away this week. It was a pretty rough night after that. Leland is amazing and I am really sad I won't get to visit him again. He always called us 'Honey' and he promised me he would read the Book of Mormon even though it was slow it was steady. My life has definitely been touched by dear sweet Leland. 

This week for Personal Progress we have been studying Divine Nature. Which honestly I never use to be able to understand why it was all about crafts, etc. But hey! Now I get it! It's about homemaking! Well We read an AWESOME talk this week that pretty much changed our lives. It was: The Honored Place of Woman by Ezra Taft Bensen. I really love Personal Progress. It is a pattern of study. It has really helped our companion study and unified us even more. (Here's a side note and personal opinion but I think Personal Progress is like meant to do with our mamas. It's so much fun doing this with Sister Stone!) We have started memorizing the Living Christ for our faith project.

We got to go hiking today for p-day! We hadn't found a ride and last night Elder Peterson called us and said he had one for them, us, and Mt Tabor! Best district leader ever! Beacon Rock! Beautiful hike! 

I love you all! I hope that you have a fantastic week! And enjoy the starting weather of winter too! 

By the way. This month's surprise is also for Aubrey and Kelsey's birthdays so you can get it when you like. It's in the play house. But take a picture out there and send it to me! I've been stoked for this one! Sorry if you already found it! 

I love you! 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Here's the zone on our hike this morning at the top of Beacon Rock.

Us and Sister Pancio who we helped move like all weekend. She's the best!

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