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Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 45: Welcome Home Laurann!!!! Can you believe it is already December???

Dearest Family,

Sorry to email so late! The Fallon's took us shopping (they're the ones who sent you that text last night Mom... if you got it!). Sister LeDoux didn't pack for winter! She's been slashing around in Toms in the freezing rain.... No Bueno. But the Fallon's are the best! We hang out with them a lot! Yesterday they were giving us a ride to an appointment and we found a lost dog who was starving and clearly had been hit by a car and couldn't use his back legs! So we took him home (sorry to the Fallons:) and fed him and bathed him and then they found his owner eventually and we went to an appointment. Adventures!

Happy Thanksgiving! And Welcome Home Laurann! I hope you all have had a wonderful week! It sounds like it's been a wonderful reuniting! 

This week has been full of adventures! Tuesday was my last day in Happy Valley. We ended up having the most amazing productive day either of us have ever had day before transfers! We saw everyone we are working closely with! Tonya, Jeanie, Sam, Amber, and the Beards. We worked super hard and it was awesome! I really love Happy Valley. I am definitely going to miss working there but I trust the Lord. He's done good to me thus far I know this change is also for the best.

So Nehalem is a walking area! I am really grateful to be in one for the winter! I got here and was really disappointed to see that there are not really any investigators at all. They've just been working with less active members which is awesome it just doesn't get people baptized! We're suppose to have a 50-50 balance and it's not there currently. But we've been working our tails off this week and so hopefully someday soon we will have some solid people to help teach. 

You know you've left Portland when.......... Sister LeDoux points out the 'sketchiest' part of our area and says we don't go there after dark and it's not even close to where I just came from haha! Vancouver's definitely not Portland! 

I'm actually about one ward away from Oakhurst. It feels totally like Oakhurst! Washington and Oregon have a different feel about them. And Vancouver all pretty much feels the same. It's funny because in Oregon (St. Helens and more particularly Happy Valley) events with the members in the ward took forever. In Happy Valley if we were concentrating and working really hard we could maybe get out of a dinner appointment in an hour and a half. But in Vancouver we are out in 45 minutes easy and an hour is a long dinner. Anyway enough of my random tangents. 

I've been adjusting to this new area better and faster than any area before so that's always a good sign. I guess I'm just getting better at adjusting to total change. I'm blessed to be moving around a lot and I get to know a lot of people. 

On Saturday I was able to return to Happy Valley for Tonya's baptism! Ah! It was amazing! One time when I was on exchanges with the STLs I asked Sister Ivins how she became a baptizing missionary. And she told me "I love seeing people in the water." When last transfer took a turn and Sister Stone and I were able to stay together we both felt we needed to become baptizing missionaries. I feel like I can now say I love seeing people in the water! There is no sweeter experience than seeing someone who you have worked with and watched change enter the waters of baptism! I can't wait for the day when I can also see her go to the temple! This gospel is amazing! She was just glowing after her baptism. 

Sometimes I wish I could stay with people longer in an area so I could see then keep progressing. But then I remember how I have to move on to meet more people. The Lord really is directing his work. I feel so privileged to be able to be a part of it. I feel so privileged to have been able to be one of the missionaries who was able to teach Tonya and help her prepare for baptism. What a blessing! I am so grateful! And what a privilege it will be to be united with everyone I know and have been able to interact with on a mission and in life in the Kingdom of Heaven! 

Anyway I am pretty much addicted to missionary work. Is that allowed? It's like the best thing ever! 

So some other random things. Here in Nehalem we have an awesome sister named Hailee who is turning in her mission papers soon and who goes out with us a ton. It's awesome! I am so excited! 

We met a man named Andro. He's super awesome. He's been pretty spotty with the missionaries thus far so hopefully we can get him to start being more solid so we can teach him more.

We met an awesome lady named Dani. She had a heart transplant a couple years ago. It was cool to hear how her challenges have brought her closer to God. 

A couple random facts. There's a couple asylum houses in the area... those are a little interesting. We live with a sister in the ward who owns 13 dogs.... imagine my horror as they are all yorkies. It kind of disgusts me and I don't want to look at any of them! Too many ah! Christmas decor is going up! We got away with only eating 2 Thanksgivings (it was a close one! But a good thing because there was no way I could eat any more)! It's kind of freezing here. I spoke aloud my wish for full gloves and then within an hour someone had donated a pair of gloves to me! The Lord provides! Sister LeDoux will run in the mornings! We don't eat dessert every meal here! The church is out of the stake boundaries but the stake center is in our area.... (don't ask I don't know why). Well I think that concludes our random facts for the week! 

Well it may be that I've come to this area to help get some baptisms going! Sister LeDoux is all on board for finding and getting some people to baptism. I am just LOVING this work! 

Pretty much I just love being a missionary and love this work like nothing else! And pretty much I love you all a ton and really hope that you have a wonderful week! We get to have our Mission Christmas Party which includes a trip to the temple so I am definitely going to have a good week!

As you might have seen in the Ensign this month the church has launched a new video called He is the Gift. It's AMAZING! Search it out and watch it! Then take the He is the Gift pass along cards and hand them out to the grocery store checker or whoever you please! Let's spread the true message of Christmas this year and take advantage of the wonderful things that have been provided for us. Go toChristmas.mormon.org!

I love you all!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Sister Stone cut my hair!

Tonyas baptism!

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