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Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 46: A Happy Christmas to you!

Dearest Family,

Sorry again for emailing late. We had another wonderful adventure with the Fallons! We went and did a mini sub-for-santa and then went and played soccer indoor soccer challenging the Vancouver West Zone! It was awesome!

I hope  you have had a wonderful week! We've has a wonderful week here in Nehalem!

We had our mission Christmas party on Tuesday. It was super awesome can I just say? I just LOVE being able to be reunited with all my missionary friends... I guess not all. There's a lot that have already gone home. But many of them. I love being able to be united with all the mission though! It's seriously so wonderful! It was wonderful to be able to go to the temple! I LOVE the temple so much! Anyway it was really wonderful! 

We've had a pretty good week. We've taught quite a few people and found a couple more people to start teaching. It's been really cool. Both the people we found this week to start teaching happened after we showed them the He is the Gift video. It is really awesome!

Speaking of He is the Gift. We've been told to share it with EVERYONE. Well ya good short christian Christmas video you would think many people we talk to would be open to watching or having a short Christmas message. Not so. It seems like people don't want to give us an inch in case we take a foot. We've met a lot of people who share our belief in Christ this week who don't want to have a short Christmas message from us no way! That just makes me SO sad! That can't possibly be a true Christ-like action. Our conversations often go like this "We have a short Christmas video we wanted to share do you have a minute to watch it?" "No, I already have a church and won't be joining yours" We walk away from that house wondering if they need their ears checked. We didn't ask them to join our church! Just watch a 2 minute Christmas video! Anyway that's the classic response here in the northwest. We try and share some spiritual thought or offer service and they say they don't want to join our church. Ah well. Some people listen so those are obviously the ones who we are looking for. 

We have a lady we are teaching named Dani. She's taken the lessons several times before but this time is definitely different. She is really open to the spirit. I love to see people open up and listen. It's like watching a flower blossom. 

We were walking to an appointment one day and we see this bird with a broken wing. So Sister LeDoux with her big heart chases it down and throws her coat on it and catches it (it's a big scary crow mind you). Well then what? Ya we have no idea so we call Hailee (she's the one we have many adventures with and who found the sad lost dog last week) well anyway we ended up doing nothing but it was a great adventure. 

We talked to this guy and his family about 4:00 on Saturday. They kindly declined our message. Then we were out in the neighborhoods for an hour and then were back in that neighborhood. We saw them again and by this time it was dark. The man snidely offers us some beer and keeps making stupid comments as we walk down the street (very quickly and with great purpose). Hmmmm.... people are a little more bold in their dirty ways at night aren't they? I wanted to offer him some mace but that would have probably been a little uncalled for. 

So we just happened upon a nice man named Bruce this week! He lives in a 5 acre plot  that is fenced, surrounded by a line of tall trees hedging his property, with barb wire all around and 2 dogs one which is more wolf like than a dog. So lucky us he was getting his garbage cans from the road and so we got to talk to him! He told us if we ever need help to yell over the fence and him or the dogs will hear us. He was really interested in the Book of Mormon. When we told him the about Joseph Smiths first vision of seeing God the Father and Jesus Christ he was astonished. He told us some amazing experiences he has had with light. Anyway it's really cool to hear peoples spiritual journeys. 

We were teaching one of our investigators with our ward mission leader and another ward missionary and it was awesome! Our ward mission leader is an engineer and he did a whole engineering math analogy with our engineer investigator and I was like 'oh man! I've missed this refreshing math stuff!' It was like a breath of fresh air. (p.s. this story is for you Dad. Love you!) Well he talked about how if each of us had a grade I might be -47 and another guy might be 0 and another guy might be 10. But Christs atonement is infinity. So it doesn't matter how our numbers add up. As long as we do our best and follow Christs teachings his infinity adds ours up to infinity. I loved that! You gotta love math! It makes sense!

We always seem to have a really good night on Sundays! Last night we were out tracting and we were running late and were about to turn into pumpkins but we saw a cute old Russian couple walking by so we started talking to them. Their English was limited and our Russian is very much only like 3 phrases but we were just laughing and talking. My favorite was we were asking their names and address so we can visit them again and the husband said "kids, grandkids!" as in 'what else do you need' haha we were asking a lot of questions:) At one point I was talking to the wife and I see the husband give Sister LeDoux a big kiss! It was on her ear but she said it probably would have been otherwise if she hadn't turned her head! Oh man that was just super funny and great. Anyway we totally are going to try and teach them. Sister LeDouxs brother served in Russia so he is sending us a bunch of phrases and stuff to get started with. And we've got videos and such! And broken English and pictures. 

Dani came to church this week! It is the first time Sister LeDoux has really ever had that experience of having an investigator come to church so I was super excited for that! 

A lot of people we are teaching and working with are really struggling with understanding when they feel the spirit. It's got me thinking and studying a lot about the spirit. I love how much there is to study to answer our questions. I love the words of the living prophets as well! The Christmas devotional was so awesome! I've been reading in Alma and oh I love Alma! I love how perfect it all is for missionary work too. I feel like the scriptures are written for missionary work! 

Anyway life is great here in Nehalem! We're stoked for the upcoming week. I'm having tons of fun and stuff so it's great. Sister LeDoux is a lot of fun and super easy for me to get along with. Anyway I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

P.S. Washington is so fun! They decorate a lot of the evergreen trees along the roads with ornaments and things. It's super fun! I love Christmas!

An amazing talk to read is called Gifts by President Monson April 1993 I believe is when it was. It is really amazing.

Our temporary trio after the mission party! Sister Bonham.

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