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Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 49

Dearest Family,

Merry Christmas!!!!! It was so good to see you on Christmas! Highlight of the week to be sure! I hope the Honduras trip is going well! I love what a wonderful family I have! 

So really this Christmas was wonderful! Not one I will remember for excellent missionary work and success but one I will remember for a really wonderful experience and just happy!

So on Christmas Eve we went to Sister Tuckers house and she helped us make ornaments for everyone that we are teaching. It took a lot longer than we expected but turned out good. We ate a delicious seafood dinner at the Mitchells! I was a little horrified when they pulled out a whole half a GINORMOUS crab and put it on my plate. That filled me up and left no room for Salmon...sad day... but delicious! 
We had invited the ward to go caroling with us and so we bought hot chocolate and cups and had a huge jug of water (which was really hard trying to figure out how to arrange that) well then... only 4 other people showed up: Us and Jelsey and Kobe and Brother Peirson and his daughter. But it was really fun and hopefully we brought the Christmas spirit to a couple people. So it was super awesome! (side note: no one wanted hot chocolate).

On Christmas we made scones for Sister Owen which she loved! She was in such a good mood! She loves scones! Then the Trumbulls from the Brush Prairie ward invited the zone over for breakfast. This was probably the best day of my life because they have a ton of animals and my life was overwhelmingly happy when they had a BABY LLAMA!!!!! Only 8 days old and OH she was SOOO cute! So yep. I think I will be getting a baby llama one day. They are just super great. And apparently they will defend your sheep and goats from coyotes. Maybe we needed a llama in Florida! I guess Harry survived but it might have been a good idea:)

We went caroling at an old folks home on Christmas night. Sister Major and Sister Herpich came with us. We sang to the group that is losing their memory. I took my violin and played the intro and melody while they sang. We did all the Christmas songs and all the versus in the hymn book which takes about 45 minutes for future reference! It was really fun! They loved it and the workers especially loved it! I think they really appreciated some Christmas spirit while at work. 

So it really was one of the best Christmas's! And Sister LeDoux and I walked home in the rain singing Christmas carols the whole way! It was wonderful!

We've been in post Christmas missionary shock. We go to talk to people and keep saying "Hey we're the missionaries... we are out sharing a   (pause as we almost say Christmas)   message about Jesus Christ." Then we have to think about what we are actually going to share. We've been sharing a Christmas message for a month now and all of a sudden that's not oh so relevant so it's throwing us off a little. 

I learned that one of the brothers in my ward Brother Greener was missionary companions with Monte Belnap! The head of the violin department at BYU. I guess he trained Brother Greener. Small world! 

We've had some good experiences the last couple days. We were able to meet with Luda again finally! There's quite a language barrier so we spent like 15 minutes doing all sorts of activities to explain what a prophet is. Luckily we have some fail proof activities I picked up from Brother Klein in Happy Valley.  

Matt keeps trying to drop us whenever we go over. He tells us he doesn't know about the mormons he is happy with his church except for all these things that drive him crazy so he's really not happy. So we tell him 'well Matt we haven't even told you anything about our message!' So he realizes he needs to actually give this message a chance. Ah well. 

We've heard that there is going to be sun three day this week! It makes me SO happy!

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful week. I found a really good scripture I really like in D&C 111:2 I believe. It talks about being instruments in the Lord's hands in helping people find the gospel. That's how it's done! God doesn't work by some magical means. His miracles are small and simple and as far as the spreading the gospel goes they go through us! 

I love you all MUCHO! 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

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