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Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 50: Happy New Years!

Dearest Family,

Happy New Years everybody! Can you believe it's already 2015? 

We've had a pretty good week here. There's been a flu epidemic around the area so half the houses if not more are sick and unavailable. And I've been sick the second half of the week so it's been a little slower as I've taken like 5 naps. One day it was like get up. go running. nap. study. nap. go to a lesson. nap. go to a couple more lessons. nap. nap again. go to bed. :) 

New Years Eve was a normal day for us. We just went out as usual. We had a fun dinner with the Serra family and talked a lot about missionary work with their boys. So that was fun! They have fireworks like all night here! It's illegal in Oregon so everyone crosses the river and shoots off fireworks like all night long. We could see a couple of them from our window. 

We met some French guys on New Years over here from Portland but... one was from Paris and one from somewhere else (probs over here for the fireworks and other such adventures) and I was racking my brains for any of my french but... alas. It has all been forgotten in the attempts to learn Spanish! But that was pretty sweet! First french people I've met here. 

We're still trying to gather up some people to teach. We've done a lot of door to door activity and we've found a couple people to potentially teach so we will see.

It's been a long shot recently trying to help the ward work more with the less active members in the ward. Sister LeDoux was once less active herself and so she really doesn't trust the ward and just wants to help all the less active members. But recently we've come up with a game plan so that the ward can take more care of the less actives and we can have more time and energy to look for people to teach. We selected 3 families out of our teaching pool and are giving them to the ward. I am really excited to see how this is beginning to work out. The ward council got the message and it's in the works and already we've been blessed to find several more people to hopefully teach. It's been amazing. I will keep you updated on how this all works out but I feel that this is going to be something amazing and I am really excited. 

We met a lady from Ukraine this week. She told us that her mother spent 15 years in jail because she was Christian. She told us in school they would give her class candy and such but not her because she was Christian. She wanted to come here to have the freedom of religion. When she went to the embassy to get her visa and such they asked her why she wanted to come and she told them and they made it super easy and sent her on her way over here. It's amazing to see that this land is really a land blessed by God for religious freedom. The Book of Mormon helps us recognize that because it tells us of the promises of God that this land is to be a land where we can worship God. 

Sister LeDoux loves to do role plays of 'calling up the ladder'. Whenever we need to ask President Taylor something we have to call our district leader then the zone leaders then the assistants to the president so we don't bother President Taylor with triffles and such. So whenever something happens like we meet some crazy dude Sister LeDoux and I now role play calling up the ladder for some stupid thing. It's great! So that's what we do for fun while tracting! :)

We have a bunch of Young Women in this ward who are preparing to serve missions and who are wanting to come out with us. It's super great! This week we had Madi come out with us when we went to a lesson and tracting. She taught me so much! I really wish I could remember what it was like to be new at this sometimes. It was so amazing to see how much she loves the gospel and these people at the door. She wants them to hear this message SO bad. But because of her love we had a lot longer conversations with people than it would have been with just us who are not as energetic anymore in the face of rejection. I am so glad we have so many people willing to come out with us. They teach me a lot! 

Oh Ps transfer letters came/ didn't come so we are staying together for another transfer! Should be fun! Sister LeDoux will have lived with Sister Owen for half of her mission at the end of this next transfer! Though she's served in two areas. 

We've decided to adopt President Thomas's tradition of Saturday morning breakfast. We made scones for Sister Owen on Christmas and this morning and it was super awesome so we are going to start making her breakfast every Saturday or maybe Friday. Anyway we are excited and she is super excited as well!

We finally had a good district meeting this week! We talked about President Taylors email he sent about that talked a lot about Christlike attributes. I love learning about Christ. I love learning about his attributes I feel like I stand more and more in awe the more that I learn. 

Well I hope that you are all excited for school (since it started today and all you know!) I hope that you have such a wonderful week! We've got a good week ahead of us so we are excited!

Oh I forgot! we got to talk to a deaf lady this week! Well... Sister LeDoux did! But I understood most of the conversation (though it was super simple) but hey I'm learning! It's great!

Well I love you and hope you have a good week!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

PS I sent you something that should come this week (let me know). Also the surprise for this month is SUPER great! It's in the corner cabinet in the living room upstairs. It's in the bottom in a box perched precariously on something fragile so careful! Hope you love it and respond back about it por favor! I saved it for when Laurann would come home and now you moved:( but you'll have to visit Laurann!

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