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Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 51:Despite the challenge

Dearest Family,

I hope that you have had an amazing week!

We had kind of a bad week over here. I am feeling better so that is
always good. We had almost 20 lessons cancel this week. It was really
hard to not get discouraged. By Saturday mid afternoon we realized
that literally all of our lessons that day were also canceled and so
we kind of just sat down and had a cry session. We decided to call
President Taylor because we had really hit a low. He told us that it's
not our fault. Sometimes it's the Lord trying us. He thinks it's
probably the weather (and this King Kong flu going around!) He really
helped us out so that we had the energy and motivation to keep going.

We did a lot of walking and a lot of walking in the rain this week! On
Wednesday we had a day were all our lessons canceled and all our rides
canceled so we ended up traversing our area over three times pretty
much! By the end of the day we were pretty ready to just go in. But
the Lord always provides a miracle. Our dinner didn't cancel!!!!! Haha
that's only he start of the miracle. We then were able to go out with
Sister Kofoed and she gave us a referal last minute to a lady. When
she was describing the location he house of a guy we met a month or
two earlier came to mind. We'd actually had the thought earlier that
we should go and see him. So we bucked up our courage and marched
across our area again just for the chance that they were home. We
knocked and Ron answered and said "come in!" Once we entered he said
"I read your pamphlet and I'm really interested. I have a lot of
questions." Talk about a miracle! I really hope he continues and feels
the spirit. But either way I am so grateful for that experience. I
know that the Lord will always give us a miracle. On the easy days
it's not so evident but on the hard days it's golden sunshine and
vitamin D! Something you long for and can't miss!

This week I've been thinking a lot about charity. President Taylor
pointed us to a talk once hat talked about reasons why we serve in the
church and they all apply completely to missionaries who are serving
full time. Well I think we all end up serving for all of the reasons
but the highest and the reason we should serve is for charity. I think
there comes points like this last week when it's super hard that you
can't serve for any of the other reasons besides charity. It's just
too hard. Nothing else is worth it. But it is amazing to see how love
plays into this work and how when we can learn to serve out of love
there won't be anything to stand in our way. No bad days will ever be
too hard.

I was reading in the ensign this week about the story of when Jesus
was suffering in the garden of Gethsemane and he asked his apostles to
watch with him. But they couldn't stay awake. He came back three times
and asked why could they not watch with him one hour? It reminded my
of a song from the Nashville Tribute Bands CD Redeemer. It comes from
Peters perspective wishing he had stayed awake and promising that from
now on he will be wide awake. It made me really thing of the remorse
that would come from that. You can imagine how it struck me that this
time of falling asleep, this time where we could be wide awake was
likened unto the time we spend taking the sacrament. Do we hear the
Savior asking US to stay awake and watch with him for just an hour?
Will we, like Peter, also now commit to be wide awake and watch with
the Savior? The sacrament is something that I am really trying to

This week we ran into a Muslim family. They invited us in and it was
soon apparent he wanted bible bash... well quaran bash or whatever!
But it ended up turning into a super good and respectful lesson after
a while. I really love meeting all sorts of faiths and cultures! It's
super awesome!

Hailee Fallon got her mission call to North Carolina this week! We are
super stoked for her! There she was wondering when her call would come
and they hadn't checked the mail in a week! That makes me laugh! It
did get me thinking though. I wish I would have understood what a
privilege it is to serve in the states when I opened my mission call.
There's such a stigma with that. I wish there wasn't. I wish I would
have understood and been able to see what a blessing this is. But
unfortunately understanding comes slowly it seems. Anyway I am super
grateful to be serving here. This is an amazing place and there are so
many blessings I know I will be able to enjoy from serving here in the
Washington Vancouver Mission!

Things here with Sister Owen have become amazing lately! Doing
breakfast with her has transformed our relationship and now things are
very positive! I've definitely learned a really good lesson on the
importance of service in the home. It's somethings you know but have
to continually apply.

We had an awesome p-day playing indoor soccer vs. Van West! We still
won but last time we wopped them so I guess this transfer we are a
little better matched :) It's a once a transfer activity and seriously
the best!

We kidnapped the puppy this week and brought him upstairs while we
planned. And now he always expects such special treatment. What a
demanding little guy! haha! it's great.

The ward mission plan was presented this Sunday and can I just say I
am stoked? This is seriously such an amazing plan and an awesome ward
council! For the most part I have been blessed to work with awesome
leaders on my mission. I am really excited to see how the ward
progresses with these goals! One of them is quarterly talks on home
and visiting teaching from the bishopbric which is going to help a
ton! Home and visiting teaching is so important and when that is down
so is a ton of other things in the ward! and the missionary work is a
lot more difficult because we end up doing a lot of work trying to
help people come back to church.

Well we have high hopes for this upcoming week. If anything we are
learning a lot and having a good time for the most part (except for
when we cry our eyes out but that only happened like 2x this week so
the other 2032390419084x were happy!)

Anyway I love you all so much! I hope that you have a wonderful week
and look forward to hearing about it!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

The puppy!

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