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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 52: A whole year old!!!!!

Dearest Family,

How have you been this week? I love you all so much I hope it has been an amazing week! 

This week has been really good for us which has been such a relief. It flew by super fast! We've even had some sunny days to be mixed in with all the rainy ones! I love the sun! 

This week we've had some really good language studies (for those not immediate family I told them this during skyping but President Taylor gave Sister LeDoux permission to do language study for half an hour every day and try it out. So Sister LeDoux studies Russian and I study Spanish. Well this week we've been working on verbs so we choose 10 and then we both work on them and practice making up sentences and then we pretty much communicate in ASL:) So we say our sentences (well try to. We're probably all wrong) and sign it at the same time so we both know. It's pretty hilarious! But hey I figure we expand our signing ability and then the other languages to match that and we'll start getting somewhere. Anyway it's just funny. 

We had zone meeting on Wednesday and wow! Missionary meetings are like a lifeline! I think not having one last week might have contributed to such a rough week for us. But it was really such an amazing meeting! We talked a lot about faith, baptising, and managing stress. 

We were meeting with a less active brother in the ward who has a really hard time with reading comprehension and memory. Well he told us that in 1 Nephi 2 they go camping and we were like shouting for joy! While with other people we might be like "not quite" with him we are like YES! That is close enough! Awesome! I've never been so excited for such a small huge improvement!

We visited Mary one night this week and she'd just gotten in town. She has some crazy stuff going on right now with her family. But she told us she has been reading the Book of Mormon (doesn't remember what she read... don't know why that is such a problem!) But she said that it's really just strengthening her faith that the Catholic faith is the one for her. Luckily she expounded on that and told us it's because it is familiar to her. It's like remembering her childhood. Which makes us feel a lot better! Of course it's not like some dramatic difference! It's helping you come closer to Christ and that is the same. The witness that there is a modern prophet and that all the truth has been restored is different but it's really just building off what you already know. Anyway we are excited to be working with her and man! She really just feels like a kindred spirit! I sure love Mary! 

One day we were out walking in a neighborhood and we see a car drive by and we both (us and the 2 girls in the car) were like kind of staring at each other and confused because we both thought we knew each other. So in this awkward state they pull over and we walk over and realize... uh... no. we don't know each other. Actually they are Jehovah's Witnesses. So that was just kind of funny. They were out looking for Thai people because they are trying to learn Thai. Anyway if that was some premortal thing where we know each other then that's cool. But anyway that was kind of funny.

We had a good lesson with the Binghams. We watched Finding Faith in Christ. Brother Bingham said he would like to see some of those miracles now a days. Particularly raising the dead, calming the storm, and walking on water. It's funny how some of those types of stories have risen out of the woodwork lately. Brother Child in Happy Valley has a very firm sure belief in miracles. He told us once a story of when he was 12 he saw someone raised from the dead. This week already I've heard 2 stories of a priesthood holder commanding a storm to stop and it stopping. These miracles are definitely still around. 

The Portland dog show has been going on this weekend and Sister Owen has been busy showing her dogs. I guess she's been doing really good! We have another lady we met who shows dobermans. Hopefully we will get to start teaching her after the show. 

So we have someone in our records named Lacie that was a referal to this area because I actually found her in Oakhurst at her grandparents house! Well I've thought that was cool for quite a while. Well we got ahold of her this week and will be seeing her next week! I am super excited! 
We had a good lesson with the Sisumphous. I'd had some silly 'argument' with the dad about how black rice is awesome and he kept telling me it is purple rice not black. So this time they bought us purple rice. Wow (not the same thing for the record) that stuff is good! That's like better than dessert! (though it was cooked in coconut milk with coconut on top) So man! I've got to get me some of this purple rice! Also now I've got to get them some of this black rice!

Saturday was SUPER wet. We went out. Then came home and dried our clothes at lunch. Then went out. Then came home and dried our clothes at dinner. We put plastic bags around our feet in our rain boots and still our feet got soaked! (I'm still not sure how that happened). Anyway it was warm out so that was good! Gotta love the weather here! It's pretty awesome! (but not kidding)

We invited Kris to be baptized on February 21! And he is going to work for it! He is definitely doing it as a leap of faith. Not sure if he is willing to keep his commitments to get his answer but I sure hope he does. I guess all I can do is have faith that he will and expect it of him otherwise he never will.

I've been reading in the war chapters in Alma. I've been trying some different study techniques from Preach My Gospel and really trying to apply them to my life. It's really stood out to me how much it talks about faith and obedience. (Obviously something I'm suppose to be working on right now.) But everyone in battle who finds success shows perfect faith and obedience. I've realized that 'perfect' doesn't mean you don't fail and fall back sometimes. It just means that you continually hold fast and keep trying. The stripling warriors received many wounds. There were times when their faith and obedience ended with wounds. But they never fell. They stayed alive. That's how perfect faith and obedience can be for me and others. We may falter sometimes. We may get wounded. But as long as we are always trying and always picking up and trying our best again then we will be safe from the adversary. 

I love the scriptures. They were totally written for me. I love the scriptures! Especially the Book of Mormon. Everything in there applies to me! I really know the scriptures are the word of God for US. 

And prayer. Prayer is how we feel closer to Heavenly Father. I know I've heard that a thousand times but I get it now. It's really true.

I love you all so much! Have such an amazing week! I love being a missionary! I am so grateful for this privilege! I can't believe I will be hitting my year mark this week! It's crazy! It's been a blessed year to be sure! The hardest but the best. Two thoughts in the words of scriptures. "And no man taketh this honour unto himself, but he that is called of God, as was Aaron." Hebrews 5:4 "Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you." John15:16. This time to serve the Lord is such a gift.

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

RAndom lizzard thing! I forget what it's called! It sat on my lap for
an entire lesson! yay!

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