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Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 53: That awkward moment- Tuberculosis

Dearest Family,

I hope you have had a wonderful week! I've had a pretty good week! I guess first things first I'll start with the bad news. So on Thursday we had zone conference and it was somehow around that time that Elder Holt our district leader discovered that one of his investigators has tuberculosis. So after zone meeting all the missionaries who had taught him had to go get tested. So Sister LeDoux was among that crowd and ran off with that group to get tested. Well then Saturday the test was read and Elder Holt's came back positive. He's really freaking out and has been quarantined to his apartment until he can get a chest x-ray Monday. So we aren't exactly sure how this will go and who else may have to get tested or whatever. But if he has it he can't exactly go home and he can't work for 8 weeks. So we're just praying for a miracle there. 

Anyway other than that we've had a super good week.

We got to meet with Lacie! She is the girl I talked to in Oakhurst almost a year ago at her grandparents house. We had an appointment set but we are so use to people canceling and all sorts of things that when she had us come right in and sit down and was ready for whatever we had to say it totally threw us off. She's SO open and ready! It's super awesome and exciting! I definitely don't think it is coincidence that I got transferred here at this time! When we referred her the missionaries tried to contact her but she'd just gotten a job and so she was busy and now she just quit her job after Christmas. Perfect timing. God doesn't do random! 

Mary is doing super good! She does Mary Kay and asked us to come help her out and get facials so we went with Hailee and Madi and got facials! It was pretty fun! Mary is so sweet. She really wanted to have us come to thanks us and because we've been her friends, not even looking for our business. We had a lesson with her the next day and Madi and Hailee ended up coming to that. We really needed her to understand the Book of Mormon and how she can receive answers for herself. We asked her why no other church uses the Book of Mormon even though it's a testament of Jesus Christ. She was intrigued by that question. It's a question I have thought of at different times but I've learned that it's truly because it is a solid witness that Joseph Smith is a prophet (and we told Mary all this). That either it's the word of God and so the way we received it, through Joseph Smith, is real so he is a prophet and the church he helped establish is God's church. Or he made it up and none of it is real. It's really one or the other no in between. She asked another question that a lot of people ask too. Why can't she believe in both? Why aren't they all right? We told her all have truths and all good things come from God. But he is a God of order and he only has one church. And his church has his authority. And we explained the priesthood and such. Let me just say the spirit was really guiding in that lesson super directly and stuff. And at the end she said she sees why she needs to know for herself which is the greatest answer anyone can give a missionary!

I heard the super exciting news (from Happy Valley) that Tonya's mom is getting baptized!!!!! They live in another ward. Super cool story I will be brief.... I guess I only know parts. So they came with us and Tonya and the boys to great to be 8. Then they went to Texas for a month where they started attending church. They back here and continued attending and the missionaries started teaching them and now her mom is getting baptized!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!

We had a super awesome zone conference. I love big missionary meetings! I could listen to President Taylor for hours! They talked a lot about faith and miracles. President 
has given us a goal that is definitely going to require both. Something I learned that really changed my perspective is he asked us (in small break out sessions) who holds the priesthood keys to missionary work. He told us it's not him. It's the stake president. He, as the mission president, holds the keys over the missionaries. His biggest calling is to help us have a positive mission experience and return home converted ourselves. This gave such a different perspective on this goal and all the others he has previously given us. It's not about any number of baptisms it's helping us see that with the Lord and our faith and obedience and work and righteousness everything is possible. A lesson we can learn and remember for our entire lives. With that perspective I will all in my power to learn this lesson and obtain this goal.

So the tuberculosis drama convened at zone conference and Sister LeDoux drove off with a group to the doctors and I was left with Sister Campbell and Corbett with no ride home at some random stake center. Luckily some Elders showed up and drove us and Hailee came and took them home and came and was my companion. That was the craziest split EVER! We then had Sister Dobberfuhl with us as well and seriously I was not thinking straight. Ah well! I'd just been abandoned by my companion! I'm just kidding I'm just being dramatic.

We had a really good split on Saturday when she had to get her results read. Hailee went to the doctor with Sister LeDoux and Madi came with me and we had an awesome lesson and time out talking with people! Madi and Hailee are so fun to have come out with! Having them so often is one of my favorite parts of this area. I love it! They are both already such great missionaries. I love being here and working with them!

We also had an exchange with Jelsey this week. We had a couple rejections which weren't too pleasant and were definitely not for her! She is amazing though and has a strong testimony and story to share with people.

We had two investigators come with us to stake conference Saturday night and it was all about the ward council.... not the most interesting thing for them. Except it was for Chelsea at first till about 45 minutes in she leans over and says "just a question. Are they saying war council?" Oh man we had some good laughs about that! She thought we were taking this whole last days war stuff seriously:) But she said if she converts she's totally gonna be on that war council:)

Here's to a life of a missionary! We were walking around on Saturday and saw a Uhaul and of course it was calling our name! So we went and helped them move for a bit. I love being able to just do that and find opportunities so easily!

Well we got bikes on Saturday! Sister LeDoux is finally on board! I am stoked! We have one good one and a beach cruiser. It's an exciting ride for sure! 

It's been the nicest weather EVER! Like sun all week and in the 60s at times! I love it! I could totally do this all winter long! 

So... alright I will update you on the tuberculosis news:) He's clear! He's got it but it isn't active! So no big deal. The four elders in that apartment are SUPER excited to get out of their 3 day quarantine! And we are all super relieved too! Anyway so that's the end of that drama! 

Well I have had a super good week! We've seen a lot of miracles! And I've learned a lot!

We got to go on a super good hike today! Up to triple falls! I LOVE hiking! I love the Gorge! It's SO Pretty! I wish I had pictures but I don't! Hopefully next week!

I love you all so much! Hope you have a wonderful week this week!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard 

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