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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 55

Dearest Family,

I hope you have had a good week! We've had a good week here in Vancouver! We've had some rain this week which makes all the rain lovers happy.

We had a really cool experience teaching a lady named Elaine. We'd met her on the other side of our area last week and set up a time to come see her at her house this week. We went to the lesson and we were actually super nervous because we new the situation she is in so we said a prayer before we went it. We started with what we call 'how to begin teaching' which is pretty much setting up expectations and such. And explained that we will only ask her to do four things: read the Book of Mormon, pray, come to church with us, and be baptized. She told us she won't do any of those things. She actually doesn't know why she invited us over because she's not interested in switching churches or really looking into ours. So we asked if we could share our message anyway and she said yes. We then taught the Restoration. The spirit was SUPER strong. The words we were to speak were literally given to us. We taught more thoroughly and also less thoroughly than we usually do. She didn't say a lot during the lesson but seemed to be on the verge of tears. At the end when we asked her if she would read the Book of Mormon she said yes without hesitation. It was a really amazing experience and really taught me that the Lord's invitation is for everyone who will listen and obey. That experience has taught me a lot about what the spirit and love can do. When we truly try to love the people we teach and serve what we are doing takes on a whole new meaning.

This week has involved a lot of teaching and preparation for Glen's baptism. He is SOOOO excited! He keeps posting on facebook how excited he is and much he's read in the Book of Mormon. He came to a baptism with us on Saturday and is super excited. His baptismal interview was yesterday and after the interview Elder Holt practiced with him for being baptized and he was so excited it was so fun to see! It is seriously such a miracle! I love how the Lord really does prepare people and denies no one. We are super excited to see him get baptized this Saturday! Best Valentines day activity every right?!

We have a little old Russian man who strolls around our neighborhood and we talked to him this week (Sister LeDoux has some Russian words to communicate with now and is doing pretty good!) Well we start talking to him about Mormons and he says "Mormons? Mormons are dirty." We didn't know what to say! "What! Why do you say that?" "Oh I don't know. They don't have any soap?" We really couldn't help it then and laughed! Oh that was the funniest conversation and that was only a part of it!

So a week ago we discovered we have a whole new part to our area that we had no idea was ours! It's a whole section of country complete with cows and sheep and such! So we went on ride out to the country and man I love the country area! It's super pretty! Anyways that's all on that matter! I just love the country!

We have ward council at 7 on Sundays and so yesterday we were all ready waiting for our ride till 6:55 we called her and apparently we had forgotten to ask her for a ride. Great. It's an hour and a half walk so we usually get a ride. But we hopped on our bikes and made it in 20 minutes! It was awesome! So yep now we can be independent and not have to get rides all the time which is AWESOME! I can't even tell you. I love bikes! 

I got to play my violin in church on Sunday! Brother Swanson (Ward mission leader) accompanied me. It was super cool because I was trying to invite everyone so that maybe some of the people we've been working so hard to get to church would actually come (none of them did) but Saturday night we had dinner with the Mitchells and I had a feeling to invite Sister Mitchells Mom who has Parkinsons and isn't a member and won't come to church. Well I just invited and she came to support me! I am so grateful for her! That seriously meant so much! It really was a miracle. 

We went on splits yesterday I went with Madi and Sister LeDoux went with Hailee. We had some awesome miracles! Madi had a prompting to go and see her friends family and so we went and caught them at the right time and had an awesome visit with them. I love being able to go out with both Madi and Hailee! They are both really amazing. They are both preparing for missions and they are going to be totally prepared and ready to be fantastic full-time missionaries because they are already fantastic missionaries!

With the family we met with on splits I felt words given to me as I opened my mouth. We talked about how when Christ visited the Nephites he let them all come and feel the prints in his hands and his feet and his side ONE by ONE. When we get baptized we get baptized ONE by ONE. When missionaries teach we teach people ONE by ONE. The sacrament is administered ONE by ONE. Everything in the Lord's kingdom and his Church is done ONE by ONE. I think that really shows us how important we are individually to him. I love the scripture in 1 Nephi 21:15-16 "For can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. O house of Israel. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me." I love this scripture. I love how he describes how he literally will not forget us. We are graven upon the palms of his hands. The nail prints that were driven in as he atoned for MY sins are always before him and he cannot forget ME. That is how he feels for each of us: for me and for you. We are on the palms of his hands. Our walls and battles are continually before him and he knows how we feel and what we are going through. He's overcome it already and if we turn to him he can help us know how to best overcome the walls that are ever before each of us. Our relationship with the Savior is personal and individual it is ONE on ONE.  

Anyway sorry again for the late emailing. This zone is super fun and always does awesome things for p-day which I love! We went ice skating today and it was awesome! 

Anyway I love you all! Have a wonderful week! I love you so much! ANd have a fantastic Valentines day!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

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