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Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 57: Intro to the newest, greatest, and the latest!

Dearest Family,

Hello everybody! Hows the week been? We've had a fantastic week here in Nehalem! Feels like transfers were forever ago! So much has happened! It's been crazy!

So my new companion is Sister Hansen. She's from Cedar Hills Utah. She was going to BYU for Bio Ed imagine that! She loves to run! (except she runs like the wind and I have to focus hard to keep up) She is up for biking (and bikes like a champ). She loves chocolate so we don't have to go on any diets yay. She is willing to do the things I ask. She is excited to work and she is awesome! Wahoo! This is going to be awesome! 

I pretty much feel like all we've done all week is bike, eat, and talk to people! I think I am going to have thighs of steel by the end of this and unfortunately I am realizing that steel weighs a lot so it won't even help me go faster! Sad day!  Ah well.

We've had a crazy week! Can I just say I believe that there are a lot of angels accompanying a new missionary because I've felt the presence of a lot of angels this first week and it's been kind of exhausting. But it's a witness that God and his angels care about the adjustment of his missionaries. 

We've had a lot of crazy things happen this week and a lot of awesome things. I think the awesomest miracle ever happened one night we had a thought to go visit a girl we met last week. There had been a whole bunch of people on the street (okay so 3) and my thought was that this girl was the least likely but the spirit said otherwise so we talked to her and said who we were and she got all excited. Anyway so we got her info and had texted her asking for a time and she hadn't texted back. So we just stopped by and she let us in and we had an awesome first lesson. She is on date for baptism March 28th! She came to church! She is super awesome! I can tell you that we as missionaries don't do anything to find the people who are ready for the gospel. We are just here and if we listen to the spirit then we can be instruments in the hands of the Lord. This is his work and he gives the increase. 

We've had some awesome lessons and met some awesome people! 

We had a relief society activity making fidget blankets for Alzheimer patients. Some people brought friends and we got to talk to them about the gospel and it was awesome. It was a super awesome activity! We made 50 out of the original 150 as a goal.

We met with Chelsea and Aaron this week and had a great talk about the beginning of the Plan of Salvation. Pretty much just talking about opposition. We read 2 Nephi 2 with them. Pretty much the most straight forward chapter ever. I love how much the gospel makes sense. Though it's completely a different way of thinking than so many people we talk to are use to but once you start thinking that way it makes so much sense and many of the other questions that you can't find answers in other venues are finally answered. But it takes change. Which leads into my next tangent. Many people think that God made the good and the bad just for kicks and giggles. No such thing! God made us and the world to be inhabited (1 Nephi 17:36). He then gives us the gift of choice where we can make the choice to either choose good or bad. And thus there is good and bad. It is amazing to see how essential the gift of choice/agency is in this whole plan. It becomes even more interesting to me as I see people who say no to our message which I know is true and essential for salvation. It's not because God is denying it to them or any other reason. It is solely because they are choosing to not change. Our choice is the only thing that can make us change. We are the only ones that can change ourselves. 

I've been thinking about the most important thing to help Sister Hansen feel and have on her mission for the next three months. I've realized that the only converting source too the gospel or missionary work is the spirit. If I want Sister Hansen to learn to love it here then I need to do all I can to help her feel and listen to the spirit so we can be guided to find people to teach and people who are ready to be baptized. It's just like the spirit converts someone to the Lord it is the same principle. The most rewarding experiences from my mission have been when I have been guided by the spirit to find someone who was ready to make covenants with the Lord. So really all I can do is make sure we are doing all we can to be obedient and keep the spirit and pray that the Lord will grant her the spirit so that we can see miracles. 

Speaking of miracles I've also been thinking about how when Christ was with the Apostles they didn't always recognize all the miracles that they saw and the didn't really understand what Christ was teaching them in full. I am sure that is the same with now. I don't totally understand in full all the miracles I am seeing. But I guess that's why journal writing is so important. Anyway that's why it is so important to internalize the things you learn on a mission so they can change you now and forever. 

I love being a missionary! I love being a part of the work and seeing myself change. I am so grateful for this opportunity. 

Well the latest and greatest news is the mission is loosing Facebook of Wednesday for a period of time unannounced and we will be getting new ipads on Wednesday. There is a big mission technology conference on Wednesday that's going to be bringing some big stuff obviously. So more on that next week when I actually know what is going on! Anyway we have a big week ahead! Tonight Sister Hansen actually gets to meet President and Sister Taylor since they were in Utah. So I will be hanging out with the East Zone then tomorrow is training trainee meeting then Wednesday is the Mission Ipad meeting then Thursday we get to go to the temple!!!!! So an awesome and yet crazy week ahead! So I'll tell you all about it next week!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all so much! More than I can say! I love you so much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Rudis favorite past time of looking out her window all day long. I
thought ow would join him for a sec:)

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