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2223 Northwest 99th St which the Lord will do
Vancouver WA 98665 before your eyes."
1 Samuel 12:16

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 62: Happy Easter and General Conference this week!

Dearest Family,

I hope you all have had a fantastic week! We have had a pretty good week here in Vancouver the best place ever!

Some of the best stories from the week include...

We went to follow up with a girl we had met a couple weeks before and when we knocked her parents answered and they don't speak English very well so within a couple minutes we had exhausted our communication abilities. They had motioned to his guitars at one point in the background and so I asked if we could sing them a song. So he invited us in and within a minute I somehow had been given one of his guitars and was singing Amazing Grace and he was humming along adding an impromptu piano part. Then he sang for us in his language. It was pretty sweet! Music can breech any language barrier yay! And oh it felt so good to play the guitar even just for a minute I sure have missed the guitar! So ya that was one of those times when you just come out laughing saying 'uh... what just happened?'

Jimmy is doing really good. He is just a blessing from heaven! I have never met anyone so sincere and so grateful for everything that anyone does for him. He is in such a hard situation and yet he is so grateful for everything that he has been given large or small. NO one could tell me that our experience of finding him-and finding him at the time when he is so prepared for the gospel-was by accident. God is here and he does live. He is intimately involved in our lives. He bestows blessings upon all of his children and especially upon the grateful: those who recognize from whence their blessings come. 

We came up with a genius idea this week to keep ourselves entertained while we are out and about. We got this idea from the Adjusting to Missionary Life book (it's not a direct idea so don't go looking for it. You know how my ideas come... from all over the place:) But we choose during the day either who, what, when, where, or why questions and then we ask each other questions with that all day long. And if we are feeling super creative we try and do that when we talk to someone. It's been a party. I've since discovered what Sister Hansen's house color preference is, where she wants to go on vacation, uh... okay and like 100 more. :) It's a party.

So I have a new grandmother family! Surprise! Doris is my new grandmother:) She keeps telling us she wants to adopt us so we will just make it official. Anyway we hung out with her pretty much all weekend. We were having a lesson on Thursday all on prayer because we know she really needs to find out if this message is true for herself. Well at the end of the lesson she says something along the lines of she doesn't feel like she needs to ask because she already believes the Book of Mormon is the word of God. OH! Okay so do you believe Joseph Smith was a prophet? Then we did our best to connect how if she believes all of this is true then we would expect her to act on it and get baptized. So that was really bad paying attention on our part but at least now we know. 

Doris came with us to the Life of Christ event on Friday. I went last year and it was just as awesome! There was a regional choir performance of some amazing songs and then  a bunch of displays and art work in different scenes of Christ's life and live actors telling stories as if they'd been there witnessing certain events. It was really amazing. I seriously do believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I heard it once that our understanding of Jesus Christ and the Atonement increases as we learn about the fall of Adam and Eve because that's when we really learn who we are and the fallen state that we are in right now and so our need for a savior. This gospel is so true. We really are children of God. Jesus Christ did really atone for our sins and he was resurrected on the third day so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father if we obey the laws and ordinances of the gospel which is faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. He really has restored his church through his modern day prophet Joseph Smith. Thomas S. Monson really is God's prophet today. 

We also went to the General Women's Meeting with Doris on Saturday. Oh it was such a wonderful meeting! I loved the focus on the family. I loved how Sister Stephens talked about although she hasn't gone through all these different challenges she listed she has gone through her own challenges that have brought her to her knees. And she has experienced many more through the eyes of others. I love how it was said that we don't know what others are going through but the Savior of us all- he does. I loved President Eyrings talk about bearing others burdens. 

This week I have come to realize even more how much I love the priesthood and respect my priesthood leaders. There's something about going a long time without seeing a priesthood leader and then just being able to see them and hear their words. Like on Friday at the Life of Christ we were able to see President Taylor. And then we were able to see President Monson and the First Presidency at the Women's Meeting broadcast. The priesthood is real. And the mantle of those in leadership is very real. I am so grateful for those who give up so much to the Lord's service.

Well transfer update I am staying with Sister Hansen yay!!!! Though there wasn't really any question in my mind about that. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I stayed here till the end of my mission. I sure love it here so I wouldn't mind! I haven't had a chance yet to stay in an area (besides this one) for a very long time and really learn to love the people and serve them for a long period of time (mission wise). This is now the longest I've been in an area and I am so grateful for it! I am really loving being able to work to strengthen those we are teaching and working with.

I've been thinking a lot about change lately. I feel like an old lady but the start of my mission was so long ago it seems and I don't totally remember all of it. But I am think I've changed a lot. Is it noticeable? Um... I probably still look like a 20 year old who still does dumb things and isn't always very mature, but internally I have changed a lot. I have deepened my understanding of the gospel, I have increased my skills with people, I have learned a little more about the value of obedience, and I have learned how to play scatter-ball:) But really. I love Vancouver and I love being a missionary. I am so grateful for this chance that I have to be a missionary. I wouldn't change it for anything else. 

One more story. We had a pretty awesome miracle. Saturday night we were planning and we hadn't found anyone new to teach for the week and we had wanted to find 3. Well we set a goal to find 3. We were doing the usual Sunday activity of tracting and we talked to a bunch of people with no avail and so we changed areas and biked directly to this random house and talked to this couple who has family who are members of the church and wants to learn more but has never previously been invited to do so. (Make sure we always invite.) Then it was time to go in and so we said a prayer that we would be able to fulfill our goal. We also really needed to go in so that we could finish training study for the week. Well we said a prayer and turned around and saw this girl and went and talked to her and she really wants to learn more. We biked away from that and Sister Hansen said "I've never had a prayer answered that fast!" The Lord sometimes is just waiting to give us miracles it's only dependent on if we ask. So don't forget to ask. 

I love you all so much I hope you know! I hope that you have such a wonderful week. 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Isn't he cute?! We named him Clifford 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 61

Dearest Family,

I hope you have had a good week! We've had a fantastic one! We got to go to the Ape caves again today! LOVE that hike! It was super wet today! We went as a zone and ended up losing the zone so much for zone activities! But we had a party with Brother Privett and the Maple Grove sisters! (Sister Campbell and Chance)

This week has been good. We've had some good adventures so I will update you on the best ones. 

So every time we share the first vision in Joseph Smiths own words "I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head above the brightness of the sun which descended gradually until it fell upon me. When the light rested upon me I saw two personages whose brightness and glory defy all description standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me calling me by name and said pointing to the other 'this is my Beloved Son hear him.'" (sorry incorrect punctuation but I don't have that memorized!) anyway anytime we relate it and/or watch the Restoration video with someone this particular part gets interrupted...EVERY time. So we were at this lesson this week and we were doing what I like to call lesson 1.5 where you teach the Restoration again and watch the video this time. Well we come up to the first vision and we had the most epic interruption of my life! We were at the 'sketchy' apartment complex of the area and a fight broke out and the sister that we were teaching- her boyfriend runs up and tells her to call the police. Anyway I'll spare you the details but the cops showed up and Brother Swanson just kind of shuffled us out of there and we never did finish that lesson. That was the best one I've seen yet!

So Jimmy was the brother I wrote you about last week. I'll just write his story again short version. We were out one day (I'd decided to play my violin for some of the sisters we were teaching and we decided to go by another sisters house anyway we were in the right place at the right time to see Jimmy struggling to carry his groceries so we threw them on our bikes and walked them and him to his house. Well we've been meeting with him quite a lot lately. He is amazing! He reads the Book of Mormon and understands it (A skill getting lost in the newer generations) He wants to change his life. He wants to learn. He feels like God preserved him from really great depression for this- the message of the Restoration. Brother Kent and Brother Fletcher have been coming to all the lessons and giving him rides and making all of this possible. It's fun to see them likewise super excited about this whole experience. Right now we are planning on his baptism on April 18 if all goes well. We are really excited for him and he is so ready to change his life. There is already a visible change. People ask for tangible evidence of our message. Well what about the actual visible light that comes into peoples eyes and countenances when they learn about this message and begin to live accordingly and come to understand their true nature as sons and daughters of God? That's what I call tangible evidence that can't be destroyed by any worldly means. God gives evidence that is eternal and cannot be denied. Plenty of people deny what their eyes see but you can't deny the witness of the spirit and keep the light that God provides to those who learn and live his ways. 

We had another lesson with a sister who came to the relief society activity a while ago. She wanted to learn more about our message to help a struggling friend. But when we showed up she had make a super fancy tea party for us! (Don't worry she knows our standards of no coffee or tea and had provided hot chocolate). It was so cute! I will attach a picture.

We got to attend Mutual (youth group) with the Beehives this week! It was super fun we got to do a little training on scripture study. And it made me realize how the scripture app/gospel library app has changed my life with scripture study. I have learned how to study way more effectively with the online scriptures! They've made a world of difference for me! 

We went to the ward dessert auction thing fundraising for girls camp. They had all the girls make a cake and then some dollar items. Then we had a potluck soup and salad. It was super fun! At one point we were walking across the room having just been offered by a family that they'd buy us a dollar item if we wanted so we were going to pick one out and the brother who was announcing things announces "The sister missionaries just crossed the room and they look hungry! Let's help the sisters have some dessert!" and on and on but we were instantly crowded by a bunch of kids as messengers from their parents pushing dollar bills towards us but we turned them all away having already received sufficient! But it was pretty funny!

Yesterday was some pretty hard rain! And a thunder, lightning, and hail storm came when we were at dinner and the family we were with wouldn't let us leave till it passed by! (not like were in too much of a hurry to get struck by lightning and soaking wet:)

I am just loving this area. I have moved around a lot and now this is the longest I have been in an area. I love the people here! I love being with Sister Hansen as well! 

Last night we were biking around in the hail which was left on the road like snow and we were talking about why we had come on missions. Both of us have struggled in similar ways. And Sister Hansen is still struggling with if she is suppose to be here. Well I told her what President told me once. That in the pre-mortal life we agreed to do things and often those agreements are things we can't remember but that are our inner deep desires that drive us to do things here. I am so positive that we were excited to be companions before we came here. We both said we would serve in the Washington Vancouver Mission and so that drove us to come on a mission even though we've faced opposition and it's been hard and maybe not the exact thing we want to do all the time. I definitely believe in the fact that we lived with God before we came here. It makes so much more sense of why everything is the way it is right now.

I am so grateful to be here on a mission! I LOVE this mission! Although I haven't always thought this... There is no place in the world I would rather serve a mission that the Washington Vancouver Mission! And so now I am going to include a scripture I read this morning that has been likened unto my own life. "And now it came to pass that all this was done in [Washington], yea by the waters of [the Columbia River], in the forest that was near the waters of [the Columbia River]; yea, the place of [Washington], the waters of [the Columbia River], the forest of [Washington], how beautiful are they to the eyes of them who there came to the knowledge of their Redeemer; yea, and how blessed are they, for they shall sing to his praise forever."
Mosiah 18: 30
 This land has become so sacred and special to me. It is the most beautiful place because it is here that I am really coming to know my Redeemer. As Courtney has previously said this is become my holy land.

Well family things are going really well. We are excited for the coming week and the adventures that it will bring! I hope your week is likewise fantastic and that you get the chance to share the gospel because it's the best thing ever!


Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Super Cute tea party!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 60: Blown Away! In many senses of the word...

Dearest Family,

I hope everyone has had a good week! I love you all a lot!

We had a really amazing miracle this week. On Thursday I decided to play my violin for a sister we are teaching. We went to the lesson and knocked and no one answered and we realized we were an hour and a half early (ya I have no idea how we worked that one out!) anyway we decided to go play for another sister in the ward because I had my violin. It was great and she appreciated the visit. Well on the way to another house we biked past a man who was struggling to carry several bags of groceries down the street. We stopped and told him to throw the groceries in the basket and on our handlebars and we walked him and his groceries to his destination. He was so thankful. While talking we discovered he had also been searching for truth during his life and several other things that led us to invite him to meet with us again and take the lessons. He agreed. We had our first lesson with him on Saturday. He was all ears- ready to listen and ready to change. He came to church on Sunday and loved it all. You know it's when things like this happen that I feel like we must be doing something right. I am so grateful for the times when we are able to help someone and find out that they had just prayed for help. That's when you know when you are in the right place at the right time. 

We had exchanges this week. Sister Boatright came with me here in Nehalem! It was a party! 

We had another super awesome lesson this week with a guy we randomly found. (We randomly decided one day to knock on all the doors in this one certain building of an apartment complex that we don't really go knocking around in. Anyway and that's when we found him). Anyway we had a really good lesson with him. That actually was probably one of the best lessons we've taught together so much so that he complimented our teaching and told us we should always teach together. 

We went on an exchange with an awesome sister in the ward this week and we were telling her about the people we are teaching and we realized that hmmm... 75% of the ones who are showing potential interest for baptism are planning on moving in the next year. We decided that's satans biggest tool for recent converts. They move and he to distances them and distracts them until they forget about this knew understanding they've gained. Anyway we can only do our best. 

We were with Jelsey this week and she just got a new oven and needed help installing it. Well we called around the ward and one of the brothers picked up and said he would be over in 30 minutes. I really love and admire the righteous priesthood holders who will drop everything to help or give a blessing or whatever is needed. 

We got to help move in a family from Happy Valley! What a party! Just super great that they just so happen to move into the ward I am now in. God doesn't do random! We also helped put together some IKEA furniture for them. (which is becoming pretty easy to do yay for new skills!) 

One of my favorite parts of training is the extra hour of companion study and the training study book. It's changed since I've been trained just slightly. I just absolutely love it! I am learning so much. When you are new to being a missionary it is necessary to help boot your skills and get you going. Now I love it because it is helping refine and increase my skills. There is just so much to learn. I am so grateful for the great privilege it is to be able to train right now. 

Speaking of which. Sister Hansen is doing awesome! She is a fantastic missionary and so willing to work and is becoming a fantastic teacher. We find new random similarities everyday! (like neither of us has had to have braces and we both have written in a journal since around 10-12). We were definitely friends in the pre-mortal life! I keep telling her that I am sure we were super excited for the day when we would actually be missionary companions and now here we are living that dream! But I'm not kidding I totally think that. 

Yesterday at church almost all of our investigators just walked into the door. I had to search around for my jaw because I lost it after like the 4th time of dropping on the floor. Just kidding! Anyway it was a really nice thing to see after literally no one coming last week (partly/a lot) due to day light savings. 

There are miracles happening here and I love it! I love being a missionary!

Yesterday we were biking and the wind was SO hard that we could hardly move and so we had to take them home and walk. Trees, shingles, fences. They all came down! Fences around here get tested a lot for strength and sooner or later they all fall down. Anyway enough about the weather. 

Happy St. Patricks day! I love you all! Don't forget to recycle on the green day!:)

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 59

Dearest family, 
How has everyone been this week? It's pretty much been summer here which is crazy! It's super warm out and we are loving it! Day light savings now just made it super great to be out in the evenings. 

So we've had a week full of bible bashers it seems! Kind of crazy! I think the biggest concerns we've addressed OVER and OVER again have been. 1) The Bible is enough. 2) God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are 1 person. 3) We had no previous life. 4) If works are required then Christ died for nothing. 

1) The Bible is enough. Everyone likes to quote the scripture from Revelations that nothing can be added or taken away from 'the book' which they like to say is the bible. Well first off that scripture applies specifically to the book of revelations. People who think that the Bible is the only word of God are in a way idolizing the Bible. To say that God will only and can only reveal one book of scripture makes scripture an idol instead of words of a living God. We all could fill many books with what we say why would God not do the same? The goal is to return to live with our Heavenly Father and become like him which takes a lot of learning. But of course people don't understand that aspect either. Anyway everytime this comes I think of "6 Thou fool, that shall say: A Bible, we have got a Bible, and we need no more Bible. Have ye obtained a Bible save it were by the Jews? 7 Know ye not that there are more nations than one? Know ye not that I, the Lord your God, have created all men, and that I remember those who are upon the isles of the sea; and that I rule in the heavens above and in the earth beneath; and I bring forth my word unto the children of men, yea, even upon all the nations of the earth? 11 For I command all men, both in the east and in the west, and in the north, and in the south, and in the islands of the sea, that they shall write the words which I speak unto them; for out of the books which shall be written I will judge the world, every man according to their works, according to that which is written." The whole chapter really but I won't quote the whole thing no worries. ANd no worries I don't read this to people but I sure do want to often. 

2) God and Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are 1 person. Well this one is the weirdest one of all. People laugh at us when we say they are three people. We ask them to tell us how theirs works as one and they quote scriptures like John 3:16 that God sent his son. And other such scriptures that clearly state they are three separate people. They say it can't work because there is only 1 God. But... they seem to think that diety is it's own species. When in fact they are immortal and eternal beings. We are literally created in their image. It doesn't take away from God's nature to say this. It clarifies and upholds his purpose and everything the scriptures teach.

3) We had no previous life. Ya apparently God just created us when we were conceived. Not only does that make the fact that we are all different and the way we are super confusing but it takes away from why we have life after this. It in fact destroys the whole idea of the Plan of Salvation to take away the fact that we are eternal beings and children of God. We in fact did live with God before this life. We developed different talents and abilities that made us who we are today and because of the choices we made then we have been sent to earth at this time for specific reason. 

 4) If works are required then Christ died for nothing. We met a guy who said that the works we needed to do were no longer need when Christ died. He just did it all for us. That is not true. Faith without works is dead. Christ did not take away our personal responsibility. Being 'saved' isn't as simple as accepting Christ through some prayer. No we must learn and become more like him. This is a development. We have to develop traits to be like him to feel comfortable in his presence someday. Actually we still do have to be baptized. Faith is an action. Which leads us to repent which is also an action which leads to baptism which is very much an action. Which leads to receiving the Holy Ghost which is very much an action same with enduring to the end. So hey! We have to do some work!

Anyway I'm done preaching. But that's a lot of what had been on my mind:) 

 Well we had interviews with President Taylor this week which were awesome! I really love President Taylor. He has a lot of words of wisdom that is for sure. 

 We have had a super big problem with matching. One day Sister Hansen and I watched 100% and completely on accident! It's kind of crazy. 

We are teaching a sweet lady named Doris. She is AWESOME! She said she wants to adopt us which we accept full heartedly! She always does her homework and asks super good questions. She said she won't get baptized till she's at least read the Book of Mormon so hey... Alma in one week right? :) not really but she is great. She is one of those people who just are hungry to learn which is so rare these days to see in people. I love working with someone who actually and really wants to learn. 

In ward council we had a super awesome experience. We received a training from two members of the 70 which we received down the line. But we pretty much teach a principle in a way that brings the spirit super strong. And before had tell them to clear their minds of names and then promise that the spirit will bring names and faces to mind. Well a bunch came to people's names. It was a really cool experience. 

Anyway we are headed to the park to play games so I hope you have a fantastic week! I love you all so much! Things are going great. I love you all!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

So cute!!!!

The zone today:)

Look I drew the mona lisa

We had an adventure! We took a whole case of Book of Mormons home in our basket!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 58: Disciples in the Digital Age!!!!!

Dearest Family,

I hope you have had a wonderful week! It sounds like the cabin was cold but super fun! We have had a fantastic week here with a lot that's happened. 

So on Monday Sister Hansen got to go spend her night in the mission home. So I ended up having a sleep over with Sister Pope (who is currently in Happy Valley) and we got to work for the evening in Nehalem. That was pretty fun! We had canceled all our appointments because we thought we wouldn't be here so it's a good thing tracting is awesome right? 

On Tuesday we had the trainer-trainee meeting. It was one of the most amazing meetings I have ever been too. President Taylor told us the story of the Atonement. He spoke of agency and the Plan of Salvation. It was seriously an amazing meeting the spirit was so strong! I am so grateful I was able to attend that meeting.

We had meeting on Wednesday with Elder Neilsen and Brother Heaton. The meeting was called Disciples of the Lord in the Digital age. It looks like the Ipad and Facebook pilot is over. They've made a program now and are rolling it out to 88 missions of which we thankfully also get to be a part of (if we lost the iPads I'm pretty sure we would all be lost as many of us don't even have our paper scriptures anymore). Last year when we had the first Ipad meeting they handed us Ipads and pretty much said have at it and spend an hour of Facebook every day. Well this time we had a long meeting about HOW to use Ipads and WHAT to do. They've watched all the missions with Ipads closely and still will watch us closely. From watching they've come up with principles of how to work with technology and also safeguards for working with technology. I will try and write about all that we learned in a minute. We were all really struck by what an amazing privilege it is that we are a part of the small group of missionaries that got to pilot this program and then get to roll it out. God doesn't do random. OH and they also previewed the new Easter video for us and you should all be excited! It's AWESOME! 

So I think some of my biggest take aways were for one thing they talked about our privilege to use these tools and how they have been prepared to hasten the Lord's work and so they talked about how we are at the exact moment as the stripling warriors were in Alma 56 when they are acting as a decoy and then all of a sudden the Lamanites are out of sight and they don't know if it is a trap and Helaman asks them
"44 Therefore what say ye, my sons, will ye go against them to battle?"
He talked about how that was a critical moment and we are in the exact same moment. We are very much like the stripling warriors. The age has been lower for warriors/missionaries. We are being given the chance to do something that our fathers weren't able to do. We can use these tools. 
Well their response was that they would go and in verse 47 it say 
"47 Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them."
We talked about how this story applies to us. I liked especially the part that we talked about with "they did think more upon the liberty of their fathers than they did upon their lives" their purpose in coming to war was to protect their fathers. They were completely focused on their purpose. Well with the stripling warriors we know that none were lost though all were injured. 
I really liked that.

I also really loved learning about what we call 'the safeguards of technology'. We learned that we are all vulnerable. YES that means YOU too! ALL of us. Anyway being vulnerable is being bored, lonely, angry, anxious, afraid, stressed, hungry, tired and the list goes on. Isn't it ironic that's when we all use technology naturally? I think the biggest perspective I gained is that these things are tools not entertainment. When we use them when we are vulnerable we end up wasting time or viewing inappropriate material. I am really excited for the tools I am going to learn for technology for the rest of my life with this new opportunity to be a part of the hastening of the work with these tools. They also spent a decent amount of time talking about how many missionaries return home from their missions having been away from the recent technology and become immediately more susceptible to temptations and so it is the goal of the First Presidency to help the missionaries not only use these tools for the hastening of the work on a mission but also train us with safety skills for the rest of our lives. This is an exciting time! That was one of the most spectacular meetings. This is a marvelous experience to be a part of. I am so grateful for the privilege that has been granted to me by the Lord.

Anyway things are going well. Sister Hansen is really awesome! We are just way too similar! She will say something about her preferences or something about herself and I will just put my hand over my face and say "are you kidding? no way! Same with me!" Talk about friends from the pre-mortal life! We were probably super excited for like ever to come be companions and now we're living the dream I guess! Anyway it's super awesome! Way easy to be her companion though hopefully I'm a good trainer. Sometimes I forget that she is new until she starts doing something that is against a mission rule and I have to remember that it's my responsibility to tell her not to do that. So I definitely have a lot to work on as a trainer. But I am so grateful for the experiences that the Lord has granted to me to allow me to stretch and to grow.

Something I really have come to love is seeing myself change. Day one in the mission field you do the same type of work that you do on your last day. The work doesn't change. But YOU change. The way you see the work, the way you love the work, how much the work means to you- that all changes. That's why missions are 18 and 24 months. Because a God who knows us all perfectly knows exactly how to help us change for the rest of our lives. Of course not everyone chooses to let a mission change them but whatever. Which could lead to another tangent of it's own where we visited the home of a recent returned missionary who claims to have loved his mission yet has been inactive ever since. I'll spare you the tangent and just say we called them to repentance and hopefully something that was said will resound in their hearts and come back to them some day. Anyway moving on. 

The work is going well. Our zone is definitely struggling as far as finding the elect and helping them progress but we are praying and fasting and learning to rely on the Lord for help. Because it's the Lord's work not ours, though I KNOW that our faith and prayers DO make a difference.

So Sister Hansen and I switched bikes for a couple stretches this week. She always makes fun of me for how slow I ride. But hey now she knows how that bike requires a lot of effort! Haha we were both just kind of falling over and driving like crazies because our bikes are so different. It was a party! What an adventure.

Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love you all so much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Oh ya and we went to the temple!