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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 62: Happy Easter and General Conference this week!

Dearest Family,

I hope you all have had a fantastic week! We have had a pretty good week here in Vancouver the best place ever!

Some of the best stories from the week include...

We went to follow up with a girl we had met a couple weeks before and when we knocked her parents answered and they don't speak English very well so within a couple minutes we had exhausted our communication abilities. They had motioned to his guitars at one point in the background and so I asked if we could sing them a song. So he invited us in and within a minute I somehow had been given one of his guitars and was singing Amazing Grace and he was humming along adding an impromptu piano part. Then he sang for us in his language. It was pretty sweet! Music can breech any language barrier yay! And oh it felt so good to play the guitar even just for a minute I sure have missed the guitar! So ya that was one of those times when you just come out laughing saying 'uh... what just happened?'

Jimmy is doing really good. He is just a blessing from heaven! I have never met anyone so sincere and so grateful for everything that anyone does for him. He is in such a hard situation and yet he is so grateful for everything that he has been given large or small. NO one could tell me that our experience of finding him-and finding him at the time when he is so prepared for the gospel-was by accident. God is here and he does live. He is intimately involved in our lives. He bestows blessings upon all of his children and especially upon the grateful: those who recognize from whence their blessings come. 

We came up with a genius idea this week to keep ourselves entertained while we are out and about. We got this idea from the Adjusting to Missionary Life book (it's not a direct idea so don't go looking for it. You know how my ideas come... from all over the place:) But we choose during the day either who, what, when, where, or why questions and then we ask each other questions with that all day long. And if we are feeling super creative we try and do that when we talk to someone. It's been a party. I've since discovered what Sister Hansen's house color preference is, where she wants to go on vacation, uh... okay and like 100 more. :) It's a party.

So I have a new grandmother family! Surprise! Doris is my new grandmother:) She keeps telling us she wants to adopt us so we will just make it official. Anyway we hung out with her pretty much all weekend. We were having a lesson on Thursday all on prayer because we know she really needs to find out if this message is true for herself. Well at the end of the lesson she says something along the lines of she doesn't feel like she needs to ask because she already believes the Book of Mormon is the word of God. OH! Okay so do you believe Joseph Smith was a prophet? Then we did our best to connect how if she believes all of this is true then we would expect her to act on it and get baptized. So that was really bad paying attention on our part but at least now we know. 

Doris came with us to the Life of Christ event on Friday. I went last year and it was just as awesome! There was a regional choir performance of some amazing songs and then  a bunch of displays and art work in different scenes of Christ's life and live actors telling stories as if they'd been there witnessing certain events. It was really amazing. I seriously do believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I heard it once that our understanding of Jesus Christ and the Atonement increases as we learn about the fall of Adam and Eve because that's when we really learn who we are and the fallen state that we are in right now and so our need for a savior. This gospel is so true. We really are children of God. Jesus Christ did really atone for our sins and he was resurrected on the third day so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father if we obey the laws and ordinances of the gospel which is faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. He really has restored his church through his modern day prophet Joseph Smith. Thomas S. Monson really is God's prophet today. 

We also went to the General Women's Meeting with Doris on Saturday. Oh it was such a wonderful meeting! I loved the focus on the family. I loved how Sister Stephens talked about although she hasn't gone through all these different challenges she listed she has gone through her own challenges that have brought her to her knees. And she has experienced many more through the eyes of others. I love how it was said that we don't know what others are going through but the Savior of us all- he does. I loved President Eyrings talk about bearing others burdens. 

This week I have come to realize even more how much I love the priesthood and respect my priesthood leaders. There's something about going a long time without seeing a priesthood leader and then just being able to see them and hear their words. Like on Friday at the Life of Christ we were able to see President Taylor. And then we were able to see President Monson and the First Presidency at the Women's Meeting broadcast. The priesthood is real. And the mantle of those in leadership is very real. I am so grateful for those who give up so much to the Lord's service.

Well transfer update I am staying with Sister Hansen yay!!!! Though there wasn't really any question in my mind about that. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I stayed here till the end of my mission. I sure love it here so I wouldn't mind! I haven't had a chance yet to stay in an area (besides this one) for a very long time and really learn to love the people and serve them for a long period of time (mission wise). This is now the longest I've been in an area and I am so grateful for it! I am really loving being able to work to strengthen those we are teaching and working with.

I've been thinking a lot about change lately. I feel like an old lady but the start of my mission was so long ago it seems and I don't totally remember all of it. But I am think I've changed a lot. Is it noticeable? Um... I probably still look like a 20 year old who still does dumb things and isn't always very mature, but internally I have changed a lot. I have deepened my understanding of the gospel, I have increased my skills with people, I have learned a little more about the value of obedience, and I have learned how to play scatter-ball:) But really. I love Vancouver and I love being a missionary. I am so grateful for this chance that I have to be a missionary. I wouldn't change it for anything else. 

One more story. We had a pretty awesome miracle. Saturday night we were planning and we hadn't found anyone new to teach for the week and we had wanted to find 3. Well we set a goal to find 3. We were doing the usual Sunday activity of tracting and we talked to a bunch of people with no avail and so we changed areas and biked directly to this random house and talked to this couple who has family who are members of the church and wants to learn more but has never previously been invited to do so. (Make sure we always invite.) Then it was time to go in and so we said a prayer that we would be able to fulfill our goal. We also really needed to go in so that we could finish training study for the week. Well we said a prayer and turned around and saw this girl and went and talked to her and she really wants to learn more. We biked away from that and Sister Hansen said "I've never had a prayer answered that fast!" The Lord sometimes is just waiting to give us miracles it's only dependent on if we ask. So don't forget to ask. 

I love you all so much I hope you know! I hope that you have such a wonderful week. 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Isn't he cute?! We named him Clifford 

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