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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 63: I love General Conference!

Dearest family,

I hope you have had a fantastic week and really enjoyed General Conference! I surely did love it!

This week we had a very special experience as we were able to attend the temple with Sister Tucker for her first time through. It was such a wonderful experience. She's had quite a fight getting to the temple but she finally made it. When we were all in the celestial room and able talk with her she was just crying and so happy. There is such a special feeling in the temple. There's nothing like going to the temple with those you have taught. I am so grateful that President Taylor and the geographical size of our mission so easily allow it! It is a wonderful experience. The work in the temple is what missionary work is all about.

This week we bought a bunch of gerber daisies on Monday and through out the week we delivered them to the sisters that we teach and to some others we felt inspired to deliver to. It was so fun! I love being able to go out and serve and bring a ray of sunshine to some people. Something I've learned is that if you set aside some time or if you have something to deliver you can pray and ask the Lord who needs it most. Just like how Mom would always make two lasagnas and so she could be inspired to deliver the other to someone else and did every time! Just so if we have flowers or some time to go visit or sing a song to someone the Lord will provide names and faces of people who are struggling and just need a little uplifting! I want to invite you all to try this week to have either a little extra time or something like flowers or cookies and pray to know how to cheer up someone else. I know the Lord will provide as he always does.

Well we got the news this week that Jimmy's father is really sick and not doing well so he can no longer put off his trip to see him. So he will be leaving tomorrow for an unknown amount of time but at least for a month. We are pretty sure that for at least one of us this will be goodbye from teaching our dear brother. He is so grateful for us. He says that from this gospel and the things we have taught him he doesn't feel worthless anymore. This is what this gospel is all about! We are sons and daughters of God created in his image with a divine potential. I am so grateful for the chance I have been blessed with to meet and teach Jimmy. Don't worry we will be contacting the ward he is going to be in and the missionaries down there. And we will be calling him at least weekly so it's not the end. It's only the beginning.

I loved General Conference. We are so blessed to be able to have a living Prophet and Apostles. I am so grateful for the counsel and words they delivered. I loved how much it was spoken about the family, eternal perspectives, and the plan of Salvation. I loved the talks on religious freedom, Sabbath day observance, and fasting. I can tell you I have come away from this conference with a greater desire to be grateful to our Lord and Savior. I know this may sound silly but I seem to excuse myself from the masses. When people said 'all' I knew that meant me but I didn't really get it. Every since the conference on Discipleship in the Digital Age I've realized that ALL includes me and the perfect dude down the road. It means ALL. ALL have come short of the glory of God. ALL need a Savior. These things have taken a new understanding to me. I think to really understand what we are doing here and this gospel we really need to understand the fall and how we are fallen. WE need a Savior who is Jesus Christ. I am so excited to be able to study conference for the next couple months. I love the words of the living prophets! I know that they are called of God. This is God's church once again established on the earth!

I love being companions with Sister Hansen! It's so fun! I am so grateful for how open she is. We can truly strengthen each other. This week she was so good to me. I was really tired on Friday and running at monster speed then biking to and from the stake center for a meeting we had just sounded overwhelming. But she switched bikes with me for the ride back and so it became super possible. She's so great! She's a wonderful missionary. She really is learning to teach with power and authority. I love this wonderful chance I have to be her

General Conference miracle! After the last session on Sunday the Elders from Hockinson came over to us and said that the family they were sitting by (which I had thought were their investigators) had just showed up to conference. They live in our area! The loved it and want to come to church next week. So we called him afterwords (they hadn't stayed the whole time) and so we will keep you updated on them! The Lord provides many miracles!

So Chelsea and Aaron are awesome. I don't know how much I've written on them. But they are people of their word. They said they'd come to conference Sunday morning and they did. They left 30 minutes into it to go home and throw up... we visited them later and yes. They are VERY sick. But just look at that! Some people who value their word as law. We trust them fully. When they absolutely can they will. What an
exercise of faith!

I love this gospel and I love being a missionary! It's the best! Well this week is looking kind of slow with spring break but we know it's the Lord's work not our so we will surely see many miracles!

I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week! And Spring Break for all those who have it!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

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