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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 65: Sunny in Vancouver!

Dearest Family,

We've had a really good week here in Vancouver. Sorry this is sent late we just had an awesome p-day! We just went on a 6 mile hike and Sister Hansen and I ran it! It was a party! Except man am I out of shape! I'm totally going to not do so well on that triathlon!

Anyway we had a really good week. We had a zone meeting and zone conference this week so lots of spiritual uplifting! 

Zone conference was really amazing. I feel like whenever I am around President Taylor I just don't want to leave! Luckily we had lessons we had to get to which made it so we really did have to leave. The mission has been facing some huge public opposition lately which has been honestly just sad. But we know that when God is in a work you can always see a storm cloud billowing as satan tries to oppose it. So I just want to say that I know that this is the work of the Lord. I see miracles DAILY. People ask for signs well I've seen sufficient. How could I deny? This mission is operated under the direction of a president that holds the priesthood authority of God. I know for myself that he is called of God. He couldn't do the work he does on his own whim or accord. And if it was under such accord he wouldn't do it. This work is too hard to be motivated by some man made or man thought of design. This IS the WORK OF GOD. I know and have seen that he does all that he can for us as missionaries. I know that I have been called of God as a missionary. I don't have to be here. I don't have to get up and work every day. I don't have to follow the rules or be obedient. But I want to. Because when I do I feel the presence of the spirit guiding me in all that I do. How can I deny God? He is here. 

President spoke of the atonement. And with it he of course spoke of the fall of Adam and Eve which is why we have the atonement in the first place. I've realized that I have learned so much about Jesus Christ and the Atonement and why we are here. I have learned so much about the Plan of Salvation as a missionary. I've also come to realize how little I understand and how many imperfections I really do have. I have a lot to work on but that's why we have the Savior. 

We did a lot of family history this week. We got to go to the family history center with Doris this week. She's already done a lot on her own so it was just a matter of putting it in. We connected with some work someone has already done on one of her lines and it had some people she didn't know about and some spaces that she does know about. Family history is SO cool!!!! We also got to help Sister Tucker with a little bit of family history too. 

Well I got to sing in church on Sunday! It was kind of last minute because Sister P. asked if Sharra and I could sing in church sometime so we got it together and to get it in before transfers we did it on Sunday. We sang Learn of Me. It was really awesome! It was also great to see the P. family come to church since it's been a couple weeks and we have really missed them. Sharra has an amazing voice! She was so brave to get up and do a duet with me. She hasn't done a lot of solos so she was kind of nervous but she did amazing. 

We talked to Jimmy this week and it looks like he is probably going to get baptized down in Georgia May 2nd. We were at dinner one night and we were telling Sister Aldridge about Jimmy and she told us an amazing story from her mission (which happened to be in Barcelona Spain). One day she woke up and just knew they were suppose to find someone that day. She asked her companion if they could stay in and pray until they knew where to go. Finally a street came to her and she could just see it. It wasn't near any transportation route and would take 2-3 hours to walk there. They would really only have time to walk right there and come right back. So they did. When they finally got there they saw a family and got really excited but she just knew it wasn't them. So they walked past them and saw a middle aged gentleman. He was there on business from Chile for a couple weeks. They taught him and just felt he needed to wait to get baptized. They had the missionaries in Chile meet him in the airport. Years later she found out he had got baptized and his entire family as well. She said that sometimes we have to let people go elsewhere for the good of their family. I really appreciated that story because I'm sure it also applies to Jimmy. 

We got to have two lessons with a very wonderful family with a lot of questions this week but it doesn't look like they want to meet with us anymore which is really really sad. We don't know what happened.

We did a SUPER fun service activity this week! Talk about a service project made for missionaries! We volunteered for the Red Cross for their fire safety and earthquake awareness campaign. So we pretty much got trained (I was an educator) and went out in groups and pretty much went tracting offering to install free smoke detectors and educating about fire and earthquake safety. So that was pretty fun. For the couple hours of training beforehand we had like 20 minutes of what we were suppose to teach about and then the rest on how to be safe going door-to-door which was pretty great and hilarious. I think I've got that pretty mastered by now. So that was a party! Best service project ever!

We are getting ready to say goodbye to Doris for a month because she is going on vacation. Not sure if her vacation will work out quite as well as Jimmys as far as continual progression but we will see. 

We got news on Sunday that the ward boundaries are getting changed in 7/10 wards in the stake. So huge stuff happening next Sunday. I've never had anything like this happen on a mission so that will be exciting and sad. But change is good. If we get too comfortable we don't have to work as hard. Anyway so I will let you know how my area changes next week. We have our suspicions if it's only a small change for our ward but who knows!

Sister Hansen is such a great missionary! I am being truly humbled these days as she has amazing ideas and continually follows the spirit. She has a gift for noticing things about people and remembering what they say. She is always really aware with how they may be handling certain things so when we can continue teaching to the next lesson and when we probably shouldn't quite yet. She is an amazing missionary. I feel very privilege to be her companion and to be able to be the companion that is with her during this great time of change. I can definitely see it right now. She's amazing! 

Well one thing I learned from studying this week: The book of Alma finally makes sense to me! I have always wondered why in the middle of the Book of Alma Alma says his last words to his sons and then leaves and they suppose he dies because they never see him, yet the Book of Alma continues for another 20 chapters. Well today it just clicked that the 20 chapters that followed are actually chronologically before that part but earlier they make mention that they will give an account of the wars hereafter. Then Sister Hansen told me that about chapter 36 is the middle of a chiasmus that is part of the entire Book of Alma. It makes so much more sense now! A chiasmus is a poetry style by the way. 

Anyway I really love being a missionary! It's amazing! I am learning so much and changing a lot. I am SO grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary. I love you all so much! Have a fun and safe week especially with all your travels! I love you so much!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Exchanges with Jelsey! She came out with us on her bike so fun!

Everyone in the zone who came on a random log:)

volunteering for the red cross! About to embark!

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