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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 66: The latest and greatest!

Dearest Family, 

So to start off with sorry what I wrote about Alma last week was totally not true. Just one war chapter is after. Sometimes I jump to random conclusions. Though the chiasmus thing probably is. Anyway now that we've got that straightened out:)

Awesome week here in Vancouver! Actually kind of crazy! I hope your week was fantastic! 

This week we had an afternoon open up to us and so we prayed to know what to do and we saw this lady walking our way so we walked towards us. "Are you the missionaries?" So we said yes. " My daughter would totally love to talk to you" So she sent us to her house to visit her daughter who was baptized 2 years ago. She just moved back from school and is attending the YSA (Young Single Adult) ward now. So that was a pretty sudden answer to prayers though we don't really know why we were suppose to go and visit with her and her family. But hey God knows and sees the big picture and can guide us to accomplish His work. 

We had a really fun phone call with Jimmy this week! He was telling us about the missionaries he has been meeting with. And then suddenly exclaimed that they say they are Elders but they are only 19-20! That was just crazy for him so he says he calls them 'the boys' :) Oh Jimmy is just so great! It doesn't sound like he is quite ready to get baptized on May 2nd so we will see what happens. 

Can I just say I love Brother Kent! He does everything for us and for anyone in need! He was asking about our bikes and found out that the pink one had a flat so we were using another bike. Within the evening he had the bike and had fixed it and returned it. And not only that he also came to two lessons and had us over for dinner! I love the Kents! They are a great example of a family who is doing all they can to be disciples of Christ. 

We met with Karen this week. I wrote about her a week or two ago. She is staying with a Sister in the ward. At dinner we were inspired to ask her to take the lessons. She accepted with enthusiasm! well this week she told us that she has always wanted to learn more. Her great-grandmother was a Mormon and the last 12 years of her life she was in very poor health condition and there was someone from the church with her 24-7 until she died. TWELVE YEARS! What a miraculous show of love. So much so that this experience has stayed with her and has left a permanent impression on her mind and heart. Hearing this story makes me ask myself. Would I do that? Would I find in myself love so great as to help a dear sister for a chunk of time every week for 12 years? That is true Christ like love. I think I have within myself a deep desire to say yes I would! So then I ask myself is that opportunity already before me? There are so many people in need. All of us actually, at some point or another. So I think yes these opportunities are already before each one of us. 

We met a really awesome lady who is interested in learning! She was the first women iron welder! And the only one for about 10 years. Isn't it crazy who you find in your own neighborhood? People from all sorts of backgrounds and interests. 

We've visited with Doris a bunch this week. She is preparing to leave for several weeks for a couple needed vacations. We went over to help her get some stuff ready and done before she leaves and she let Sister Hansen help her with some sewing projects. (Sister Hansen is a seamstress! but... for reals) She was so excited to get a chance to sew! I wasn't too helpful. Doris and I talked and then when I tried to help iron I kept almost hitting the iron with my hand and Doris (who was watching me like good grandmother) grabs the iron away at one point and slaps my hand telling me to stop getting close to the iron. Oh I just love Doris! 

So.... I think I totally haven't mentioned this but we are planning a music fireside again! It's next Sunday. We are having all three wards in our building participate and contribute about 3 numbers. The fireside is themed "Come Unto Christ" after the song that was the mutual theme last year (you can find it on youth.lds.org. It's a gorgeous song!) Anyway our awesome delegation didn't happen as well as we hoped so we've been running around like crazy ladies trying to get some stuff put together. But it finally looks like it is working out! The biggest stress was organizing the youth from all three wards to sing the song. We spent all afternoon on Saturday trying to find a pianist. But we finally did and things are coming together. Sister Dansie and I are playing a violin duet of 'I Know that My Redeemer Lives' so I am super excited for that! So I will tell you all about that next week! But it should be good!

It's been amazing to see the power fellowshipping has on an investigator. An investigator who can change from being spotty with church attendance and commitment keeping to truly and honestly doing their very best when they have a friend coaching them along. I use to try and look for 'the perfect fellowshipper' commonalities and such. Well I've realized that's not the case. A 'perfect' fellowshipper is the same as a 'perfect' friend. It's someone who is willing to invest in a relationship and really care about the person. Not everyone is really willing to invest that much in a friendship. But when someone is it makes ALL the difference. 

We had the 7 ward boundary change meeting last night. It was honestly a really amazing meeting. I've never been a part of something like that and it was super cool. Our ward didn't experience too large of a change. We actually had the most anticipated one. We lost the easternmost boundary. Our ward use to have 4 school districts just because of the way boundaries aligned. Well they cut off one so now we only have 3. So now we are saying goodbye to the Johns, Aldridges, Hsus, Tingeys, and Leymasters. But we know that this is all in accordance to the Lord's will and to his counsel in D&C 84:106 "And if any man among you be strong in the Spirit, let him take with him him that is weak, that he may be edified in all meekness, that he may become strong also."

Anyway things are going wonderful here in Vancouver. I must say I sure love it here! I love the green, the rain, most especially the people, the gospel, missionary work, biking, and a whole lot more. I'm doing really well! 

I must also say that I sure love Sister Hansen. She is pretty amazing! She is doing fantastic! She is such an amazing missionary! We have a lot of fun and are both really working hard on becoming better people and better missionaries. I couldn't do anything without my dear sweet companion! 

Well I love you all SOOO much! I hope you have a fantastic week! 

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

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