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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Week 70: Dos Intercambios!!!!

Dearest Family,

Buckle your seat belts again because things were crazy once again! 

We went out to Hood River this week for exchanges with the Hermanas. It's about an hour drive out there. We both stayed and worked in their area since it's a lot of miles. I went with Hermana Brown. Party with the Hermanas! We had a bunch of lessons and talked to a bunch of people. I didn't honestly know what a lot of what was going on in the details. Mostly I could tell the topic. It would definitely be overwhelming to be a language missionary! Especially a language missionary in the states. They live way back in the country like 15 miles back right in a little pocket between Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams it's SO pretty! I was in heaven right there!

On the drive home we stopped at a small ice cream shack in Cascade Locks to get some famous ice cream. It was delicious for sure.

We went on exchanges with the Vancouver Hermanas later in the week. Hermana Smith is an awesome missionary and we had tons of fun! We stayed in Salmon Creek and met some amazing people which was awesome. 

I am loving being a Sister Training Leader I am learning tons! 

Somehow the word got out in the ward that I play violin. I don't even know how it got out already! But I am playing in church next Sunday so that will be exciting. I also got to play in The Dalles zone meeting. 

I think my favorite way to teach someone is while doing service. This week we were weeding the yard of a lady and I got to teach her the whole Restoration while we were working. I think it's a great way to teach especially if people aren't totally ready for the lessons then they can learn a little more and then decide if they are ready to commit.

We were really praying to know where to go on one night and we couldn't come up with the same location. Finally at 8:15 we came up with the same location and we went and tried a lady who lives there. She wasn't home so we tried her neighbor who was and who we hooked up service for. Well as we were walking away I had the thought come in a rebuking way "Why are you leaving?" and so I awkwardly bring conversation back and we went back to the door. We talked about the atonement. She began to cry and we shared with her a scripture and a video. She said how she had been feeling alone. We were able to help her and testify that although God wasn't coming to her door tonight he had sent us in his stead. 

We were able to go to the temple this week as a district! Except the Elders were sick so it wasn't quite our district. Ah well. I love the temple! It's such an amazing place! I love the Portland temple! 

We tracted one afternoon and like 75% of the people we met kept saying they knew us from somewhere like we'd come by before or gone to a school they taught at and we just kept saying... probably not. But hey we must have been doing something right in the pre-existence for all these people to 'know' us:)

We've been EXHAUSTED this week! We wake up tired we've been running around like crazy! I swear this week has been at least 7 weeks. All the stuff I wrote of must have happened last month or something. It's crazy! 

I found a super good Ensign this week February 2011 It's got an awesome article about missionary work (it's the first one by Elder Eyring). I'll insert my favorite quotes sorry it's kind of long.

"Few joys in life are sweeter and longer lasting than knowing that you have helped others take the restored gospel of Jesus Christ into their hearts. Having that joy is the opportunity of every member of the Church. When we were baptized, we made a promise that we would “stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that [we] may be in, even until death, that [we] may be redeemed of God, and be numbered with those of the first resurrection, that [we] may have eternal life” (Mosiah 18:9. All members accept part of the charge given to the Church to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, wherever and as long as they live. The Lord said it clearly: “Behold, I sent you out to testify and warn the people, and it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor” (D&C 88:81). Full-time missionaries are to have the power to teach those who are not yet members of the Church. Members of the Church are to have the power to find those the Lord has prepared for the missionaries to teach. We need to exercise our faith that the Lord has prepared people around us to be taught. He knows who they are and when they are ready, and He can guide us to them by the power of the Holy Ghost and give us words to invite them to be taught. The promise the Lord gave to a missionary in 1832 is also the promise He gives to us in our charge to find people ready for teaching by the missionaries: “I will send upon him the Comforter, which shall teach him the truth and the way whither he shall go; and inasmuch as he is faithful, I will crown him again with sheaves” (D&C 79:2–3). And the promise of great joy for the faithful missionary is also ours as faithful members who give our hearts to missionary work: “And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!""

I love you all so much! I am loving being a missionary and loving where I am serving and who I am serving with! I am just trying to soak in every moment. I hope you all have a fantastic week and good last week of school!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Intercambios uno con Hermana Brown!

Ice cream (size small split on two cones!) In Cascade Locks!


Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 69: Buckle up it's been crazy!

Dearest family,

Oh what a week! Buckle your seat belts for sure because it's been a crazy week! I hope yours has been fantastic! 

Well Monday and Tuesday were filled with good-byes, and lessons, and tracting that now seem an eternity away so I will just sum that up with I love Nehalem! And boy do we have adventures! And wow somehow in all that I had time to pack and actually had extra time both in the evening and in the morning somehow. Miracles!

So Penny got off work to take us to transfer meeting she just loves transfer meeting so much! Which it's pretty great. President Taylor is fantastic. He talked about companionship unity and working hard and finding and such activities. 

Well now I drive a sweet cherry red Toyota Corolla! It's pretty fun. We switch off driving since we both need to learn this area better and be able to get around on exchanges. Well Salmon Creek... it's quite a large area. We don't have any investigators so we've been doing a lot of finding. We are relying wholey on the promise given by Elder Ballard that if we talk to 10 people a day our baptisms will double. Well we need the help of the Lord right now and so this is what we are relying on. In the time I've been here we've run into some hard hearts and some anti-mormon activity. Here's the most sly experience.

We knocked on a door and a man answered and said he wasn't very religious but believed in God. We asked if we could share a video with him and so he invited us in and we shared the He Lives video. Well as it was over he confessed that actually he works at a Christian school and he had some questions. Well as the conversation progressed we began to realize the blessings of the mission rules which prevented us from viewing a anti video he tried to share and also some other things. He was the most sly person I have ever met. Yet still we tried to be curtious until he denied the Prophet Joseph Smith and said he was a liar. Oh man. Don't ever deny the Prophet Joseph Smith in front of me and expect me to smile or be silent. I testified like I will right now. Joseph Smith IS a prophet of God. He saw what he said he saw. He gave his life and sealed his testimony with his blood. I KNOW he is a prophet of God. The Holy Ghost has witnessed that to me. Joseph Smith has earned our respect. I will never apologize for the Prophet Joseph. And for those reading... Never apologize for the Prophet Joseph. 

As has been rightly said, " Opposition, criticism, and antagonism are companions to the truth. Whenever the truth with regard to the purpose and destiny of man is revealed, there will always be a force to oppose it. Beginning with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, down to the ministry of Christ, and on down to our day, there has always been and will ever be an effort to deceive, derail, oppose, and frustrate the plan of life. Look for the biggest dust cloud billowing above the most dirt that is kicked at One who was most opposed, challenged, and rejected, beaten, abandoned, and crucified, One who descended below all things, and there you will find the truth, the Son of God, the Savior of all mankind. Why did they not leave Him alone? Why? Because He is the truth, and the truth will always be opposed. And then look for one who brought forth another testament of Jesus Christ and other scripture, look for one who was the instrument by which the fulness of the gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ were restored to the earth, look for him and expect to find the dirt flying. Why not leave him alone? Why? Because he taught the truth, and the truth will always be opposed." Elder Corbridge

Alright so as a Sister Training Leader we are over 2 zones for the sisters. So we are over Van West (our zone) and The Dalles (future Yakima). Super exciting! So this week we had a bagillion meetings and a road trip! Party party. Well can I just say I've learned SO much this week! I feel like I've learned as much this week as I have typically in two transfers! It's been insane. I feel like I've gained a totally new perspective on what a mission and missionary life is all about. I love it! 

Funnest adventure this week was driving out to The Dalles for a meeting with the zone leaders and district leaders (DLC District Leadership Council). In an hour and a half we went from green and cloudy to dry and sunny like Utah! It was crazy! The Dalles is a SUPER awesome zone! The Yakima mission is going to be awesome! On the drive home we got to stop and see the Hermanas in Hood River. They are the only sisters out there so got to have some sister time with them. 

This next week is full of adventures and will be super exciting. We're crazy busy all the time and really relying on prayer when we are in our area to be able to find people to teach but I trust that the Lord will fulfill his promises as long as we do our part. 

Oh and my companion is Sister Morrill from American Fork Utah. We lived together for a transfer in St. Helens (she was trained in the 1st ward) so we knew each other before.  We both want to work hard and see miracles and help the sister so we are excited for this transfer. We live with an awesome couple in a more country part of our area. It is fun because they have Saturday night 'gripe session' where we talk about gripes but really they just make us dessert and tell us stories. They are a great family to live with! They own a great dane who is quite friendly. 

HHmmm... what other info do you want to know? 

OH! Jimmy got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! He was so excited I am just so grateful that I got to work with him! He sent pictures so I will forward them. 

Well I love you all so much! Happy Birthday yesterday Dad! Sounds like it was a true cultural event birthday to be sure! Super cool! Hope you have a safe travel home. I love you all so much! I am doing really well! Things are going well and I am learning a ton. 

I love you!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Last pic with Penny and Sister Hansen

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 68: I'm going fishing in....

Dearest Family,

I hope you have had a fantastic week! We have really had a good week here. If there's one repeated theme I've seen from this week it's that God answers prayers.

So this week we were on our way to help Chelsea (on Wednesday) weed her yard and pull out some trees and we ran into an older lady who was walking around her yard. We stopped and inquired as to what she was doing. She was looking at her yard and seeing hopelessly how much work she had to do. We offered help and she said she couldn't pay us but we said we don't accept money anyway. So we returned Thursday and then Friday to help her weed part of her yard which was quite a project. After each several hour session we would share a little message with her. She is so sweet and we love her already! Her name is Maxine. She's way into family history too which is way fun to talk about. 

Well anyway then on Saturday we helped Brother Bingham take out a truck full of rocks out of his garden bed. A set of Elders from our district came and helped us as well. 

So let's just say every day as each day passed we were a little overwhelmed by how much yard work we were doing and were getting kind of tired. But the moment that really pulled it all together was actually on Friday night when we had pulled weeds for Maxine and were preparing for Brother Bingham's the next day. It was 8:50 and we were knocking on one last house before heading home (curfew at 9) and this lady answers and we introduce ourselves and she starts laughing and steps out and says "You're going to laugh at this." Then she told us that a couple years ago 2 Elders came by and offered her help with her yard and she turned them away and ever since then she's regretted it. Then last week she prayed that 'the mormons' would come by. "And then you come knocking!.... and you're girls..." she wasn't so thrilled at that but we told her we're pretty buff and can pull some weeds. 

Anyway so here we are pretty tired and God sends us to someone else who needs help with their yard. You can bet I'm thinking "okay... but can't we teach somebody?" Then I remembered that I had been praying really hard that we would be able to do some kind of service this week to keep Sister Hansen's mind off of transfers (which she is super nervous for). Well when I remembered that all this fell into place and I realized that God hadn't just sent us a little answer to my prayers but quite a big one! In fact one that occupied everyday this week. God answers prayers. Plus he also answered the prayers of those who needed help. 

I've heard a lot of stories this week and experienced several miracles of my own on this wise. And I've come to see that God answers prayers. Which I think is something we easily forget but he is constantly reminding us. "9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. 10 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. (Luke 11)"

One of the sweetest things that happened this week was we called Jimmy and he told us that he was going to a baptism later that day (Saturday) "and then next week is mine!" tears did come to mind. He is getting baptized on Saturday! He is so excited! I can't even tell you! Oh it is just so tender. I'm sure if I could see him today compared to the man we met several months ago- he is a different person. He knows more of who he is and his potential. He isn't burdened down by the world. He has a place. He knows he is a son of God. He is happy. Jimmy is one of my greatest blessings. I am so grateful for him. I am so privileged to be a part of his conversion. If I may quote from something that was written to me "The word 'convert' means, 'to change from one use to another, or a function, purpose, and meaning.' Conversion, relating to gospel terms, is an ongoing process that begins when we first accept Christ and continues for the rest of our life." Jimmy has changed and I know he will continue to as he continues to learn about the gospel. We are so excited for him! 

Well now to move on to my opening phrase..... I am going fishing in.... Salmon Creek! 

Okay so 'fishing' is in the biblical teaching sense and Salmon Creek is a city (pretty much just an outskirt of Vancouver). Anyway my new companion will be Sister Morrill who I've served around quite a bit and actually was in St. Helens when I was. I'm going to be a Sister Training Leader so lot's of exchanges and meetings, it will be exciting! I think my saddest thing is... no bikes:( It's a ginormous area and in the country for parts so definitely no bikes:( But it should be fun. Sister Hansen is staying in Nehalem and is getting Sister De Leon who is super outgoing and will probably be a lot of fun. So exciting things with this upcoming transfer! We're losing a significant number of missionaries so Vancouver North Zone and Vancouver Central Zone are combining which doesn't affect me anymore but does Sister Hansen. And also we suspect almost all areas will get cars but we will see at the transfer meeting. Should be exciting! 

Oh and I must say last p-day was quite a party! We went with the Privetts and Sister Ball up along the old highway in the Gorge. It was GORGEOUS and HILARIOUS! I sure love the Privetts and Sister Ball! Oh and Rudi too (he's the Boxer-dog). 

I'm definitely going to miss the Privetts. I have LOVED living there. They not only let us live in their home but they let us be part of their family. They are amazing and so funny too! We laugh a lot! Especially when we are upstairs and can't tell if the whines and high pitch noises are coming from Sister Privett or Rudi but we all know they are coming from Brother Privett:) 

Mother's day was really great. We went around with Sister Ball and delivered notes to some sisters in the ward and people we are teaching. Sister Ball is another one of our 'mission grandmas' so it was fitting to spend Mother's day with her. 

Anyway I hope you are having a fantastic trip Mom and Dad! And I hope everyone is having a good week! It's going to be kind of a sad week saying good-bye but I guess I would have had to anyway at some point right? And it will be full of adventures that I will tell you of later. I love you all so much! Be safe and happy! And know how much I love you!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

The p-day we went running a couple weeks ago.

Us and the Privetts. This is Brother Privett being Brother Privett:)

My favorite people ever! Kim and Phout who make us the best Vietnamese
food ever! Including purple rice.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 67

Dearest Family,

It was so great to see you all yesterday! I love you so much! You are all so wonderful and I love you so much!

Well it's been a great week here in VANCOUVER (just in case you forgot that's where I'm at. Sorry I'm just giving you a hard time:) 

So first off. I just love old retired ladies! They are so sweet and they have time to talk and they seem to be more aware of what life is really about and seem to be searching for peace. Although it's a little rough because retired people like to go out of town. Ah well. There's pros and cons to everything right? 

Okay so bike story for the rest of the crowd. We were riding home one night and I was on 'The Pink Beast' (as Brother Privett calls the pink bike). And there was a car approaching and all of a sudden there's this HUGE bang! And I'm losing control a little and Sister Hansen's imagination has run wild and she thinks I've been shot! Haha... uh no the tire just exploded. But... for reals. The inner tube is really a gonner and the outer tire has a 5 inch tear. So we walked the rest the way home laughing. Anyway no worries there's a bike shop around town and we've got the parts being ordered in and will get that fixed this week. And we still have another borrowed bike. We have the best ward! They give us whatever we need! 

So Doris left this week for her much anticipated vacation. She was nervous to fly and so by Sister Hansen's inspiration we taught her about the priesthood and priesthood blessings and then told her that we could call Brother Swanson if she would like one (we'd previously put him 'on call' the night before:) well it was a good thing too because knowing someone was 'on call' made it not so much a bother and she asked for one. That was one of the most amazing experiences I've had. The spirit was really strong and she felt it. This isn't my work. This is the Lord's work. We don't have to convince or persuade. We just find the willing and the Lord does his work through the spirit. It's a miracle. We get to watch it and be a part of it. I think seeing the spirit help you and others change is the greatest miracle of all. 

We were at a lesson this week with a young girl and Brother Swanson had come with us and he was trying to explain the word 'revelation' and oh was his explanation a classic! It went something like this "If I put a blanked over the cat..." and he pretends to put a blanket over an invisible cat "and then I lift up the blanket and there's the cat" and he whips up his invisible blanket with the enthusiasm of a magician "TA DA" to finalize the act. It got us all laughing so hard! 

We had a great day one day where we biked like ALL over the area like 3x over! We were on our way heading out again a ways and decided to stop by a gas station and got a brownie:) Oh yummy. Brownies can really help motivate you in the middle of a long bike ride. 

So we met the coolest guy ever! So Sister Hansen and I both want to major in biology education and coach cross country and track. Well we met this guy who had taught math and science and had coached track. He told us some amazing stories from his life and a ton of advice about teaching and about coaching. Don't tell me that was random! 

Okay now for the music fireside! It went super well! It was a tri-ward event. So the three wards in the building were all invited and participated. Every ward supplied about 3 musical numbers and the bishops in the wards bore their testimony and the stake president came to preside. It went super well. The spirit was really strong and afterwords we heard there were people talking about doing it again. I played a violin duet with Sister Dansie I Know that My Redeemer Lives. One of my favorite numbers was the Hsu kids sang the song Gethsemane. There were some super good numbers. So maybe we didn't get the 'invite your friends' response that we were hoping for but ah well. I think it was a success. The spirit was there and we did something that hasn't really been done before. So.... success. 

Transfer letters come this weekend so we will see what happens. I'm pretty sure someone will be leaving, but then again I've definitely been wrong before.

I sure love Sister Hansen. She's an amazing missionary. She notices things and remembers things about people. She is sensitive to their needs. She is sensitive to mine as well! She teaches really well and is really learning to follow the promptings of the spirit. We have a lot of fun and I just love being her companion! And you know I am just so grateful that I get to be her trainer too. I think the most amazing thing about training is seeing your companion change and make the biggest milestone in adjusting to missionary life. That's the greatest miracle. I am so grateful. 

Well the Privetts are taking us up the Gorge today! I am so excited! I will send pictures maybe later. 

I love you all so much! Have such a safe trip this week! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Brother Fletcher one of our beloved ward missionaries who is moving to
Oakhurst ward on Tuesday!

The random field in our area and our perfect inverse matching (an accident!)