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1 Samuel 12:16

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 67

Dearest Family,

It was so great to see you all yesterday! I love you so much! You are all so wonderful and I love you so much!

Well it's been a great week here in VANCOUVER (just in case you forgot that's where I'm at. Sorry I'm just giving you a hard time:) 

So first off. I just love old retired ladies! They are so sweet and they have time to talk and they seem to be more aware of what life is really about and seem to be searching for peace. Although it's a little rough because retired people like to go out of town. Ah well. There's pros and cons to everything right? 

Okay so bike story for the rest of the crowd. We were riding home one night and I was on 'The Pink Beast' (as Brother Privett calls the pink bike). And there was a car approaching and all of a sudden there's this HUGE bang! And I'm losing control a little and Sister Hansen's imagination has run wild and she thinks I've been shot! Haha... uh no the tire just exploded. But... for reals. The inner tube is really a gonner and the outer tire has a 5 inch tear. So we walked the rest the way home laughing. Anyway no worries there's a bike shop around town and we've got the parts being ordered in and will get that fixed this week. And we still have another borrowed bike. We have the best ward! They give us whatever we need! 

So Doris left this week for her much anticipated vacation. She was nervous to fly and so by Sister Hansen's inspiration we taught her about the priesthood and priesthood blessings and then told her that we could call Brother Swanson if she would like one (we'd previously put him 'on call' the night before:) well it was a good thing too because knowing someone was 'on call' made it not so much a bother and she asked for one. That was one of the most amazing experiences I've had. The spirit was really strong and she felt it. This isn't my work. This is the Lord's work. We don't have to convince or persuade. We just find the willing and the Lord does his work through the spirit. It's a miracle. We get to watch it and be a part of it. I think seeing the spirit help you and others change is the greatest miracle of all. 

We were at a lesson this week with a young girl and Brother Swanson had come with us and he was trying to explain the word 'revelation' and oh was his explanation a classic! It went something like this "If I put a blanked over the cat..." and he pretends to put a blanket over an invisible cat "and then I lift up the blanket and there's the cat" and he whips up his invisible blanket with the enthusiasm of a magician "TA DA" to finalize the act. It got us all laughing so hard! 

We had a great day one day where we biked like ALL over the area like 3x over! We were on our way heading out again a ways and decided to stop by a gas station and got a brownie:) Oh yummy. Brownies can really help motivate you in the middle of a long bike ride. 

So we met the coolest guy ever! So Sister Hansen and I both want to major in biology education and coach cross country and track. Well we met this guy who had taught math and science and had coached track. He told us some amazing stories from his life and a ton of advice about teaching and about coaching. Don't tell me that was random! 

Okay now for the music fireside! It went super well! It was a tri-ward event. So the three wards in the building were all invited and participated. Every ward supplied about 3 musical numbers and the bishops in the wards bore their testimony and the stake president came to preside. It went super well. The spirit was really strong and afterwords we heard there were people talking about doing it again. I played a violin duet with Sister Dansie I Know that My Redeemer Lives. One of my favorite numbers was the Hsu kids sang the song Gethsemane. There were some super good numbers. So maybe we didn't get the 'invite your friends' response that we were hoping for but ah well. I think it was a success. The spirit was there and we did something that hasn't really been done before. So.... success. 

Transfer letters come this weekend so we will see what happens. I'm pretty sure someone will be leaving, but then again I've definitely been wrong before.

I sure love Sister Hansen. She's an amazing missionary. She notices things and remembers things about people. She is sensitive to their needs. She is sensitive to mine as well! She teaches really well and is really learning to follow the promptings of the spirit. We have a lot of fun and I just love being her companion! And you know I am just so grateful that I get to be her trainer too. I think the most amazing thing about training is seeing your companion change and make the biggest milestone in adjusting to missionary life. That's the greatest miracle. I am so grateful. 

Well the Privetts are taking us up the Gorge today! I am so excited! I will send pictures maybe later. 

I love you all so much! Have such a safe trip this week! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Brother Fletcher one of our beloved ward missionaries who is moving to
Oakhurst ward on Tuesday!

The random field in our area and our perfect inverse matching (an accident!)

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