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Friday, May 22, 2015

Week 69: Buckle up it's been crazy!

Dearest family,

Oh what a week! Buckle your seat belts for sure because it's been a crazy week! I hope yours has been fantastic! 

Well Monday and Tuesday were filled with good-byes, and lessons, and tracting that now seem an eternity away so I will just sum that up with I love Nehalem! And boy do we have adventures! And wow somehow in all that I had time to pack and actually had extra time both in the evening and in the morning somehow. Miracles!

So Penny got off work to take us to transfer meeting she just loves transfer meeting so much! Which it's pretty great. President Taylor is fantastic. He talked about companionship unity and working hard and finding and such activities. 

Well now I drive a sweet cherry red Toyota Corolla! It's pretty fun. We switch off driving since we both need to learn this area better and be able to get around on exchanges. Well Salmon Creek... it's quite a large area. We don't have any investigators so we've been doing a lot of finding. We are relying wholey on the promise given by Elder Ballard that if we talk to 10 people a day our baptisms will double. Well we need the help of the Lord right now and so this is what we are relying on. In the time I've been here we've run into some hard hearts and some anti-mormon activity. Here's the most sly experience.

We knocked on a door and a man answered and said he wasn't very religious but believed in God. We asked if we could share a video with him and so he invited us in and we shared the He Lives video. Well as it was over he confessed that actually he works at a Christian school and he had some questions. Well as the conversation progressed we began to realize the blessings of the mission rules which prevented us from viewing a anti video he tried to share and also some other things. He was the most sly person I have ever met. Yet still we tried to be curtious until he denied the Prophet Joseph Smith and said he was a liar. Oh man. Don't ever deny the Prophet Joseph Smith in front of me and expect me to smile or be silent. I testified like I will right now. Joseph Smith IS a prophet of God. He saw what he said he saw. He gave his life and sealed his testimony with his blood. I KNOW he is a prophet of God. The Holy Ghost has witnessed that to me. Joseph Smith has earned our respect. I will never apologize for the Prophet Joseph. And for those reading... Never apologize for the Prophet Joseph. 

As has been rightly said, " Opposition, criticism, and antagonism are companions to the truth. Whenever the truth with regard to the purpose and destiny of man is revealed, there will always be a force to oppose it. Beginning with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, down to the ministry of Christ, and on down to our day, there has always been and will ever be an effort to deceive, derail, oppose, and frustrate the plan of life. Look for the biggest dust cloud billowing above the most dirt that is kicked at One who was most opposed, challenged, and rejected, beaten, abandoned, and crucified, One who descended below all things, and there you will find the truth, the Son of God, the Savior of all mankind. Why did they not leave Him alone? Why? Because He is the truth, and the truth will always be opposed. And then look for one who brought forth another testament of Jesus Christ and other scripture, look for one who was the instrument by which the fulness of the gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ were restored to the earth, look for him and expect to find the dirt flying. Why not leave him alone? Why? Because he taught the truth, and the truth will always be opposed." Elder Corbridge

Alright so as a Sister Training Leader we are over 2 zones for the sisters. So we are over Van West (our zone) and The Dalles (future Yakima). Super exciting! So this week we had a bagillion meetings and a road trip! Party party. Well can I just say I've learned SO much this week! I feel like I've learned as much this week as I have typically in two transfers! It's been insane. I feel like I've gained a totally new perspective on what a mission and missionary life is all about. I love it! 

Funnest adventure this week was driving out to The Dalles for a meeting with the zone leaders and district leaders (DLC District Leadership Council). In an hour and a half we went from green and cloudy to dry and sunny like Utah! It was crazy! The Dalles is a SUPER awesome zone! The Yakima mission is going to be awesome! On the drive home we got to stop and see the Hermanas in Hood River. They are the only sisters out there so got to have some sister time with them. 

This next week is full of adventures and will be super exciting. We're crazy busy all the time and really relying on prayer when we are in our area to be able to find people to teach but I trust that the Lord will fulfill his promises as long as we do our part. 

Oh and my companion is Sister Morrill from American Fork Utah. We lived together for a transfer in St. Helens (she was trained in the 1st ward) so we knew each other before.  We both want to work hard and see miracles and help the sister so we are excited for this transfer. We live with an awesome couple in a more country part of our area. It is fun because they have Saturday night 'gripe session' where we talk about gripes but really they just make us dessert and tell us stories. They are a great family to live with! They own a great dane who is quite friendly. 

HHmmm... what other info do you want to know? 

OH! Jimmy got baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday! He was so excited I am just so grateful that I got to work with him! He sent pictures so I will forward them. 

Well I love you all so much! Happy Birthday yesterday Dad! Sounds like it was a true cultural event birthday to be sure! Super cool! Hope you have a safe travel home. I love you all so much! I am doing really well! Things are going well and I am learning a ton. 

I love you!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Last pic with Penny and Sister Hansen

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