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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 71:Happy Summer!

Dearest family, 

I hope you had a great week. Happy last week of school! We have had a great week here in Vancouver. 

Okay some stories. So this week we ate dinner with a wonderful Korean sister. She made some super good food! It was kind of funny because Sister Morrill didn't like the soup she made so at one part the sister left the room and I agreed to eat her soup for her:) so we swapped. Anyway we left that dinner and she dubbed me a 'true homie'. (She's into all that slang.) 

Been super tired this week but lots of power naps have helped out a lot. 

We had an awesome lesson with a new investigator we found. He loved the first vision. He asked if we'd recited something and so we gave him a copy and he loved it! Anyway we will see what happens. 

We've ran into a lot of members who are doing awesome missionary work. Love seeing that! 

We had an awesome exchange with Van 1st sisters. I went with Sister Black to Van 1st area. She's an awesome missionary. She's been out three months and now she's training and she is doing awesome. 

I'm sorry I don't know what's up with all these lame stories lately.

Okay so cool story of the week. We had a full day Friday planning and doing service. When we were done we had all these people and places planned and we were on our way and we both felt super strong that there was somewhere where we were suppose to be. So we prayed and stopped and pulled over trying to figure out where we were suppose to be. We prayed until we both thought of the same area. Then we drove there and prayed till we got the same street. We never did feel the same house so we tracted the whole street. Talk about an amazing experience! I've never relied on the spirit so much while finding. But we were truly searching for that person we were suppose to find. We have never had such a good experience finding. We finished the street and hadn't found anyone super interested. We stopped at a members house for a pit stop and they gave us two referrals for people around the corner and guess what? One of them met with missionaries years ago and totally wants to again! They're just busy so we will see how that goes. But that was super amazing!

We had an awesome conference on Saturday morning with Elder Brent H. Nielson. He came and did the iPad conference for us and also spoke in conference. He is awesome! It was one of the most amazing conferences ever. He had had us read two talks by Elder Bednar on the atonement. We just talked and discussed and then later he opened it up for questions. It was seriously such an amazing experience. I love being a missionary and having the privilege of being a part of some of these amazing events. 

We went on a half day exchange with Hazeldell so Sister Morrill and Huge could go to a baptism. That was pretty fun. 

Played in church on Sunday! That was pretty fun. Played Savior Redeemer of My Soul. Finally figured out how to make that song easier. 

Man I'm sorry for all the lame stories today. I'm loving being a missionary! There's just a lot of random stuff going on and lots of finding still so not a ton to report. 

We thought we were getting robbed last night so we had a little practice of what to do in a break in so that was exciting. But it ended up just being the family that we lived with their kids coming in SUPER late to do whatever they were doing. 

I love all the missionaries that I work with and serve around. I love this mission! This mission is the best! I love being able to preach the gospel and share with people about what is closest to me. I know it's true! 

I love this scripture "And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father. Amen." D&C 15:6

I love you all so much! Happy summer!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

Mini-exchange with Sister Girot

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