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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 72

Dearest Family,

I hope you all have had a fantastic week! Happy first week of summer! Or I guess 2nd week of summer. Kids here still have a week and a half left. 

We've had a good week here. Still no luck in finding anyone to teach but I guess that's only half the reason why I'm here. The rest is probably for the stuff that I am learning. We talked to a ton of people this week and not very many people were interested in even giving us a couple seconds. I think we had one guy the whole week who just stood there and let us teach and we are so use to talking as fast as we can before the door slams (people are in such hurrys) that I'm pretty sure we just threw up all this information on the poor guy. So we're going to do a lot more teaching practice during companion study so we can somewhat keep up our teaching skills. 

We have an awesome district leader right now Elder Wilson. I sure love enthusiastic leaders! 

We went on exchanges with Hazeldell this week. I got to go with Sister Huge (she's Sister Morrills favorite really! So that was some hard revelation to receive!) She's an awesome missionary! A couple interesting experiences from exchanges. We knocked on this one older ladies door and she let us come in and clean her house. We tried to talk to her about all sorts of topics and couldn't seem to generate any conversation. She just doesn't do anything anymore and seems really sad. It just reminded me of our conference with Elder Neilsen last week where he talked about how we have to get up and move and use our agency. That we need to act and not be acted upon. 

We also went out with a sister from their Relief Society. We went to a lesson and the sister talked the WHOLE time! We were horrified! Afterwords she told us we should probably teach them the lessons and we were both thinking 'ya maybe we would have if you would have given us a chance to say more than a sentence'. Anyway I did all I could to not tell her to not do that again because I'm not in that ward and couldn't read Sister Huge well enough to tell if she was thinking the same thing. Anyway. I like what President Taylor says about members coming to lessons. They are there to answer questions if called upon and to testify. Which honestly is a huge problem. 

Sister Morrill had a really discouraging exchange and series of events so I persuaded her to all President Taylor and so we met up with him and she got to have an interview while I just meandered down the hall way:) I love President Taylor. I think leaders like to be called upon to help. It's hard for a leader to know all the time who is struggling but when we say and ask for help then the leader can. I think leaders like to be called on for help and advice but not as much to deal with someone who has given up. But ya I've discovered that leaders are here for us we don't need to be shy of communicating when we are struggling and when we need help. Creating a good bond with our leaders helps them to more fully fulfill their leadership responsibilities and also helps us to more fully progress and become more like our Savior. We definitely can't do that on our own and will have to learn to use all our resources. 

We met with our wonderful Relief Society President this week and she gave us about 70 names to try of people who don't actively come to church. We are way grateful as it has already given us more direction in our finding attempts instead of just always praying over a map we have some places and locations to go to. 

Allergies are out of control this season for everyone! I've successfully taught Sister Morrill how to farmers blow and she's sure taken that one on! :) 

Lot's of weeding for people which is fun.

We've been hearing a lot about a big meeting that happened in the mission area this weekend with all the General Presidencies from Relief Society, Young Womens, and Primary. They met with all the ward and stake presidencys of those auxiliaries in the mission. I think the biggest general take away I've heard from the sisters is how they felt the love the sisters had for them. And also how impressed they were with their knowledge of the scriptures. Just like Elder Neilson they opened it up for question and answers and the sisters were way impressed with how quickly every question was answered with a scripture and a story that was totally a perfect answer. Someone quoted Elder Call who I guess had said something like 'If you are impressed with how these sisters answer so readily from the scriptures and you wonder how they do it, then I have two words for you: Get Feasting.' 

It reminded me of a story that Elder Neilson told of when he was first called to the 70 and sat in his office the first couple days waiting instruction. Well he was called into the office of one of the Twelve who told him to 'go to your office and become'. We are to become like our Savior. Our studies of the fundamental principles of the gospel found in the scriptures and particularly the Book of Mormon help us to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. 

We encounter a lot of people who ask us if we've been saved by grace? Well honestly this life is about more than just being 'saved'. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ all rise from the dead and overcome physical death. And through the atonement all are brought back into the presence of God to be judged thus overcoming spiritual death. However, we are not guaranteed to stay there unless we have BECOME someone through the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. We are to work and to repent and to become like our Heavenly Father or we will not feel worthy to dwell in his presence. 

I have been greatly blessed lately to be able to be asked to participate in lots of trainings and musical numbers so we are staying busy studying and planning for those! 

We were really grateful yesterday. I've read before that sometimes the spirit will tell us what to pray for and we witnessed that yesterday in relief society as Sister W. prayed for us by name and then was overcome with emotion and then asked that we would know that Heavenly Father is aware of us and our individual struggles and several other things. We were so grateful. This area is definitely hard but I know that I am experiencing some personal refining. The things I am learning are very worth the trouble. And don't get me wrong. I still believe in miracles. And I think often those that we find who are prepared are found when all of our own personal efforts are spent and so when the Lord blesses us with someone to teach who is prepared we know without a doubt that they were provided by God. 

Sister Morrill and I are getting along great which is a great blessing! We have a lot of fun! I think my favorite moment this week was coming home after a hard day and Sister Morrill was really discouraged and we see a box waiting with her name on it. She exclaims that it is a tender mercy! Then opens it and it's a pair of shoes that are way too big with no note or explanation from a member in her first area. She was so confused! Oh it makes me chuckle whenever I see the shoes or think about it.

Well we have an extremely busy and exciting week coming up! Interviews, District Meeting, MLC (missionary leadership council), exchanges, etc! So yup I'm excited! We've been looking forward to this week and particularly interviews for what seems like forever! 

I love you all so much! Did you know that you're the best family ever? I just love you! I hope you are all just having an awesome fun time and being safe and such! Don't forget to eat some good pasta salad and just a good BBQ because it sure is the season for it!:) 

I love you!

Sister Kaitlyn Beard

We made a bouquet for a recent convert in our ward:)

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