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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 73: The Lord's timing

Dearest Family,

Hello! We are trying to take advantage of the Gorge while it is still in the mission. So we hiked Punch Bowl falls this morning! It was lovely!

This week has been awesome and even though it's only been a week I feel like I've learned a bagillion things and grown a lot.

We had interviews this week with President Taylor! It was super stressful at first because of all things he was ahead of schedule and Sister Taylor wasn't even there yet so Sister Morrill and I couldn't get all the random questions we had answered but luckily she came and President slowed down through interviews. Since everyone else had gone so fast I didn't feel too bad asking him my whole list of questions so honestly it was the best interview I've had. I love President and Sister Taylor so much!

President gave us a little heads up for transfers. I can't decide if I'll share this week....:) 

We got to go on exchanges with the ASL sisters. I stayed in Salmon Creek with Sister Stromness. One of my favorite parts was language study watching her interpret bible videos! Also we got an awesome referral on exchanges and actually talked to some friendly people. Sister Stromness is awesome.

So the Yakima mission is approaching! And this week we got news and then saw our favorite Elder Archibald drove off to Kennewick to be one of the new APs. (He was a zone leader in The Dalles). Anyway things are crazy. It's crazy how July 1st with the mission split is actually coming up now! There's always something exciting going on that's for sure. 

We had our last meeting with the leadership out in The Dalles this week too. That is crazy! And we also spent some time with the Hermanas while we were out there helping them write down their area book as the Yakima mission is not an iPad mission. Which some of the newer missionaries have never done paper so there's some panicking going on. 

We also had another exchange and I stayed in Salmon Creek with Sister Black. She is such a fantastic missionary! I sure love her! Exchanges are seriously so awesome. It's such a great way to get to know other missionaries as well as give training. 

We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) this week. I don't even know where to start... We talked a lot about what it means to be a leader as well as leadership skills. One of the ones we focused on was 'Know your people'. I could say leadership took skill and that it comes from experience before now but I feel like my eyes are just beginning to be opened to what it really means to be a leader and how much goes into that. I couldn't explain it. And I could never write or explain all I've learned in the past couple weeks and from this particular meeting. But I can say that I am even more amazed with the miraculous leadership of President Taylor. He is a fantastic leader and I'm beginning to see a little more why and how he is such a good leader. 

We have been helping a lady move this week (she's met with missionaries on and off for years). Anyway she's in a really weird housing situation and we were helping her get the last bits and the owners came by and she asked us to stay just a little longer and we did and as she was putting something away the woman came up and yelled at her for taking her gloves and she just said "no I bought them.... but you can have them." and then yelled at her for not cleaning behind the oven and some other stuff and she just calmly said "okay I'll be back tomorrow." I've been studying a lot about charity lately and this particular moment was one that was clearly visible as charity. In the face of anger she didn't get aggravated or anything. There was no excuses or arguments. She just calmly and humbly dealt with and took on the issue at hand. 

We got to go to Brother Bingham's baptism in Nehalem this week! That was way exciting! That one has been long awaited.

Sunday morning we went out tracting and did so in the boonies. We have ended up running into a lot of rude people. And at this point I really felt at my limit. Like I couldn't do it anymore. We got had one particular interaction that was super rough. We walked that long driveway back to the road and somehow continued onward. I really think that when you think you are at your limit the Lord sends tender mercies your way in some way or another. This one came in two parts. We ended up knocking on the door of an older gentleman who actually talked to us for a while and let us actually share some of our message with him. Then as we were walking back to the car we were flagged down by a car and it was the wife of the man who had been rude to us. She had been driving up and down the road to find us and apologize. She was so kind and encouraged us in our purpose. Honestly at your limit a wonderful kind woman like her made me cry out of gratitude for someone who is actually nice! (but don't worry my life isn't miserable it was just one of those moments you know?)

Heard something in Relief Society I LOVED! Lesson was on the Living Prophet. She talked about how our electronic devices have to be updated occasionally to protect against viruses. Protection from 2002 would do nothing against the crazy viruses out these days. Likewise we need the counsel of a living prophet. Yes we build upon the counsel of previous prophets. But knowing how to build an ark isn't going to be as useful today as it is to know what to do to keep your kids safe from pornography. Hence the need for a LIVING prophet with a clear to understand analogy. 

So lately I have just been feeling so much peace in the Lord's timing. As many of you probably don't know I could have come home June 23rd. But for me that's never been an option. I've always known and felt that FOR ME if I came home earlier than August 4th I would have quit early on something I'd covenanted to do before this life. I can't explain it... but I know it. So I KNOW I'm suppose to be here for one reason or another for this next transfer. I'm not saying it's going to be some miraculous transfer. All transfers have miracles. But it's just where I'm suppose to be to become who I'm suppose to become.

Speaking of. It's also come to me this past week that this is the exact 18 months I'm suppose to serve as a missionary. No sooner. No later. There are a whole list of things and factors that are combining and becoming more clear to me that this is suppose to be when I serve. I'm sure I will be looking back for many years and seeing more and more reasons why. But I just feel this calm assurance that this is where I'm suppose to be when I'm suppose to be here. I'm learning just a little lesson on the Lord's timing. And I think this understanding will give me the strength and courage to get on that plane and come home when the time comes. 

Well I love you all tons! I hope you know! I hope you are all enjoying the summer weather and doing some productive awesome things. 


Sister Kaitlyn Beard

The Van West zone with President and Sister Taylor (minus Ridgefield Elders)

After MLC

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